Golden Brand 2023

The Most Important Independent Business Award of the Year

The 19th Award Ceremony of Golden Brand, also known as the "Business Oscar of Georgia," took place at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi on June 14, 2024

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June 15, 2024

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57 Brands Awarded at the 19th Annual Golden Brand Ceremony in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia – The 19th Award Ceremony of Golden Brand, also known as the “Business Oscar of Georgia,” took place at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi on June 14, 2024. Organized by Global Idea and The Financial, Golden Brand is the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia, voted on openly by experts and consumers. This year 57 winner brands were awarded in the presence of media.

The top management of more than a hundred of the largest Georgian and foreign businesses attended the ceremony.

Golden Brand is an invaluable prize that makes the brand an international trademark, stoking trust in consumers. The project was supported by international media outlets, including American Stock News, The Washington Inquirer, and The Dallas Observer, as well as local media such as Glossy,, Business Time, Radio Commersant FM 95,5 , Radio Maestro FM  94, 7, Radio Vinyl FM 99, 7, Radio M7 – FM -93.1, and the International Chamber of Commerce, the Women Business Council of Georgia and the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

The Golden Brand polls were carried out with professors of higher educational institutions, managers, business administration specialists,  non-state sector representatives, and independent experts in economic issues. Simultaneously, the poll was carried out among consumers. Brands were nominated based on their awareness, quality, and performance in PR and marketing activities.

Special nominations are established every year, and companies and organizations that make a special contribution to the development of the country are awarded. Over the years the Golden Brand has been awarded to a number of state agencies and organizations, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, the Tax Department, Tbilisi Metro, Tbilisi Municipality, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The Award Ceremony always commands the close attention of media and business society.

The journalists of different media outlets had a chance to meet the leading business people, the representatives of diplomatic corps, government officials.

The Golden Brand Award Ceremony has been taking place annually since 2005. The Golden Brand title holders are the largest Georgian and international companies.

For more information about Golden Brand and the award winners, please visit the official website at

Here were the nominees in across all categories this year:

N 1 Golden Brand winners:

  1. Industrial Construction – No1 Golden Brand – Element Construction
  2. Cement – No1 Golden Brand – Betek Fayfiks
  3. Tower Crane Service – No1 Golden Brand – Georgian Cranes Service Group
  4. Facing Materials – No1 Golden Brand – Allstone
  5. The leading company in flooring technologies – No1 Golden Brand – All-P Group
  6. Premium residential complex – No1 Golden Brand – Krtsanisi Resort Residence
  7. Beauty Industry – No1 Golden Brand – Avon
  8. Tanning & Sun Protection Products  – No1 Golden Brand – Carroten
  9. Optical Company – No1 Golden Brand – Roniko
  10. Niche Perfume  – No1 Golden Brand – Dear Polly (Vilhelm Parfumerie)
  11. Jewelry Store Chain – No1 Golden Brand – Franco Fontana
  12. Pharmaceutical Company – No1 Golden Brand – PSP
  13. Group D Vitamins – No1 Golden Brand – Vitaferol
  14. Cold Remedies – No1 Golden Brand – Griphot
  15. Antiseptics – No1 Golden Brand – Betadine®
  16. Balanced Nutrition – No1 Golden Brand – Herbalife
  17. Olive Oil – No1 Golden Brand – Basso
  18. Wine – No1 Golden Brand – Rtvelisi
  19. Restaurant – No1 Golden Brand – Qvevri
  20. Transport and Services  – No1 Golden Brand – Bene Exclusive
  21. Pet Food – No1 Golden Brand – Monge Georgia
  22. Landscape Design  – No1 Golden Brand  – Green Side Service
  23. Health and Recreation Center – No1 Golden Brand  – Gino Aquapark
  24. Seaside hotel – Batumi  – No1 Golden Brand – Le Meridien Batumi
  25. Aesthetic Medicine Center – No1 Golden Brand  – Lotus
  26. Hair Transplant and Treatment – No1 Golden Brand – Talizi
  27. Antiperspirant – No1 Golden Brand – Odaban
  28. Medical  Products and Services  – No1 Golden Brand – Advanced Medical Technologies and Service (AMTS)
  29. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – No1 Golden Brand – Aksen Fort
  30. Architectural Paints – No1 Golden Brand – Betek
  31. Floor Covering Materials – No1 Golden Brand – Kahrs Georgia
  32. Auto Import – No1 Golden Brand – Indigo Cars
  33. Car Cosmetics – No1 Golden Brand – Ekokemika Service Group
  34. Hosting Providers – No1 Golden Brand – Proservice
  35. Audit and Accounting Services – No1 Golden Brand Kudos Georgia
  36. Law Firm – No1 Golden Brand – Kordzadze law Office
  37. Outdoor Advertising Service – No1 Golden Brand – Alma
  38. A Network of Outlet Stores – No1 Golden Brand – Eurobrand
  39. Event Company – Dynamically Developing Brand – No1 Golden Brand – Party Lab
  40. Coffee – No1 Golden Brand – Carte Noire
  41. Tea – No1 Golden Brand – Hyleys
  42. Meat products – No1 Golden Brand – Schirnhofer
  43. Butter – No1 Golden Brand – Anchor
  44. Toys – No1 Golden Brand – Super Toys
  45. Children’s hygienic products – No1 Golden Brand – Pampers
  46. Household Washing and Cleaning Products – No1 Golden Brand – Frosch
  47. Toilet Paper – No1 Golden Brand – Nua
  48. Innovative Technologies – Shaving Tools  – No1 Golden Brand – Dorco
  49. Household Products  – No1 Golden Brand  – Melochi Zhizni / FINO
  50. Crackers – No1 Golden Brand  – Croco
  51. Cafeteria – No1 Golden Brand – Degusto
  52. Sunflower Seeds – No1  Golden Brand – Solari
  53. Beer – Foreign Brand – No1 Golden Brand  – Estrella
  54. Fast Food – No1 Golden Brand – Ramos Macshaurma
  55. Production of Semi – Finished Products  – No1 Golden Brand  – Rera
  56. Pasta – No1 Golden Brand – Reggia
  57. Ice Cream – Dynamically Developing Brand – No1 Golden Brand – GeGelato

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