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Super Toys Aims to Broaden Its Nationwide Presence by Offering Diverse Range of Unique Toys

Super Toys, a well-known toy store in Georgia, is striving to expand its reach in the country with an increased focus on providing a wide range of unique and diverse toys

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June 15, 2024

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Super Toys, a well-known toy store in Georgia, is striving to expand its reach in the country with an increased focus on providing a wide range of unique and diverse toys. 

The company won the Golden Brand award for being customers’ favorite toy store. Commercial Director Maia Giorgobiani said the company’s goal was to provide “quality and affordable” toys for children in Georgia.

“Today’s victory means we have successfully tackled this challenge”, she said.

Super Toys imports products from different countries and has a portfolio of leading toy brands. The brand caters to customers of all budgets with leading brands and weekly promotions to make expensive toys affordable. Super Toys also has a strong online presence, allowing customers to order products from any part of Georgia.

Q. Please review the development of Super Toys over the past 19 years.

A. We launched a chain of Super stores in 2005 that offered household items and toys in one location. As the number of products and brands increased, we created Super Toys as a separate brand. We now import products from different countries and have a portfolio of leading toy brands. We import toys from American, British, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish and other European brands that meet relevant quality standards for children.

At our stores, you can find toys suitable for all ages – from newborns to adults who are young at heart. Our ultimate aim is to ensure every customer can find something that entertains them, whether it is a table games or developmental toys for babies.

Super Toys is currently available in various cities including the capital of Tbilisi as well as Rustavi, Gori, Telavi, Kutaisi, and Batumi. We are constantly striving to expand our reach to other cities. Our efforts to make our products more accessible are not only limited to opening new branches, but also in enhancing our online presence. It is now possible to order our products from any part of Georgia on our website.

Q. Could you please tell me the top three best-selling products?

A. Taso, the first Georgian interactive doll, is the undisputed leader among the top three toys. We are delighted that our unique Taso doll remains a popular choice among children.

Lucy, an interactive toy dog, is equally popular and is loved by every child as their favorite pet. It is also an easy solution for parents who are unable to have a real pet. Lucy dances, eats, barks, and does everything that a real dog does.

The third position is occupied by the Cry Baby doll series, which are exclusively sold at Super Toys. Our little customers can now watch the cartoon series of these dolls through the television or YouTube channel, as we have adapted the series into Georgian.

Q. How have sales increased in 2023 from 2022?

A. Sales increased by 10%, with online sales accounting for 7% of total sales. The share of online sales is also increasing annually.

Our stores cater to customers of all budgets with leading brands and weekly promotions to make expensive toys affordable.

Q. What do Georgian customers prioritize when purchasing products – price or quality?

A. It is fortunate that the Georgian consumer is increasingly prioritizing the quality of products. But price is critical. Our key challenge is to provide our customers with a wide range of products that offer the best combination of quality and price. However, I would like to highlight that our stores offer an extensive range of toys, including exclusive products and a variety of price points. Additionally, we frequently provide promotions and offers.

Q. How competitive is the market in Georgia?

A. Georgia is a small country, which means that there are limited market opportunities for toys. Small countries typically face many challenges in the toy market, such as the small size of the market, limited distribution channels, economic factors affecting the country’s development, consumer purchasing power, exchange rate fluctuations, and so on.

I believe that one effective way to expand the market is online sales, which we are currently working on.

Our biggest competitor in today’s market is the rapid development of technology. This has had a significant impact on children’s interests, resulting in a decrease in the age at which children stop playing with toys. This challenge is not unique to Georgia, but is a global issue that affects the entire toy industry. Despite this challenge, our company continues to grow steadily.

Q. Toy production is gaining popularity in Georgia. Do you carry Georgian-made toys in your stores?

A. We are happy to see that the production of high-quality toys in compliance with international standards has commenced in Georgia. We are actively promoting the growth of this business by featuring their manufactured toys in our network. We take pride in the success of Georgian manufacturers on the global market.

Q. What are your plans for Super Toys?

A. Our primary goal is to offer a wide range of unique and diverse toys that are not available in other stores. Our team is working diligently towards this aim, and we plan to add several new brands and categories to our inventory this year. Our objective is to provide our customers with the latest toys in the world market. We are optimistic about our success in achieving this goal. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we have a lot of news coming this year.

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