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Golden Brand 2022 - Dear readers

Every successful company creates not only a valuable product, but also value itself, in which it is vital to invest such things as discipline, hard work and intellect to turn every working day into an opportunity, to see a little further than others see, and to notice angles around you which others do not. This is the key to success.


The word “success” unites many things in its significance ⁠— he who can draw conclusions, make specific decisions and, of course, act on time! Patience, the ability to convey to people what only you can see and hear; healthy pragmatism and determination, courage and creativity ⁠— all these qualities are no less important than doing your job every day, and that's what makes a successful business unlike any other.


As for the Golden Brand, for eighteen years it has been moving ever more boldly towards innovation. I will also note that Golden Brand, which researches and rewards brands, has long since become a brand itself. The name of Golden Brand has gone beyond the borders of Georgia, and today not only Georgian, but also the largest international brands are proud of being recognized by it.


It is nice to see that many companies use Golden Brand trademarks in advertising. You can often see Golden Brand labels on various products at shop counters. This means that facts always speak louder than words.


Each year many brands are waiting to win. We do not forget that their success is measured by professional achievements. The stories of all the winning brands over the years prove that anyone can become successful in all important areas of business if they want to. An active personal position, the desire to conquer new heights, an extraordinary approach to solving problems ⁠—  managers with these qualities make a brand exemplary. And finally, I want to congratulate you on victory, and wish you progress and success in all your endeavors!

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Golden Brand 2021 Winners - The Most Important Independent Business Award of the Year

On June 25, 2022, the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi hosted the 17th Golden Brand Awards, often referred to as Georgia's business Oscars.

Organized by Global Idea and The Financial, Golden Brand is the main award for successful business projects in Georgia, voted by experts and consumers openly.

Golden Brand is an invaluable prize. It raises the reliability among consumers, makes the brand an international trademark and it is efficiently used by Georgian as well as international brands. 

The project was supported by: American Stock News, international magazine; Glossy, Publika.ge, radio Commersant FM 95,5 , Radio Maestro FM  94, 7, Radio Vinili FM 99, 7, Radio  M7 - FM  -93.1, International Chamber of Commerce and Georgian Association of Entrepreneur Women.

Golden Brand Award Ceremony has been taking place annually since 2006 and it is recognized as the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia.

This year, 50  winner brands were awarded in the presence of media.

Golden Brand  polls were participated by the professors-lecturers of higher educational institutions, managers, business administration specialists, consultation companies, state and non-state sector representatives, independent experts in economic issues and simultaneously, the poll was conducted among the consumers and they named the No1 Golden Brand.

The Award Ceremony always falls under a huge attention of media and business society. The journalists of different media channels had a possibility to meet the leading businessmen, the representatives of diplomatic corps, government officials, ministers and their deputies. 

Top management of more than 100 largest Georgian and foreign business companies attended the award ceremony. The title Golden Brand has been awarded to companies since 2006. The Golden Brand title holders are the largest Georgian and international companies.


 This year, these were the nominees in different categories:

N 1  Golden Brand winners:

Industrial Construction - No1 Golden Brand - IC Company

Development company - No1 Golden Brand - Archi

Cement Foreign Brand - No1 Golden Brand - Betek Fayfiks

Hypermarket of Construction Materials - No1 Golden Brand - Bricorama

Facing Materials - No1 Golden Brand - Allstone

Manufacture of metal products - No1 Golden Brand - K GROUP

For its contribution to the development of the cable industry - No1 Golden Brand -Sakcable

For its contribution to the development of the yachting industry - No1 Golden Brand - Azimut Yachts

Premium Car Showroom - No1 Golden Brand - Hyundai Auto Georgia

Ski Resort Hotels Chain - No1 Golden Brand - Inn Group

Outbound travel company - No1 Golden Brand - Voyager 365

Casino - No1 Golden Brand - Shangri  La

Shaving products - No1 Golden Brand - Gillette 

Payment Cards - No1 Golden Brand - Mastercard

Security Systems - No1 Golden Brand - Veziri

Transportation of Cargo - No1 Golden Brand - Gianti Logistics

Discovery of the Year: road projections, architecture - No1 Golden Brand -  Universal Project

Heating Cooling Ventilation systems - No1 Golden Brand - Celsius

Water Pump - No1 Golden Brand - Shimge

Architectural Paints - No1 Golden Brand - Betek

Outdoor Advertising Service - No1 Golden Brand - Alma

Private School - No1 Golden Brand - European Shool

Chain of children's clothing and shoe stores  - No1 Golden Brand - Bebe +

Baby skincare products - No1 Golden Brand -Weleda

Hair care (shampoo) - No1 Golden Brand - Head & Shoulders 

Jewelry Store Chain - No1 Golden Brand - Franco Fontana

Beauty Industry - No1 Golden Brand - Avon

Detergents (dishwashing liquid) - No1 Golden Brand - Fairy 

Pharmaceutical Company - No1 Golden Brand - PSP

Painkiller - (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) - No1 Golden Brand - NUROFEN

Pain Reliever - Warmth - Producing Ointment - No1 Golden Brand - Kapsikam®  

Complex of vitamins for children - No1 Golden Brand - Simbavit

Children’s hygienic products - No1 Golden Brand - Pampers

Artificial insemination center No1 Golden Brand - BIRTH

Medical Supplies & Equipment - No1 Golden Brand - Tbilisi Medic

Household Products - No1 Golden Brand - Melochi Zhizni  

Hand soap - No1 Golden Brand - Safeguard 

Sunflower Seeds - No1 Golden Brand - Solari

Chocolate - No1 Golden Brand - Milka

Meat products - No1 Golden Brand - Schirnhofer

Herbalife Nutrition Georgia /Balanced Nutrition - No1 Golden Brand - Herbalife Nutrition Georgia

Children’s Nutrition - No1 Golden Brand - Nestle

Production of Bread and Biscuits No1 Golden Brand - Madam De

Food ingredients industry - No1 Golden Brand - Doehler Georgia

Production of semi - finished products - No1 Golden Brand - Rera

Butter - No1 Golden Brand - Anchor

Chewing Gum - No1 Golden Brand – Dirol

Dental care products - No1 Golden Brand - Blend-A-Med 

Tea, Foreign Brand - No1 Golden Brand - Hyleys

Detergents (washing powder) - No1 Golden Brand - Ariel 



Marketing Research Company, annual organizer of Golden brand Award Ceremony and publisher of the magazine Golden Brand and business catalogue Golden Book.  www.globalidea.ge


Issued by Intelligence Group since 2005. 75% of the newspaper readers are high and medium level managers. The FINANCIAL is distributed to more than 600 companies and organizations in Georgia. According to the studies, THE FINANCIAL is the most demanded newspaper in the business audience. www.finchannel.com | www.financial.ge

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“The Oscars of the Business World” Global Idea Getting Ready for Jubilee 15th Golden Brand Awards Ceremony

Global Idea recently held its 14th ceremony of Golden Brand, an awards ceremony that is often referred to as “the Oscars of the Business World”. This year the ceremony awarded 53 companies that had achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business throughout the year 2018.

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Golden Brand means victory for you - Golden Brand 2021

Dear readers,

It has been seventeen years since Global Idea began faithfully serving the Georgian business sector.

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The brand popularity is revealed by the preliminary survey making key focus on creative branding-related solutions. Entrees are judged by about 100 experts. Nominee brands are selected by awareness, popularity as well as by their creative advertising campaigns.

The winners will be granted with diplomas and Golden Brand Statue. The event will be broadcasted via television, radio, printed and online media.


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