Vakhtang Tediashvili, the Chief Executive Director of GCSG

Georgian Cranes Service Group Becomes Regional Representative of Chinese Tower Cranes company ZTM

Georgian Cranes Service Group, a company providing tower crane services, has become a regional representative of the Chinese ZTM Tower Cranes company

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June 15, 2024

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Georgian Cranes Service Group, a company providing tower crane services, has become a regional representative of the Chinese ZTM Tower Cranes company, importing new tower cranes and freight elevators from the leading market and solidifying its position as the leading tower crane service provider in Georgia.

Vakhtang Tediashvili, the Chief Executive Director of GCSG, said demand for tower cranes was growing in the country in the last three years, but the market was saturated with old tower cranes, which maintenance and repair is very expensive nowadays. To address this issue, GCSG team conducted a survey of Chinese tower cranes market place and identified the ZTM brand as a “cost-effective option” due to its high-quality construction materials and electrical systems.

Q. Georgian Cranes Service Group has become a favorite tower crane service provider in the country this year once again. How has the company managed to maintain this position, in your opinion?

A. First of all, on behalf of our company, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the industry experts and customers who participated in the survey and nominated our company for the second year in a row. We are honored to have been awarded the title of ‘favorite tower crane service provider’ and are grateful for the recognition of our hard work and dedication.

Since 2023, our company has been actively increasing and expanding services. We are proud to announce that we already provide tower cranes services to 32 construction companies. Additionally, we would like to highlight that GCSG has become the regional representative of the leading Chinese brand ZTM in terms of the import of new tower cranes and freight elevators. The quality of ZTM cranes and elevators fully meets the requirements of European standards (ISO) and the mandatory norms of modern construction safety with CE certification.

Today we offer modern cranes and elevators tailored to Georgian construction companies’ needs. The equipment is state of the art, and we provide competitive payment options for both lease and purchase.

Q. Please tell us what factors have motivated you to initiate a collaboration with ZTM.

A. There is a rise in demand for tower cranes in the construction sector. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with very old used tower cranes, which often come with expensive operation, maintenance, and management costs for construction companies.

Moreover, finding specific parts or details for a very old crane, especially when it comes to motors and slewing mechanisms, is almost impossible. In our experience, the amount spent on purchasing and repairing an old crane while executing a construction project is often equivalent to the cost of purchasing a new crane.

Addressing this challenge, we conducted a quality survey of tower cranes in the Chinese market at the beginning of 2023. We thoroughly searched and analyzed the technical data of all the leading Chinese brands of tower cranes, taking into account their price, quality, and warranty conditions. This enabled us to identify the ZTM brand, whose crane construction is equipped with high-quality European standard metal, SIEMENS control and ABB electrical system. Furthermore, their freight elevators come with VEICHI electrical and SAJ40 safety systems.

In Georgia we have already sold four new freight elevators and two new tower cranes, each with the best warranty conditions. Additionally, we have leased five pieces of used European cranes.

Q. Please share some major highlights from 2023 with our readers.

A. Due to the recent growth in the construction industry, there has been a significant increase in demand for tower crane services. In 2023 Georgia issued 11,279 construction permits, which is 4.2% more than in 2022. This has led us to offer new generation tower cranes and construction elevators for the sector through our representation of ZTM.

Upon receiving the notification, we promptly identify the damage to the crane on the site and work quickly to repair it to avoid any delays in the construction process. We understand the significant costs associated with each day of downtime for the company. To streamline and expedite our maintenance process, we have developed a comprehensive database of tower crane parts and logistical details.

One of the major challenges in this sector is a shortage of qualified personnel. This is due to the irreversible process of labor migration. To address this issue, GCSG has initiated a process of training new personnel with the help of experienced workers who have many years of experience.

Q. You mentioned increased activity in the construction sector. How has this affected the volume of orders at your company?

A. As of 2023, almost half of the construction permits issued are for Tbilisi, which means that our services are primarily focused in the capital. Compared to 2022, there has been a significant increase of 35% in the demand for our technical service packages. Our specialized technical services are designed for companies that already own a tower crane and require assistance in ensuring its smooth and continuous operation throughout their construction project.

Our services include engine repair or upgrade by sections, changing or twisting of the cable, repair of control panel, repair of brakes or electricity, installation, disassembly, and technical inspection, change of hook or cart repair; parts search, purchase, and installation.

The demand for our premium crane service package has increased by 45%. This special offer is designed for companies that need a comprehensive solution for all aspects of tower crane services. Our services include purchase, rental, and transportation of the crane, installation and disassembly, auto crane service for any location, cargo of any tonnage, technical inspection and registration with (including crane passport, grounding act, crane work project, and geodesy report), as well as planned and technical supervision.

Q. What percentage of the market do you currently hold, and is this share increasing?

A. In the tower crane service sector, our company has a long history of experience but we hold only 10-15% of the market share. We are one of the few big companies in this sector, but unlike our competitors, we offer active service to tower cranes owned by private companies in addition to servicing our own. We provide scheduled supervision and maintenance services to construction companies and have developed terms of service for this purpose. Our technical and planning services cover all models of tower cranes such as ZTM, Comansa NT 45120 , SIMMA POTAIN GT 187 , POTAIN MC115B, Raimondi MR183, Raimondi ER 180, Raimondi MRT 152, JASO J36 Tower Cranes , Yongmao, Sáez Cranes, EDILMAC, KB 573, HYCM TC5011, HYCM TC4810 , Sky 500, Comansa 5LC 4010, and more.

Q. From which countries do you import tower cranes?

A. Chinese heavy equipment is becoming more prevalent in the Georgian market, but selecting the right equipment requires specific knowledge and experience. While European cranes are of undeniable quality, their high price may not be justified under current conditions in Georgia. We offer our customers tower cranes from both China and Europe, but price is a crucial factor in the construction sector.

After 36 years of experience, we have studied the top tower crane brands in the Chinese market and found the ZTM company. ZTM produces new cranes and construction lifts that meet EU CE certification and standards, meaning they can be freely sold in various European countries. The price offered by ZTM is unbeatable for the sector.

These late-model cranes are also called Intelligent Tower Cranes. These are equipped with top-of-the-line branded systems such as inverters, remote controls, air conditioners, SIEMENS control, and ABB electrical systems. They also feature freight elevators with galvanized metal construction, new VEICHI electro and SAJ40 safety systems. Our company offers these tower cranes for lease or purchase, ensuring the highest quality with a safety platform on all sections, various types of modern protection systems, and most importantly, ISO and CE certificates in accordance with European standards.

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