Natia Jincharadze

Address of the director of Global Idea to participants and guests of the Golden Brand

The world is constantly evolving, providing us with numerous opportunities for development

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June 15, 2024

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Dear readers

The world is constantly evolving, providing us with numerous opportunities for development. While choice is good, there is also a high probability of wasting energy without achieving anything valuable. So being dedicated to one’s chosen profession is the hallmark of a true professional. In my opinion, becoming an expert in any field requires not only competence and experience, but also an ability to solve complex problems and a desire to improve one’s abilities.

There are not many professionals in the world, since not everyone is willing or able to invest time in self-development. Some individuals reach a relatively high position in their career, become complacent with what they have achieved, and stop moving forward. Others solely focus on financial success, paying little attention to customer satisfaction.

This cannot be said of Golden Brand winners. Each of you is a remarkable professional representing an exceptional business. Persistence, dedication, and constant self-improvement lead to success, and gratitude towards your customers is an essential component thereof. Your customers’ satisfaction is ample proof of your success.

Where a good specialist might choose a more convenient path or be attracted by a more appealing option, a true professional will persist in moving forward, even if it is not the easiest path but the only correct one. Your example showcases unwavering determination and inspires others to follow your path.

For 19 years Golden Brand has been creating value for the business world, and not only Georgian brands, but also the largest international brands are proud of it. Every year numerous brands anticipate a win, and for us, each winning brand is a unique and honored partnership.

Golden Brand trademarks are used in television advertising, while Golden Brand labels can often be seen on store shelves, demonstrating that actions always speak louder than words.

Behind every victory there is a strong person, a dream, a goal, hard work, crises, defeats, rising and falling, and only the best overcome these obstacles in striving for the heights.

I wish you steady growth in your work ⁠— carry on, and do great things!

Natia Jincharadze,

Director of Global Idea, Golden Brand Awards

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