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Europharma Georgia Continues to Expand Product Range in Georgian pharmaceutical market

Europharma Georgia continues to take care of the health of the local population and at the same time, strengthen its position on the market. Following modern global trends and adjusting to the needs of the local medical and pharmaceutical sectors, Europharma Georgia promises to continue offering innovative pharmaceutical products and expand its product range in Georgia.

Europharma Georgia was founded in 2011. Director of the company Alisa Arslan said that Europharma Georgia has managed to compete with many experienced and famous companies in a short period of time and establish its proper place in the Georgian pharmaceutical market.

“Initially, Europharma Georgia entered the Georgian market with six drugs and several employees; today the company offers about forty drugs, and the number of employees has increased to forty-five,” Alisa Arslan said.

The main goal of Europharma Georgia is to identify the needs of consumers and to offer them “focused, unique and innovative products.”

“The company's business strategy is clearly focused on quality,” she added.

Europharma Georgia currently offers medicines that are sold in various countries around the world, including medicines, which analogues are not available in the Georgian pharmaceutical market.

“It should be noted that the company's priority is the health of the next generation, so the medical drugs for the pediatric group take one of the main places in the total lineup of the products,” Alisa Arslan said.

Europharma Georgia was valued precisely for its care for children’s health and became the winner of the Golden Brand award for the first time. Over a hundred experts and consumers named Simbavit, one of the medicines offered by Europharma Georgia, as their favorite vitamin for children.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand. What does this award mean for Europharma Georgia?
A. Thank you very much!

For me personally, not only as a health manager, but also as a doctor, the quality of the product is a priority. Quality is what determines the effectiveness of the product, leads to a positive attitude from patients and consumer loyalty.

This is what happened in the case of Simbavit - its quality and effectiveness led the vitamin complex to become Georgian consumers’ favorite. Golden Brand is very important recognition and appreciation for our company, because it proves we are on a right way. Also, it gives us a motivation to carry on taking care of the health of all age groups and do many more positive, innovative things in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Q. What are the advantages of Simbavit?
A. Simbavit syrup contains thirteen vitamins and four micronutrients necessary for the development of the child's body and is enriched with beta-glucan; It is also necessary for the formation and development of eyesight, the nervous system, heart and skeletal system.

Simbavit improves metabolism, the physical and intellectual development of the child, fills any deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, improves appetite, provides mineralization and strengthening of bones and teeth. Moreover, strengthens the protective forces of the child's body. It is a powerful antioxidant, which is especially important for today's kids who spend a lot of time with modern gadgets. Simbavit syrup is important for the prevention of childhood illness and also for rapid rehabilitation post-illness.

Its pleasant orange flavor is also popular. That's why Simbavit syrup is a favorite multivitamin for every child and parent.

Simbavit has been available on the Georgian market since 2015.

Q. Have sales increased over the year in Georgia?
A. In 2021, the number of Simbavit customers increased by almost 50%.

Q. What is the contribution of Europharma to the development of the Georgian pharmaceutical market?
A. Pharmaceuticals are one of the most important sectors in healthcare. In recent years, the global economic crisis following the pandemic and increased competition have had a major impact on the sector.

Despite these negatives, Europharma's contribution to the Georgian pharmaceutical market is huge, and since 2011 we have been importing both therapeutic and preventative pharmaceutical and herbal remedies.

Our priority is to improve the quality of life of our population. We offer our customers reliable, efficient, high-quality medicines. In a highly competitive and saturated market, we are growing and developing according to the customer requirements. Our company was the first to offer innovative formulas to consumers that did not exist in Georgia before, such as Nemolix C3, Zinconet C, Coenza QL, etc.

In the future we will continue to bring innovative products to the country, because continuous development and introducing innovations are one of the most important goals of our company.

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Allstone Expands in Georgia, Opens New Showroom in Tbilisi

A Georgian company specializing in procurement of high-quality stones from its quarries, Allstone, has expanded in Georgia, opening a new office and showroom to offer a larger assortment and volume of its products.

“A new office and a showroom has been opened on Beliashvili Street, in the capital city of Tbilisi. We now have a big warehouse area and machines. Our main goal is to satisfy all the requirements of our customers. The market is growing in our field, and our main goal is to offer customers a choice of high quality natural stones and services,” director of the company, Archil Khacheishvili said.

The unique design facing materials created with natural stones, excavated from Allstone’s eighteen quarries, provide a wide variety of products and guarantee an environmentally friendly natural stone selection.

