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Green Side Service to Expand Operations to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan

Green Side Service, a full-service landscaping company in Georgia, is continuing to provide commercial and residential landscaping services and help thousands of home and business owners transform their outdoor spaces

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June 15, 2024

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Green Side Service, a full-service landscaping company in Georgia, is continuing to provide commercial and residential landscaping services and help thousands of home and business owners transform their outdoor spaces.

After establishing itself as a leader in the domestic market, Green Side Service is now looking to expand its operations to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan. Additionally, the company is actively engaged in the field of landscape design in Georgia.

Tengiz Chachanidze, the founder of the company, believes that creating and perfecting landscape designs is a time-consuming process, with Green Side Service having become an example for others to follow.

Q. In the category ‘favorite landscape design’ Green Side Service won the Golden Brand award. How did the company achieve this recognition?

A. Success and recognition were primarily due to the company’s activity, with no similar businesses in this field in Georgia. And our accumulated experience and positive feedback from customers were crucial.

Q. Please introduce our readers to your company and tell us about its development.

A. We have been in the landscaping business for 12 years and continue to expand beyond our borders. We can confidently say that we are advanced in this field.

When we started, 3D visualization of landscape design was not known or relevant in the landscaping market. Our clients were unfamiliar with this type of project, and we had to explain that every detail was predetermined, giving them the opportunity to digitally preview their yard in 3D.

Creating a landscape and perfecting it is a time-consuming process, and we have established our approaches in this field, which have become an example for others to follow.

Q. What services does Green Side Service offer customers?

A. We offer our customers a comprehensive outdoor space arrangement service that includes landscape design planning, yard arrangement and landscaping, and yard maintenance.

The company caters to both individual and corporate needs, as the trend of planning and designing exterior spaces is growing.

Q. What are popular yard styles and designs in Georgia?

A. We believe that Georgians are quite tasteful in this matter. Basically, they like modern style pleasantly combined with natural elements. We aim to create designs that balance modern style with natural elements, meeting the requirements of our customers who appreciate tasteful design.

Q. Which big projects would you single out from your portfolio as the most complicated or just memorable for you?

A. One of the notable large projects that we have worked on is the development of a park in Dedoplistskaro municipality in the eastern region of Kakheti. This specific park was constructed on 17 hectares. The project was particularly interesting because it involved the creation of multifunctional spaces, and we were able to come up with a diverse and beautiful design that met the project requirements.

Currently, the park is in the active phase of arrangement and landscaping, which will be completed soon according to plan.

It was also interesting to work on a project for Apex Development – Apex Lisi in the capital city of Tbilisi. We have completed the yard arrangement and landscaping work.

In general, we believe that every project we undertake is unique and valuable. We approach each project with a fresh perspective and strive to make it distinct and interesting, avoiding any monotony. We take pride in the fact that our customers recognize and appreciate our efforts, which is a top priority for our company.

Q. What would you say about the labor force? Is it easy for your company to find suitable workers?

A. When starting a business, it is crucial to have a team of skilled professionals who can ensure the quality of work. We invested a lot of resources in creating just such a team years ago.

Our team members received extensive training at a leading international design academy in Milan, where they gain knowledge about local culture. As a result, the Italian style of gardens is gaining popularity in Georgia.

We currently employ up to 600 people in various fields across the world, including in Georgia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan.

Q. Please share future plans for your company.

A. We have some ambitious plans ahead. Our objective is to expand our operations to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan, and of course engage with the local market in the field of landscape design.

This is an area that is experiencing significant growth, and as a demanding company, we are committed to capitalizing on this trend.

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