Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie Gaining Popularity in Georgia’s Niche Perfume Market

The fragrance industry has seen a shift towards niche perfumery in recent years in Georgia

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June 15, 2024

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The fragrance industry has seen a shift towards niche perfumery in recent years in Georgia. These fragrances are not mass-produced, but rather created in small batches using high-quality ingredients to produce unique and distinctive scents. One such brand that has been making waves in Georgia’s niche perfume is Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie.

Dear Polly made its debut in Georgia in 2023 and has quickly become a favorite among discerning customers. The brand’s unique scent profile and captivating marketing campaigns have helped it gain recognition and popularity in various countries worldwide.

Dear Polly’s success can be attributed to its focus on quality over quantity. The brand’s fragrances are created in small batches using high-quality ingredients, making each scent unique. The brand’s dedication to quality has earned it recognition, such as the Golden Brand in 2024, and has helped it become a leading contender in the niche perfume market.

Alexey Zhakovich, the Brand Director of Estel Holding, and Anuka Kheladze, the PR Manager of the same company, which introduced Dear Polly and other niche luxury brands to Georgia, talked about the perfume’s development with Golden Brand.

Q. Dear Polly has become Georgian customers’ favorite niche perfume. Please tell us when the fragrance hit the market and what led it to this recognition.

Zhakovich: Dear Polly made its debut on the Georgian market in 2023. Since then its popularity has soared, thanks to its unique scent profile and captivating marketing campaigns that resonated with our discerning customers. We highly appreciate recognition from our Georgian customers, which gave us the opportunity to become a Golden Brand in 2024!

Q. Please share the story of the creation of Dear Polly with our readers, and describe its scent and the message behind it.

Kheladze: Dear Polly is a love letter in the bottle, a scent that says distance is nothing when you love someone. The fragrance was dedicated to Perfumers’ beloved Polly. The scent is reminiscent of a morning kiss from the one you love.

Its scent is a harmonious blend of Ceylon black tea with green apple and bergamot, while sensuous musk simmers below, and notes of fresh citrus, sun-kissed florals and creamy vanilla, symbolizing positivity, and vitality.

Dear Polly is crafted for those who appreciate life’s beauty and seek to embrace each moment with zest and enthusiasm.

Q. Where can one buy Dear Polly and other perfumes by Vilhelm Parfumerie, and how have sales figures increased in 2023 compared to 2022?

Zhakovich: In Georgia we have our own online store Vilhelm.Store, where you can find our entire portfolio. After purchase, we provide our customers with fast delivery and service.

Our customers can also find Vilhelm Parfumerie and other Estel Holding niche brands in Lutecia perfumery stores in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi.

As an exclusive distributor of the brand, we confirm Vilhelm Parfumerie has emerged as a leading contender in the niche perfume market across various countries. The brand is represented in 30 markets worldwide; it is successful in the United States and has swiftly gained traction in Georgia. Despite its relatively recent introduction to the market, the brand has demonstrated its strong appeal and growing popularity among consumers.

I can confidently state that Dear Polly has enjoyed consistent growth in all markets and a positive perception from all perfumery fans.

Q. What other perfumes of Vilhelm Parfumerie are available in Georgia and how popular are they?

Kheladze: In the total brand portfolio, there are more than 28 fragrances in different formats.

Apart from Dear Polly, fragrances like Morning Chess and Mango Skin have also

become top favorites among our customers, highlighting the brand’s wide ranging appeal and exceptional quality.

Each perfume by Vilhelm Perfumerie not only smells amazing but has its own special story behind it. These scents are like silent storytellers, telling about their owners without uttering a word.

Q. Please tell us about your cooperation with the State Ballet of Georgia, as part of which a special set of perfumes was released. What was the outcome of this collaboration?

Kheladze: The partnership with the State Ballet of Georgia was an extraordinary journey.

Drawing from the grace and charm of the ballet troupe, we embarked on a magical adventure to capture the essence of The Nutcracker tale within a custom-made perfume set adorned with festive Christmas packaging. Our aim was to intertwine Vilhelm Parfumerie’s scents with the magic of the holiday season, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the warmth and wonder of Christmas through fragrance.

The premiere of this collaboration unfolded at the prestigious Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre, where we created a deeply engaging sensory experience alongside a captivating performance of The Nutcracker. The outcome was a carefully crafted collection that deeply resonated with both perfume enthusiasts and ballet fans, weaving together the enchantment of the Christmas season and the timeless allure of ballet storytelling.

Q. Please tell us about some upcoming fragrances.

Zhakovich: The latest novelty from the brand is “Back to the Roots”- in absolute simplicity and lightness, Vilhelm Parfumerie invites you to stop time for a moment and to

enjoy the present moment in a haven of peace and quiet. ⁠

First, the breeze brings you floral notes that are fresh, white, and pure. Then, green sensations appear: deep, fascinating, and woody. They whisper a mystical charm that envelops your mind and body. Here, the balance of this untainted symphony opens a feeling of delicate harmony.

This is the “must have” aroma for people who are looking for peace and harmony.

It’s a journey to a time when perfumery was the ultimate luxury, an elegant accessory; Back to the Roots embodies restrained sophistication of style, strict elegance and aristocratic charisma.

One more new scent from the brand is “Faces of Francis”.

This new composition of Vilhelm Parfumerie is inspired by the mysterious triptychs of Francis Bacon, an avant-garde artist. The chords of this fragrant triptych allow you to soar between dream and reality, distant and close, between mystery and passion. Its notes and chords give new sensations and awaken the senses. They give rise to unusual experiences and revive memories.

The composition opens with notes of saffron. Then a sensual hint of roasted pistachios emerges, which evolves into a volcanic aroma and floats between dream and reality, shimmering with smoky and woody notes.

Q. How popular are niche perfumes becoming in Georgia? Is the market ready for such brands?

Zhakovich: Georgia is a wonderful market for niche perfumery, which offers special and unique scents.

Many people in Georgia enjoy using these perfumes because they are different from the classic fragrances you can find in stores.

Our company Estel Holding, as an exclusive representative of Vilhelm Parfumerie and many more niche brands, has played a significant role in making these perfumes popular here.

We have organized many high-class events with these perfume brands to educate

people and help our customers understand why they’re so special.

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