Director of Magistri Tornike Jojua

Magistri – First Security Company in Georgia to Offer AX PRO Wireless Alarm Solutions

Magistri, one of the leading security companies in Georgia, continues to offer exceptional security solutions to customers in Georgia: this year the company has introduced the AX PRO wireless alarm solutions recently launched by the world's largest video surveillance manufacturer HIKVISION.

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May 30, 2021

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Magistri, one of the leading security companies in Georgia, continues to offer exceptional security solutions to customers in Georgia: this year the company has introduced the AX PRO wireless alarm solutions recently launched by the world’s largest video surveillance manufacturer HIKVISION.

Director of Magistri Tornike Jojua said that Magistri is the first security company in Georgia to offer AX PRO wireless alarm solutions.

“The newly launched AX PRO product family includes a compact panel hub for a wide range of detectors and peripherals, covering intrusion detection, video verification, smoke detection, flood detection, and home automation. Developed with both the installer and user in mind, the system can be configured according to a variety of needs. Installation complexity is minimal so that the end user can easily manage the system with its intuitive user interface”, he said.

Jojua added that in case of an illegal intrusion into a protected area, the system immediately sends an alarm signal with video and photos to the security company.

In addition, Magistri’s helicopter flight service with personal security teams for VIP clients is gaining popularity among customers.

“The world is developing every day and innovative technologies are being developed. We do our best to follow global trends and we are introducing all the innovations we see in the global security field to Georgia as well. We are constantly offering novelties, different campaigns and renewed services to our customers.

“First of all, our major plan is to expand in Georgia, cover the whole country and provide security services to private as well as legal entities”, said Jojua.

Magistri has been operating on the Georgian market for 16 years already. It was one of the first companies in Georgia to receive a license for security services in 2009. Over this time, Magistri has gained rich experience and established cooperation with leading Georgian companies and citizens.

Magistri is proud of its high-quality services, modern high-tech security systems, professional staff, and its modern management principles. The successful activities that were introduced by Magistri last year were crowned by receiving one of the most prestigious and influential business awards this year – the Golden Brand. T

his is the second Golden Brand award for the company.

The company also received awards in the ‘Leader of the Field’ category from the National Business Rating Union and Jojua was recognized as the ‘Manager of the Year’ for his remarkable efforts in developing Magistri.

“Our company has successfully provided for the safety of more than 1,000 individuals and their property and is proud to have acquired many partners over the course of 16 years of professional experience. Our customers trust Magistri. Among them are our loyal customers who have been with us since the company was founded”, Jojua said.

Among Magistri’s customers are Caucasus University, Aladashvili Clinic, Greenhouse Corporation, Georgian Cyber Security Bureau, Georgian Football Federation, Carrefour, Foodmart, Rompetrol, 2 Nabiji, Vestel and others.

Currently, more than 500 people are employed at Magistri. Jojua said that each of them are selected based on practical experience, physical characteristics and intellectual abilities.

“The main circles of our security service staff are represented by Georgian State Security officers and reserve officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who have many years of practical and theoretical experience in the field of security”, Jojua said.

Currently, Magistri offers the following services: live force protection, alarm systems, alarm buttons, video monitoring systems, door phones, GPS satellite monitoring, GPS monitoring of children, pets and cars, smart modules and smoke detectors.

Q. Magistri has been introducing global innovations to the Georgian market for many years now. Could you please tell us more about what innovative services the company has introduced?

A. Magistri offers more than 15 security services and among them are innovative services such as smart modules, helmet control mechanisms on construction sites, and others.

In addition, we offer customers a simplified payment system. They can pay on the internet or with mobile banking payment systems without leaving their home.

We try to make it easier for our customers to cooperate with us. In doing so, Magistri tries to be a consistent leader of the security service field on the Georgian market.

In 2018 we were invited to Turkey to attend an exhibition of security systems, where we were introduced to global innovations in security systems and have already implemented some of them in our company.

In 2019-2020 we rebranded Magistri, renewed our auto fleet and equipped it with special equipment. As a result, our emergency response crew can automatically receive information about problematic issues, both in text and photo/video form.

This year we introduced innovative AX PRO solutions which aim to help private as well as legal entities protect their families and property.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Magistri and the State Service for Veterans Affairs as part of which Magistri expresses its readiness to employ qualified veterans of the War and Defense Forces and their families, while the State Service for Veterans Affairs will provide information to Magistri about qualified, employment-seeking war and defense veterans.

Q. What are the most in-demand services that Magistri has to offer?

A. The highest demand is for the following services: video monitoring systems, protection of property by live force and alarm systems.

Q. Besides the capital city of Tbilisi, where else are the services of Magistri available in Georgia?

A. Besides Tbilisi we are represented in Rustavi, Batumi and Zugdidi.

In the future, we plan to enter other cities as well and offer our security services there.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion, why have experts named Magisti their favorite company?

A. First of all, I would like to thank the organizers on behalf of the whole team of Magistri for organizing this very important and necessary business award ceremony. We are delighted to be the recipients of this important award for the second year in a row. For Magistri, this is a challenge and incentive to maintain the status of the number one Golden Brand company.

From the past year’s activities, I would like to point out the following: over the past year, we have acquired quite a few new partners, rebranded the company, renewed our auto fleet, added a number of innovative services, and implemented a variety of marketing activities.

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