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Croco Wins Golden Brand For Producing Georgian Customers’ “Favorite Crackers”

The Romanian cracker brand Croco, available in circle, triangle and square shapes with flavors such as pizza, cheese, sesame and poppy seed

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June 15, 2024

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The Romanian cracker brand Croco, available in circle, triangle and square shapes with flavors such as pizza, cheese, sesame and poppy seed, have become a popular snack among Georgian customers.

Croco has been awarded the prestigious Golden Brand in Georgia for producing locals’ preferred crunchy snack.

Available in Romania since 1994, Croco is also famous for its pretzels, sticks and petit beurre, in addition to crackers.

The Romanian brand has been imported and distributed in Georgia by local distribution company 3G – Georgian Global Group also since 2014.

Golden Brand presents an interview with founder and Director of the company, Giorgi Iosava.

Q. How has Croco achieved the Golden Brand title in Georgia, in your opinion?

A. The success of Croco depends primarily on its quality. When customers choose the product for the first time, two factors come into play – visual appeal and price. Quality is the deciding factor thereafter. If customers buy the product repeatedly, it means they like the taste and quality. Quality creates stable demand and is essential for success. The combination of all factors – visual appeal, price, quality, marketing activity, awareness, and stability in the presentation in all trade facilities – determines success.

We have conducted studies to determine our position in the market and have gathered information about competitors and reactions from focus groups, which helps us succeed. We are pleased to receive this recognition, which is important to both us and our Romanian partners.

Sustaining success is crucial, and our efforts will be focused on marketing activity, expanding presentations, and providing informational support. These will be new challenges, and the Golden Brand nomination and award is an important factor in this direction.

Q. Please tell us for how long Croco has been in Georgia and review the dynamics of its development.

A.  Croco products have been available in Georgia since 2014. The amount sold has increased annually: 2014 – 28 tons, 2015 – 196 tons, 2023 – 476 tons, and an estimated 560 tons in 2024.

Q. In Croco’s Facebook posts, you frequently ask about customers’ favorite snacks. Which items are mentioned most often?

A. Our pizza crackers, cracker mix, and pretzels.

Croco produces around 100 different products, and we import 27 types. The majority of our customers prefer the salty assortment. The top-selling products are as follows:

1. Salty sticks 40 g – 20%

2. Pizza-flavored crackers 100 g – 10%

3. Salty crackers 100 g – 9%

4. Mix of crackers and pretzels 250 g – 8.5%

Q. There are many snack options available in Georgia, but what sets Croco apart?

A. The Georgian consumer is known to be very demanding, conservative and categorical. However, if you manage to gain their trust, they will remain loyal.

Croco, a brand that has been in existence for over 10 years, has several advantages. It boasts of a unique and memorable design and name, high-quality products, a wide variety of products, and a stable presence in the market. Croco also offers moderate prices that are not affected by the fluctuations of the lari exchange rate. This has enabled the brand to maintain its customers’ loyalty.

The success of Croco is also attributed to the smooth work of its team. The brand has a presence in all shopping centers in Georgia, both online and offline, which is unthinkable without the effective work of its employees.

I would like to mention S.C. CROCO S.R.L., a producer company located in the city of Onesta, Romania. Croco is a global brand that distributes its products to 80 countries worldwide.

Q. Please also introduce 3G – Georgian Global Group, importer and distributor of Croco to Georgia.

A. The company was established in 2011 as a distributor of alcoholic beverages and food products. We cater to over 7,000 merchants across Georgia. Our head office and primary warehouse are located at Barisakho Street, Tbilisi #11b, and we have four branches in Batumi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, and Gurjaani. We have a workforce of over 120 employees, including managers, salespeople, drivers, warehouse staff, operators and other office workers.

We have a portfolio of 20 brands, out of which eight are produced both in Georgia and abroad. These brands include Bebo Genatsvalos, Mero, Tomatela, 3G, San, V.S.K., Радуга, and Хлебная Особая.

The remaining brands are produced in six different countries. We source sweets and chocolate Laima from Latvia, vodka Svaiak and Naliboki from Belarus, noodles Euroexpress and Alkoni from Kyrgyzstan, canned fish Рыбный Стандарт and biscuits Кухмастер from Russia, vodka Радуга and Хлебная Особая from Armenia, and crackers and salty sticks Croco from Romania.

Q. How favorable is the environment for business in our market and what obstacles do you face?

A. Over the past two years, the lari exchange rate has stabilized, resulting in significant positive changes. However, the main obstacles that need to be addressed are the monopolization of chain retailers and the increased conditions imposed by them. These conditions ultimately result in higher sale prices.

Q. Are you planning to introduce new brands and expand your portfolio?

A. We are actively pursuing new brands from European manufacturers, including Italian, French, Dutch, and Turkish companies.

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