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Golden Brand

Golden Brand Award Ceremony dates back to 2006. The project was supported by the Ministry of Economy of Georgia, Business Federation of Georgia, American Chamber of Commerce, Tbilisi City Hall and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia from the very first days of its existence. 

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The FINANCIAL - On 17 April, 2013, Global Idea and The FINANCIAL, with the support of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and American Chamber of Commerce, are jointly holding the 8th Annual Ceremony of the Golden Brand Awards at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

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The FINANCIAL -- Golden Brand, the most influential business awards ceremony in Georgia, has revealed the 36 companies which have achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business throughout the year 2013.

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Golden Brand 2010 awarding the 46 biggest brands in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Golden Brand, the most influential business award in Georgia has revealed the 46 Golden Brand holders of 2010, Georgian as well as international companies.

Golden Brand is an annual awards ceremony organized by Global Idea, the marketing research company and The FINANCIAL. Each year experts evaluate and appraise the key companies which in their view have the most public awareness and highest level of brand popularization.

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About Us

The brand popularity is revealed by the preliminary survey making key focus on creative branding-related solutions. Entrees are judged by about 100 experts. Nominee brands are selected by awareness, popularity as well as by their creative advertising campaigns.

The winners will be granted with diplomas and Golden Brand Statue. The event will be broadcasted via television, radio, printed and online media.


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