Betek Fayfiks to Improve Presence on the Georgian Market With New Products, Sales Points

Turkish cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand Betek Fayfiks will expand on the Georgian market and increase its presence by introducing new products and expanding its sales network.

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June 7, 2022

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Arzu Uludağ

Turkish cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand Betek Fayfiks will expand on the Georgian market and increase its presence by introducing new products and expanding its sales network.

“Our marketing efforts continue at full speed for the Fayfiks family, which is perceived as a generic brand in its category. Nationwide advertisement, PR activities, social media and training for professionals are among our many projects. We are also focused on R&D studies for our product portfolio.

“Our aim is to add new products to the group in line with consumer demands. In addition, in order to increase our presence in the field and meet with our consumers more, we are expanding our sales network throughout Georgia with new points of sales”, the company’s Deputy General Manager Arzu Uludağ said.

Betek Fayfiks has been in Georgia since 2005, represented by Turkey’s leading and innovative brand Betek. It has sustained its steady growth since the first years of its entry into the market.

This year, Betek Fayfiks received its third Golden Brand award, becoming the favorite cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand imported to Georgia.

Q. Betek Fayfiks has won the Golden Brand for the utmost success achieved by a brand in 2021. Please summarize the previous year and tell us what the main success was that made an impression on the experts of the Golden Brand awards and the customers who participated in the survey.
A. While there is economic downsizing in many businesses, it is was true success for Betek Fayfiks to maintain its current volume and achieve growth on top of that.

This success was the result of the hard work of both Betek and our partner Nova [an official importer of Betek products to Georgia]. The investments we made during the pandemic both showed our trust in the Georgian market and were reflected in the field as a success story of our brand.

Q. How has 2022 started for Betek Fayfiks, what are your expectations?
A. By ending the 2021 pandemic period with growth, we made a dynamic start in 2022 with the motivation and experience provided by the right management of this crisis, and this year we plan to continue our growth in the same way and increase our power in the market.

We expect 2022 will be more active as projects begun last year will come to life.

Q. Have sales increased over the year in Georgia?
A. As a result of the work in the field of marketing and sales, our sales figures have increased significantly compared to last year.

Behind this success, the investments we made in the fields of sales and marketing made great contributions. We believe this is our reward for investing even in hard times.

Q. Which Betek Fayfiks products are the most in demand in Georgia?
A. Our Standard Fayfiks product, the most in demand product of this product group for many years, is the market leader among imported brands and is known as the generic brand in the sector.

Fayfiks TA-10 and Fayfiks TA-15 have also enjoyed greater than expected demand since they were introduced to the market. The sales of both products increase significantly every year.

Q. What is the market share of Betek Fayfiks in Georgia?

A. With the advantage of being in the market for many years and the power of the Betek brand, Fayfiks product portfolio has a more than 20% share in the tile adhesive market.

Q. In your opinion, why should customers choose Betek Fayfiks products?
A. Fayfiks brand has been offering products that maintain their highest durability since day one.

Production according to European standards as proven by various certifications is also a reason to choose with confidence.

Product availability, after-sales service, and the best prices are other reasons Betek is always one step ahead of its competitors.

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