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Sunday, 28 May 2023 00:00

Italy’s Maretti Bruschette Becomes Favorite Crispy Snack For Georgian Customers

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 Giorgi Davitadze, General Director of Orbita Giorgi Davitadze, General Director of Orbita

The baked bread circles of Maretti Bruschette in various exquisite flavor combinations have become the favorite crispy snack of Georgian customers. Over 2,000 customers and 100 experts named Maretti Bruschette as their favorite, helping the Italian brand win the Golden Brand award this year.
The tastes of Italy under the brand of Maretti are brought to Georgia by the local distribution company Orbita, which was established in 2004, but has been operating on the Georgian
market since 1998 under different names.
General Director of Orbita, Giorgi Davitadze, said that despite limited resources, the company was able to achieve success and is now one of the leading distribution companies in Georgia.
Thanks to cooperation with its partners and steady development, Orbita has become an exclusive distributor of the following popular brands ⁠— Morozova; Maretti Bruschette; My Motto; Byond; Malbi; Progum; Naturella; Viva; Olive line; Ryaba/Astoria; Tadim; and Gemo.
We are very glad to be appreciated and to have been given this award. I think it comes down to the fact that our company has contributed significantly to market development as we started importing a variety of products when there was a lack of such products on the market. Thus we developed this culture and the snacks category in Georgia,” Davitadze said of his brand winning the award.
Q. Could you tell us what the goals and core values of Orbita are?
A. Orbita has been offering the highest quality products in Georgia since the very day of its
establishment. The company’s strategy is to offer customers a new and expanding range of
Products and to
establish new relations with the world’s leading brands.
The company’s goal is professionalism and discipline in all areas, and to provide
a constant upgrade of staff qualifications. We believe that the company’s success is determined by our staff.
We try to select qualified employees who share our values, as they represent the most important capital of the company. Today the company employs more than 150 highly qualified people, recruited for different departments ⁠— everything from sales and admin to warehouse.
Our organization fully satisfies safety and environmental protection standards and norms. We
constantly work on developing our product portfolio and try to establish a better
business environment and provide more jobs.
Orbita realizes its responsibility in business relations with its partners by relying on the values of honesty, innovation, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, and professionalism.
What’s most important for us is our customers, and we truly believe that our success depends on the success of those who consume our products.
Q. Today the Georgian market is saturated with chips. How does Maretti Bruschette compete with them?
A. Maretti is the brand that brings you the taste of Italy in the form of bite-sized snacks. The secret to their irresistible Bruschette chips that are perfectly seasoned on one side lies in the original recipe ⁠— Italian traditions that have been passed down through generations with a modern twist.
Crispy and delicious oven baked bread circles made of carefully selected ingredients, offered in a variety of flavors, such as tomato, olives and oregano, sour cream and onion, Mediterranean vegetables, fine cheese selection, sweet basil pesto, mushrooms and cream, pizza, slow roasted garlic, salami pepperoni, spinach and cheese, sweet chilly, Mediterranean paprika and
royal crab.
Of these varieties we only import six flavors and among them tomatoes, oregano and olives are the most popular.
Demand for Maretti Bruschette products increases in Georgia year by year. For example, last year sales figures saw 95% increase compared to 2021. Our company also launched different promotional activities to make the brand more popular in Georgia, which resulted in increased sales volume as well as recognition from Golden Brand.
Q. How long has Maretti Bruschette been available on the Georgian market?
A. Maretti Bruschette has been available here since 2010. The first steps were quite difficult. The challenge was to convince customers how our brand differed from the types of crackers they were used to seeing, the price of which was at least twice cheaper than Maretti’s baked bread snacks.
Since 2019 the growth of sales has been doubling every year, which is due customer loyalty, the highest quality, and the right development strategy.


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