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Turkish Betek Fayfiks Becomes N1 Favorite Ceramic Adhesive Brand in Georgia

For the second year in a row over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers have named Betek Fayfiks their favorite cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand imported in Georgia.

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June 4, 2021

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For the second year in a row over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers have named Betek Fayfiks their favorite cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand imported in Georgia.

Arzu Uludag Elazig, Deputy General Manager Marketing of the company said that on the Georgian market Betek Fayfiks has a high perception as a brand which is caused by the customers’ trust in the brand’s quality. She said that the company will continue growing and building this trust by introducing new products.

“As a result of the innovation and marketing investments we have made in the Fayfiks product group over the years, the consumer has deemed us worthy of this award. The fact that Fayfiks is the most preferred tile adhesive in Georgia has always motivated us and we have never quit the competition. We have expanded this brand in recent years and established the Fayfiks product group with our newly added products and achieved the success we aimed for”, she said.

Betek Fayfiks has been in Georgia since 2005, represented by Turkey’s leading and innovative brand Betek. It has sustained its steady growth since the first years of its entry into the market.

“The most important feature that makes Fayfiks superior to its competitors is its unique product quality and a vast distribution channel. Thanks to this, our products can reach their customers in every corner of the country”, Elazig said.

Q. Could you please summarize 2020 – what were the biggest challenges, biggest achievements?

A. While there is economic downsizing in many business lines and consumer spending habits are changing, it is a real success in such a crisis period for Betek Fayfiks to maintain its current volume and achieving growth on top of it. This success is the result of the hard work of both Betek and our partner Nova team. The investments we continued to make during the crisis periods both showed our trust in the Georgian market and were reflected in the field as a success story for our brand.

Despite last year’s Covid situation, sales of Betek Fayfiks in Georgia increased in comparison to the previous year. Behind this success, the investments we have made in the fields of sales and marketing have great contributions. This is one of our real and important success story in our business we think.

Q. How has 2021 started for your company, what are your expectations?

A. By ending the 2020 pandemic period with growth, we made a dynamic start to 2021 with the motivation and experience provided by the correct management of this crisis, and this year, we plan to continue our growth in the same way and increase our power in the market with new products that we will offer to the market.

Our marketing efforts continue at full speed for the Fayfiks family, which is perceived as a generic brand in its category. Nationwide advertisement work, PR activities, social media use and training are among our many projects.

The Fayfiks product group has always been of high importance for Betek, therefore, our R&D studies aimed at developing and expanding this group will continue in 2021 and we aim to continue our success in the upcoming years with our new products to be added to the group in line with consumer demands.

Q. What makes Betek Fayfiks a distinguished brand and how do you compete with other brands on the market?

A. Product quality, brand experience and clients’ trust in the brand’s products distinguishes Betek Fayfiks from other brands on the market. 

The Fayfiks brand has been offering products that maintain the durability of their first-day performance for many years and it manufactures products at European standards as proven by certificates, both of which ensure that consumers can confidently choose this brand of tile adhesive, a product that is expected to be highly durable, and that it is always one step ahead of its competitors.

Q. In general, what would you say about the Georgian market, how healthy is the competition here and how quickly is the Georgian market growing?

A. The Covid-19 pandemic made online space more active and thus as a result, products became even more available to clients. The companies had started and developed online shopping platforms so we think that we are not and never had been behind in this tendency.

The Georgian market is a very interesting and changeable market. Betek Fayfiks has its place as a trustable and quality brand in this competitive business area in Georgia. 

Q. Also, how favorable is the business environment in Georgia in your opinion?

A. Georgia has always been a priority market for Betek with its growing economy and the increasing awareness of consumers, and we increase our investments in this market with new studies every year. It makes us happy to see that we made the right decision in this sense thanks to the positive feedback we receive.

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