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Bene Exclusive: Georgia’s Premium Car Service Provider Setting Standard for Quality Transportation Services

Bene Exclusive, Georgia’s premium car service provider and a leader in the transportation sector of the country

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June 15, 2024

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Bene Exclusive, Georgia’s premium car service provider and a leader in the transportation sector of the country, has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy company in the market with its top-quality services.
With a fleet of around 200 late-model business class cars, including sedans, crossovers, minivans, and buses, Bene Exclusive caters to a specific segment of clients for whom quality is of utmost importance.

Its services are utilized by foreign tourists, including diplomats, delegations, national teams, artists on tour, and guests of high-end hotels. The company also operates the Bene Academy, which provides training courses for drivers to update their skills and knowledge in line with modern industry standards, and its Bene Motors division aims to share its knowledge on purchasing and maintaining top-notch vehicles with its clients. Bene Exclusive has ambitious plans for the future, including expanding its fleet and following the trend of electric cars.

During this interview with Bene Basilia, the General Director of Bene Exclusive, we discussed the company’s history, mission, and vision for the future, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities of operating a luxury car service in today’s rapidly-changing market.

Q. Bene Exclusive has been awarded the Golden Brand in the ‘Transport and Service’ category. What does this award mean to the company?

A. It is important to us not only to participate in the Golden Brand Awards but also win in the ‘Transport and Service’ category. Our company, Bene Exclusive, has been focused on delivering premium quality services since its foundation. We believe that today we are the undisputed leaders in the market. It is very rewarding to be recognized in a business event that invests a lot of resources in identifying leading brands objectively. We are pleased to see other successful brands participating in the event and believe that networking is essential for today’s businesses. As the organizer of many networking meetings, we always support and welcome such initiatives.

Our focus on premium quality means that we cater to a specific segment for whom quality is of utmost importance. We strive to develop and maintain the highest standards to ensure that our clients receive full insurance of all processes, premium quality, and the highest standard in both transportation and service.

Q. The Golden Brand award is presented to companies that have demonstrated successful activities in the previous year. Can you provide a summary of Bene Exclusive’s achievements in 2023 that led the company to receiving this award?

A. Our company provides state of the art business class cars in our fleet. Last year, 150 premium-class cars of Bene Exclusive made 140,000 transfers and 50 sedans made 80,000 domestic transfers. 97% of our passengers were foreign tourists, including diplomats, delegations, national teams, artists on tour, and guests of high-end hotels.

Q. The company was established in 2017 and started out by offering premium car services in the hospitality industry. How has it evolved since then?
A. Bene Exclusive is a premium transportation service and a leader in the field of vehicles in the country. The company has been operating successfully since 2017 and offers its customers the latest, premium-class vehicles. This not only guarantees reliability and quality but also reflects the company’s attitude towards each client.
Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for various profiles of clients, including the largest hotel chains, government delegations, embassies, ministries, foreign organizations, sports federations, tourism companies, and other public and private sector representatives.
Bene Exclusive operates throughout Georgia. The Batumi branch’s fleet and our experienced staff serve all hotels and organizations in the Black Sea resort city with both guest and staff transportation services.

In the hospitality industry, a driver’s experience and professionalism play a vital role in ensuring the safe and comfortable transportation of guests. To address this need, the Bene Academy was established, which provides training courses for drivers to update their skills and knowledge in line with modern industry standards. The training program aims to enhance their qualifications, acquire necessary driving skills, improve their English language proficiency, and make them competitive in the field.

The training program comprises 15 lecture courses, followed by a one-week practical session where participants can apply their theoretical knowledge on the specialized autodrome using different cars from the Bene Exclusive car park. The entire program lasts for three months, and participants receive a certificate upon completion.

Afterwards, we broadened our activities by establishing Bene Motors, where we aim to share our knowledge on purchasing and maintaining top-notch vehicles with our clients.
One of the unique features of Bene Motors is that our manager will select the desired car model based on your preferences, and promptly arrange for its secure transportation from any European country or the United States.

We started offering taxi services at Tbilisi International Airport in 2019. Over the past four years, we have gained considerable experience in this field, which has led us to expand our services to western Kutaisi International Airport.
We have developed a platform that combines taxi services from both airports. This allows users to choose their preferred destination easily.

We keep track of our car park’s traffic and have installed GPS devices in all our cars. Our managers oversee all the cars, including airport taxis, round the clock.
We continually monitor this dynamic and have hybrid cars that help us control fuel consumption and promote environmental sustainability.

Q. What type of contribution Bene Exclusive has made to the economy of Georgia?
A. Our company currently employs over 300 permanent workers in Georgia and an additional 200 seasonal workers. In 2023 we contributed over 2 million GEL to the state budget.

Based on our activities, we believe that we make a significant contribution to the economic development of our country. The majority of our guests are foreigners, and they provide us with access to a unique and influential audience. This audience seeks quality, comfort, and refined services or products upon arriving in the country. It is our responsibility to provide them with an excellent first impression through Bene Exclusive services. We consider this opportunity a privilege, and we strive to make the most of it. We have ambitious plans for the future, and we constantly monitor trends and improve our services in every direction, including expanding our fleet. We believe that electric cars are the future, and we plan to follow this trend.

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