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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00

Belux: “It’s Important to Build More Offices and Residential Spaces”

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The FINANCIAL -- “It’s important to build more offices and residential spaces, as the furniture market depends on the creation of new families who have the opportunity to create comfortable environments,” Mamuka Dolidze, CEO at Belux Holding, told The FINANCIAL.

In 2013 Belux introduced many innovations, such as its online store - www.belux.ge.  Smartaddon

“In 2013 company ‘Belux’ introduced many innovations, such as its online store www.belux.ge and also a new salon area of 4,500 sq.m which was introduced in May 2014. Investments in Georgia, unfortunately, still remain uncertain though.”

Belux received Golden Brand for Favourite Brand - Furniture and Interior. Belux is a privately held company, which has had the same title for decades. The company Belux has been operating in Georgia since 1997. Its main activity is the import and realization of furniture and home accessories from European and Asian countries. Belux owns a retail network of stores in Georgia, which are all located in prestigious districts. Currently the company owns 4 furniture salons, with a total trade area of ​​23,500 sq.m.

Belux is the first furniture company to have online sales and online auction systems. The company offers its customers the lowest prices for online sales and the transportation of purchased furniture, within the shortest period of time.

Currently Belux Holding is cooperating with 277 manufacturers of 7 different countries from Europe and Asia. The Belux trademark products provide customers with high quality, stylish and distinctive design products that are tailored to suit any taste.

To sell the products of its brand Belux collaborates with trading networks in the South Caucasus and owns a distribution company with a 20,000 sq.m warehouse system. It is from there that Belux exports to the South Caucasus and Eastern European countries. It is thanks to the high quality, wide choice and competitive prices that Belux has gained a significant market share and is currently the leading importer of all furniture companies in Georgia and the Caucasus.

Q. How would you evaluate the year 2013 for the company?

A. In 2013 Belux introduced many innovations, such as its online store - www.belux.ge. Also, a new salon area of 4,500 sq.m was established in May 2014. The 2013 surveys (GORBI - Market Research Institute) show that Belux is the market leader in product reliability, is excellent quality, and the first choice in terms of consumer desire to purchase.
Q. What is the market share of the company?

A. The company is maintaining its stability in terms of its market share in the medium / medium - high segment. The market is divided into three segments: low, medium / medium - high, and high. The market share on the Georgian market has not increased, therefore there has been no fundamental change in our segment.

Q. What kind of situation is there nowadays on the furniture market? Has there been any difference since the political changes in the country?

A. The growth of consumer goods is itself dependent on economic growth, particularly on the consumer confidence index. It’s important to build more offices and residential spaces, as the furniture market depends on the creation of new families who have the opportunity to create comfortable environments.

Q.  How do you try to compete with other furniture companies?

A. In general, as in any other field, the competition is growing, which is beneficial for consumers, as it pushes companies to improve service, quality, price and choice. We maintain competitiveness in all three areas.

Q. What is the most important factor for you in your relations with customers?

A. It is very pleasing for us when customers pick us as their first choice. All of this is confirmed by the furniture market research in Georgia in which consumers choose us when asked which company first springs to mind.

Q.  What is the story behind the success of Belux?

A. The company Belux was founded in 1997 when Georgia did not have any economic, political or security guarantees, but the company still managed to do business and develop. As with any history of success, the most important thing is to set goals and to work diligently.

Q. How much is the public informed about the use of your online auction?

A. Our online sales gained sufficient popularity within the first year of its issue; it was surprising for everyone when a customer first bought furniture online. But we have believed in the project and are still developing it. The online auction is a specific section, which is constantly improving, and soon we will have more exciting news to offer.

Q. How risky is the market in Georgia?

A. Similar to all the other companies, we were affected by the crisis of 2008 and the subsequent difficulties which ensued. Investments in Georgia, unfortunately, still remain uncertain.

Q. How important is winning Golden Brand for you? 

A. Since the year 2000 Belux has been conducting surveys about the furniture market and customer opinion. All recent surveys confirm that we are the first in our area, a fact which is true of all Golden Brand winning companies. 

Q. What are your future plans?

A. There are some very exciting projects planned for the future in the direction of furniture and interior design, which we will reveal to customers at the end of 2014.

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