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Melochi Zhizni – Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

Melochi Zhizni, a Ukrainian brand of household goods for cleaning, cooking and food storage, has been distributed in Georgia since 2005, and this year has become the winner of the most influential business award ceremony, the Golden Brand, in the nomination of ‘the favorite household goods’ in the country.

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May 30, 2021

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Melochi Zhizni, a Ukrainian brand of household goods for cleaning, cooking and food storage, has been distributed in Georgia since 2005, and this year has become the winner of the most influential business award ceremony, the Golden Brand, in the nomination of ‘the favorite household goods’ in the country.

Experts as well as customers have named Melochi Zhizni their number one favorite brand in this category.

Eka Maghlaperidze, head of the marketing department at Libo Group, a marketing, sales and distribution company that imports Melochi Zhizni to Georgia, said that the brand’s advantage is due to many different factors, including quality and a diverse range of products.

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Eka Maghlaperidze – Photo: Aleksei Serov

“There are diverse products available to Georgian customers that best meet their requirements. In addition, in order to increase brand awareness and popularization, we are constantly carrying out marketing activities; we have active advertising campaigns on both television and online.

“Being a leader in the field of household goods means a great responsibility to constantly take care of customer needs by offering the highest quality product and constant improvement”, Maghlaperidze said.

She added that it would have been impossible to win the competition without offering innovations and novelties on the market, which is why the customers should expect several innovative products from Melochi Zhizni planned to be introduced soon.

Q. Please introduce our readers to Melochi Zhizni’s product offerings in Georgia. Which of them are the most in demand in the country?

A. Currently, we import about 200 products of Melochi Zhizni in Georgia, among them, the most in demand are around 50 various products.

All products of Melochi Zhizni are characterized by high quality, reasonable price and a wide selection of products, which allow everyone to choose products according to their needs and preferences.

Melochi Zhizni products are created with the highest quality raw materials and in compliance with international standards. The brand is represented by a wide range of household products and combines all the seemingly small but very important products such as baking paper, aluminum foil, food wrapping plastic, roasting sleeve, dishwashing sponges, garbage bags, household gloves and many more.

The brand slogan – ‘happiness is in the small things’ indicates its importance and provides housekeepers with the comfort that will simplify the ‘fuss’ in the kitchen.

Melochi Zhizni products can be purchased in almost all chain stores throughout Georgia, as well as in wholesale and retail outlets. Per the market coverage model, Melochi Zhizni is truly a leader.

Q. How have the sales of Melochi Zhizni increased in Georgia over a year?

A. 2020 turned out to be quite a successful year for Melochi Zhizni. We almost doubled our sales growth, which really indicates the brand’s progress and success.

Q. Let’s talk about Libo Group which is the official importer of Melochi Zhizni in Georgia. Which are the other brands that the group imports in the country?

A. As a marketing, sales and distribution company Libo Group carries out the distribution of consumers and hygiene products both on the entire territory of Georgia, as well as outside its borders. Nowadays it carries out successful distribution activities both in Georgia and Armenia.

The company has 17 years of history and has maintained its leading position since its establishment.

The company`s central office and warehouse are located in the capital city of Tbilisi. In all major cities of Georgia, the company has representative branches, where more than 200 people are employed. If not for the professionalism of the employees, selfless hard work and effort, perhaps the company would not have been as successful as it is today.

Libo Group cooperates with various partner companies whose products are the leading brands of the world market, such as Canbebe, Helen Harper, Ave, Carroten, Pasta del Capitano, STR8, Shik, Ruta and others.

Q. How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the activities of Libo Group?

A. The coronavirus pandemic has affected more or less every company, although in times of crisis the company’s effectiveness against the challenges is probably best seen.

During the quarantine period caused by the pandemic, a new direction of business was developed at our company, which is related to online commerce.

We created an online trading platform – canshop.ge, from where users could easily buy our products online, without leaving home.

The online store is still very much used today, customers can take advantage of many promotions, earn points and join our loyalty programs, receive discounts, etc.

Q. Do you plan to bring new brands to Georgia in the near future and how do you get international brands interested in the Georgian market?

A. The company Libo Group develops from year to year and is constantly expanding its business activities. Therefore, we are going to introduce new brands in Georgia in the future and meet the needs of a wider segment of consumers.

As I have already mentioned, the company is constantly striving to develop, introduce and expand innovative approaches, and all this is a prerequisite for potential future partners to have a desire for long-term and close cooperation with our company.

A clear example of this is one of our international partner companies Ontex Global whose brand Canbebe, imported to Georgia by Libo Group, has become the number one brand of baby diapers in Georgia as a result of the hard work of our employees.

With constant innovations, the introduction of modern warehouse accounting and logistics technologies, as well as unique marketing approaches and experience in the company, we are able to cooperate with the world’s leading brands and get them to enter the Georgian market.

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