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Global Economy

Kula Has Increased Sales by 40 Percent Due to Adding Sugar-free Products and Export Expansion

The FINANCIAL -- Gori Baby Feeding Cannery Kula, which produces ecologically clean fruit and vegetable juices, has added a new line to its current range of products. The company has started producing six sorts of sugar-free juices. The company has had 40 percent growth in sales in 2014 compared to 2013.

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Geopast: “There is Unequal Competition on the Georgian market”

The FINANCIAL -- “We have great competition,” said Tengiz Patsatsia, Founder of Geopast. “This competition is because of the large amount of products that are imported from abroad. There is an unequal competition environment on the market. The imported products from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are cheaper. However, the Georgian Government could be doing something to regulate this.”

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Mziuri Demands Protection of Distributors on a Legislative Level

The FINANCIAL -- During recent years the bankruptcy of large supermarket chains as well as small ones has had a huge negative impact on distribution companies. The total debt of obligations amounts to hundreds of thousands. Mziuri Ltd, one of the leading trading and distribution companies in Georgia,demands greatercontrolfor meeting obligations by retailers. Due to its good management Mziuri ended the year 2013 with 10-15% growth. However, the unexpected drop inthe GEL in November 2013 was an additional reason for the difficulties encountered by importers in Georgia, with Mziuri being no exception.

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From InterContinental to InterCo Travel Group - the Company Will Offer Online Sales in 2014

The FINANCIAL -- While 2013’s mission has been completed and InterContinental LLC successfully ended its initiative to be involved in incoming tourism, the time has now come for the company to set itself a new goal - that is, to offer its customers online sales. New company InterCo Travel Group has been established specifically to provide online sales. The plan is for InterCo Travel Group to replace its mother company InterContinental LLC, and for the company to switch completely to online sales.

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