Nikoloz Machaladze, Director of the company

ALL-P GROUP Director: “We strive to keep the lead position in Georgia, expand operations abroad”

ALL-P GROUP, a Georgian company providing a wide range of services with the latest flooring technologies

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June 15, 2024

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ALL-P GROUP, a Georgian company providing a wide range of services with the latest flooring technologies, aims to maintain a leading position in the domestic construction sector, while also expanding operations beyond the country’s borders, according to Nikoloz Machaladze, Director of the company.

In this interview with the Golden Brand, we review ALL-P GROUP’s 17 years toward success in Georgia, its recent first steps in Uzbekistan, and the services that make the company outstanding.

Q. This year, ALL-P GROUP received the nomination at the Golden Brand award as the leading company in flooring technologies. What led to the company’s leadership in the market?

A. Behind this award lies All-P Group’s 17 years of experience

and the various innovations that it has introduced to Georgia.

The company has a successful history. In 2007, the ALL-P GROUP introduced the first pumping equipment for boiling in Georgia, after which floor screeding work became mechanized in the country.

Constant development and innovation are the core values of ALL-P GROUP. Following this approach, for the first time in Georgia, ALL-P GROUP created a favorite product of architects and designers – terrazzo and vetrazzo floors. It should be noted that only ALL-P GROUP carries out the arrangement of glass floors in Georgia, and in the entire South Caucasus.

The company has become a reliable partner for representatives of various industries, be it logistics, hospitality, or the wine sector.

With a team of 17 years of experience, we install concrete industrial floors for projects of any complexity. Our service is provided according to the specifications intended for a specific sector, whether it is warehouse spaces, production areas, or outside areas of the factory.

We follow strict industry-specific standards. By exclusive cooperation with international brands, we can offer the best solutions tailored thereto. For example, we offer a polymer concrete floor that has a HACCP certificate. Its technology is based on silver ions that completely destroy bacteria on the surface, so it is of great importance in the food and wine industry. We have this product under cooperation with the global brand Flowcrete. Thus, ALL-P GROUP has been continuously offering innovative and exclusive services to various industries for years, which has logically led the company to become a leading flooring company.

Q. In 2007, when the company was established, it was involved in floor technologies, but over the years and in accordance with the development of the company, it has expanded its range of services. What is currently on offer by ALL-P GROUP?

A. As we leveraged the latest floor technologies, we were able to take our development to the next level. Before adding any new services, we conduct thorough local and international market research. Our team members undergo training in various European countries, allowing us to provide international-standard service to our customers. As a result, our portfolio includes many global brands. In addition to industrial and decorative floors, we now offer repair work, waterproofing services, and construction of private houses.

Q. What are the main advantages that have allowed the company to occupy important positions beyond floor technologies?

A. We always strive for perfection in our services and development. Our goal is to offer the most comfortable, creative, and optimal solutions to our customers. When it comes to private house services and repair work, we ensure that every stage of the process is closely monitored by our commercial, technical, and quality control departments. Our company also has a design department, which involves architects and designers to simplify the process of achieving the desired result for our customers. This comprehensive approach is essential to ensuring the best execution of our projects.

An important advantage is our company’s partnership with Koster in the field of waterproofing systems. Koster representatives are directly involved in the implementation process, which confirms the high level of service quality provided by ALL-P GROUP on an international scale.

Q. How many projects did ALL-P GROUP undertake last year?

A. During 2023, our company completed a total of 331 projects and expanded its customer base with the addition of 75 new partners. We observed interesting demand dynamics, particularly in repair work, where the use of microcement and glass block was highly relevant. We also introduced a new and interesting product for the construction sector – a light tensioner. The product is notable for its high thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire resistance features. Its main advantage is lightness – a lightweight screed compared to a standard dry screed is lightened up to 75-70%. This allows finding optimal solutions in design, both in load-bearing structures and in architectural and technological solutions. Overall, 2023 was a successful year for ALL-P GROUP.

Q. ALL-P GROUP has gone beyond the borders of Georgia and operates in Uzbekistan as well. Congratulations on this success and tell us, why Uzbekistan?

A. The development phases and high-quality services of the ALL-P GROUP have inspired us to expand our experience beyond our country’s borders. Uzbekistan, despite having vast potential, is currently underutilized. Prior to entering the market, we conducted a thorough analysis of the situation and potential risks. Based on our findings, we decided to establish ALL-P GROUP in partnership with the local firm Belterra Holding.

The dynamics of past and current projects allow me to state that ALL-P GROUP has successfully mastered the market of Uzbekistan. We are involved in a number of strategically important projects in floor technologies. Among them, we are working on international projects in Uzbekistan, for example the Coca-Cola company.

Q. What are the values that contribute to the company’s success?

A. Our company values teamwork and continuous focus on development. We prioritize going beyond the basic needs of our projects and laying the foundation for the creation of new visions and ideas.

We also support processes outside the company, such as our ongoing support of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale. As a company, we feel it is important to promote the development of the field and discover new visions and architectural ideas.

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