Tamar Ghlonti, the Acting Director of Radio Maestro

Radio Maestro: Promoting Business Growth and Development in Georgia

Radio Maestro, a media outlet in Georgia focused on business and information,

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June 15, 2024

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Radio Maestro, a media outlet in Georgia focused on business and information,

strongly believes in supporting businesses in the country. One of the ways that Radio Maestro shows its support for business is by being a media partner of the Golden Brand Award event, a prestigious award ceremony that recognizes companies for their excellence and achievements.

With a team of professionals who have been employed with the radio station since its inception, Radio Maestro strives to offer an unbiased, independent, and free media outlet.

In this interview with Tamar Ghlonti, the Acting Director of Radio Maestro, we will dive deeper into Radio Maestro’s mission, values, and challenges, and explore the importance of marketing and media partnerships for business growth and development in Georgia.

Q. What is the role of Radio Maestro in promoting business growth and development in Georgia, and how important is it for you to support the Golden Brand Awards?

A. We are always happy to promote business growth and development, especially when it comes to Georgian companies. Radio Maestro has been a media partner of this event for years. We believe that, as a media outlet focused on business and information, it is our responsibility to support events that encourage companies to improve their quality and strive for even greater success.

The Golden Brand Award is a prestigious and significant event, which adds new nominations each year. Companies have the opportunity to compete for the title of the most successful company of the year nationwide. I am confident that Georgian companies eagerly await this award and recognition, as it is an excellent business opportunity.

As a media outlet, we offer support for business events, and we have a project known as ‘Business Time on Maestro’, the aim of which is to promote Georgian companies and products. We are particularly interested in supporting small and micro businesses, as we believe that this sector requires media support the most!

Q. W are getting ready for the Parliamentary Elections scheduled for October. What is the goal of Radio Maestro in an election year, and what are the plans for 2024 regarding news and political talk shows?

A. This year is an election year for the country, which makes it extremely important for us as a news radio station to provide unbiased and objective information to our loyal listeners. In 2024, we plan to have our network loaded with news and political talk shows. Our goal is to give all electoral subjects the opportunity to not only state their position on current important events, but also to bring their own program to voters. We want voters to have open and easily accessible information to make informed decisions.

Q. What kind of content can be found on Radio Maestro, and what is its niche?

A. Radio Maestro is a news radio station that broadcasts a news program once an hour throughout Georgia. The station offers a variety of informative and thought-provoking content, including analytical political programs, as well as cognitive columns covering topics in technology, medicine, business, history, and music. Additionally, every weekday evening at 6:00 pm, the station opens the floor to the public, allowing them to share their own viewpoints on current political or social issues.

Our objective is to establish a media outlet that is unbiased, independent, and free.

Q. What are the major challenges faced by the radio sector in Georgia?

A. The radio sector is currently facing major challenges due to the advertising policy restrictions imposed by the state, as well as high state taxes that are not suitable for the Georgian market.

It can be quite challenging to find a team of professionals, but we consider ourselves fortunate in this regard. The staff members who have been employed at the radio station since its inception have continued to work with great success over the years, making them an invaluable asset to our team.

Q. What kind of support do media require from the business sector?

A. It is a very important question, because nowadays the media requires a lot of support from the business sector. Marketing is not just a pretty advertisement that you can order programmatically or write with some ready-made formula. That is why it is crucial to do the right marketing by identifying your target audience, setting clear goals, and understanding where you stand in the market.

For us, it is important to choose media opportunities objectively and impartially for partnership, not only for our benefit but also for the benefit of the business.

Q. What potential for media development do you see in Georgia?

A. In order for the media market to develop, it is essential for its representatives to adhere to professional standards accepted worldwide.

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