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Event Planning Company Party Lab – Dynamically Developing Brand of The Golden Brand Awards

When it comes to planning a party, every little detail matters. From the decorations to the cake, the location, food, and entertainment

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June 15, 2024

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When it comes to planning a party, every little detail matters. From the decorations to the cake, the location, food, and entertainment, it can be overwhelming to handle everything on your own. Georgian event planning company Party Lab takes on these responsibilities and helps you create a truly memorable experience.

Mariam Davitashvili, Director of Party Lab, told Golden Brand that the company gives customers the freedom to focus on enjoying the occasion with their loved ones, while Party Lab takes care of everything else.

“We want you to have a stress-free, complete day-off experience that you’ll cherish forever. Our aim is to provide a complete day-off experience for our clients, allowing them to entertain themselves and their guests without worrying about anything else”, she said.

Q. Party Lab has become the ‘dynamically developing brand’ of the Golden Brand survey. Please review the story of Party Lab’s development.

A. Our company has been operating in the market for two years, and we strive to make our customers’ special occasions beautiful and memorable. We are committed to offering innovative and comfortable services to our customers.

The demand for our services is increasing every year as more people prefer to leave party planning to professionals. This is because people want to enjoy their special days without worrying about the routine tasks of organizing a party.

Q. Party Lab is capable of organizing all types of events and parties, but what kind of parties are most popular in our country?

A. Yes, our company specializes in organizing all types of events and parties for our customers. We can also provide all the necessary inventory and accessories related to any party.

Proposal and gender reveal parties are currently the most popular types of events. However, we also cater to birthdays and corporate parties.

Our services are sought after by both individuals and corporate clients. Companies often engage us to decorate their offices or shopping facilities to increase brand awareness or attract customers.

Additionally, we assist in organizing corporate events for their employees, providing them with the opportunity to periodically relax. This practice is becoming increasingly popular among companies and institutions, resulting in a high demand for our corporate party planning services.

Q. How many events do you manage to organize every month and what challenges do you have to overcome during your work?

A. We plan at least one event every day, but when we have multiple orders, we divide our employees into groups and assign them specific duties. In our line of work we often have to work late nights, especially when we are organizing big surprise parties for our clients or company events that require late-night preparations. Despite these challenges, our team is always ready to take on any task and consistently delivers high-quality service to our customers.

Q. Please tell us more about the details of event preparation. Let’s take a birthday party or a corporate evening – how do you manage to organize their dream party?

A. Our team aims to create an unforgettable and delightful party that fits the customer’s wishes and budget. We communicate with the customer to understand their preferences and priorities. We choose a suitable location for the event and determine the best decorations for the location.

Location is a crucial factor in our business, because the colors chosen by customers may not match the location, and weather conditions are also important. Due to the wind, some decorations may not look good, and we have to offer alternatives to customers.

Our main decorator has to consider many such details with the customer. Together, we choose designs that are suitable for the location and their requirements. After choosing the decorations, we do an inventory and start working on the decorations a few days before the event. We bring half-made decorations to the party and finish the work on the spot that day.

We pay attention to every small detail, as even small details can make a big impact on the overall decoration. We approach our work with great love and attention because even the smallest mistake can lead to disappointment.

Q. Which event was the most memorable for you?

A. As the founder and director of my company, I have a lot on my plate. I am responsible for creating decorations, attending negotiations, brainstorming new ideas, and handling other company-related issues. Despite my busy schedule, I always try to attend all parties and be involved in the decoration process as much as possible. I truly love this job, and it brings me great pleasure to communicate with people and see their happy faces. When I see people enjoying themselves and having a good time, it makes all the hard work and long nights worth it. Every party I’ve been a part of has been memorable and full of lovely emotions. I can’t pick a favorite because they have all been special to me.

Q. There are many event companies on the market. What is the “signature” of Party Lab?

A. I agree with you that there are many decorators in the market who engage in similar activities. However, there are not many large companies engaged in this business. In my opinion, when it comes to trust and quality, then customers, especially corporate customers, should contact companies directly. This is because companies have more established offers, have professional employees, be it a decorator or a person responsible for the entire event. And those decorators who are in abundance on the market are often at the amateur level.

As we have already discussed, the Party Lab team is completely customized to the customer and focused on their comfort. Our main task is to understand what customers want, as this is an area where the organizer must understand the idea of customers and correctly perceive what they envisioned in their mind.

We always try to offer our customers all the services they need on that day. Our signature is that we pay great attention to even the smallest details and spare no resource to make our customers happy.

Q. When it comes to creating memorable moments, how important is it to trust companies and professionals like Party Lab?

A. When planning a party, there are numerous small details that require attention. From choosing the cake and decorations to deciding on the location, food, and even a DJ, there are many things to consider. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which is why many people turn to event planning companies like ours for help. We take on these responsibilities so that our clients can have more time to focus on themselves and enjoy the occasion without stress.

Our aim is to provide a complete day-off experience for our clients, allowing them to entertain themselves and their guests without worrying about anything else.

We have created a company that can provide customers with everything they need on their important days. This company combines all the necessary areas and offers complete comfort to the customers. We believe that happy days create beautiful memories and stories, and we want to be a part of those memories and create many beautiful stories. Over the past two years, we have consistently offered our customers various innovations, and we plan to surprise them with many more in the future.

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