Two high-tech factories operating at international standards and with the latest equipment refine the materials with maximum precision and can create any and all designs in the shortest time.

“Our team has been excavating, transforming and selling natural stone products from proprietary or exclusive quarries for more than ten years. This experience provides us with a guarantee of quality, and recognition from businesses and private customers. Our own quarries, own high-tech factories, and current location, with its simplified tax conditions, let us offer our local and international partners the best price and transportation possibilities,” Khacheishvili said.

The company takes both retail and corporate orders. The warehouse allows customers to look at a wide range of products, select any shape, size and texture of product, plan for its transportation, and carry out production, all in a short timeframe.

Allstone offers travertine, marble, mosaic, mosaic figures and cornice.

Q. Allstone has eighteen quarries from which to mine natural stone. Where are these quarries located and which types of stone come from them?
A. Our quarries are located in Turkey. We have two quarries for obtaining marble, one quarry for cyanide, and several quarries for travertines. We get the highest quality stones from these quarries.

The market is growing fast, and the demand for natural stone is huge. Our company has established a solid position in the market and we are one of the largest importers of natural stones. And we meet at least 50% of the travertine demand.

Q. Can you briefly describe the complete cycle - from quarrying to delivery to the customer?
A. First the stone is extracted from the quarry and is given the shape of a block in the first factory. The stone is cut to size in the second factory, processed and given its final shape, and then is imported to Georgia and placed in our warehouses. Then we deliver the products to the customers, and here I would like to mention that in case of any shortcomings, we are customer-oriented and in basic cases we try to satisfy all their requirements.

Q. How popular is it in Georgia to use natural stones in the façade of a building?
A. Recently, the demand for natural stone has increased. Customers use it for the façades of buildings as well as for interior design.

Covering a building with natural stone is thus very trendy and attractive.

The most in-demand stone for façades today is travertine, while for interiors, mostly marble and granite are popular.

Q. Could you please name the most distinguished projects of Allstone?
A. One of our most distinguished projects was City Court, which is covered completely with our travertine.

Also, Allstone worked on Hotel Mercure, Hotel Ibis, and other large projects.

Allstone also cooperates with private entities and among its projects are private houses, swimming pools and interiors.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. This was the third Golden Brand for Allstone. What led Allstone to this success in your opinion?
A. We are happy to see that our company is the leader in its segment again this year. We want to thank all of the experts who nominated us as the leading company.

Allstone is distinguished by its high quality, comfortable service, fast and reliable delivery of products, and large warehouse.

Our success is due to our loyal customers. We would like to thank each of Allstone’s customers and partners for their continued loyalty.

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“The Market Is About Fully Recovered”: Dirol Reveals Some Post-Pandemic Results

Global chewing gum brand Dirol, owned by Mondelez International, continues systematic development of its business on the Georgian market, now one of the largest markets for the company with “encouraging growth rates”.

Last year Dirol faced lingering consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, but forged ahead and decided to focus on the youth market. The results exceeded expectations, Zurab Lomsadze says, Mondelez National Key Accounts Manager in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

“Purchasing power dropped and there were uncertainties about the future. We focused on retaining our base and the effectiveness of our current performance. As a result, we strengthened our position on the Georgian market. We can’t reveal clear results and figures, but we can point out that during the whole year, growth was in the double-digits,” Lomsadze said.

Q. Please tell us about the future plans of the Dirol brand for the Georgian market? Do you plan to introduce new products to Georgia and which would those be?
A. Georgia is now the largest gum market for our company in the entire Eurasian area. It shows steady growth and lively consumer engagement year by year, so we consider it a good place for new marketing activities and product innovations.

We have introduced new flavors regularly owing to good customer response, and 2022 is no exception.

In April we added two original flavors to the XXL lineup — Watermelon and Mint.

We enjoy tinkering with product types and forms, it helps us catch up with the latest trends and adjust to consumer demand.

Q. When did Dirol appear on the Georgian market and how has the brand developed since then?
A. Dirol gum first arrived on the Georgian market eleven years ago, in 2011. Since then the brand has developed several product lineups and launched a wide range of flavors, including some oddities, such as Dirol Charcoal.

In 2021 we entered a new market segment for youth. We continue to develop the direction.

Q. How have Georgian consumers embraced products introduced in the youth market segment?
A. The main challenge for products entering the youth segment is to gain trust and then stay up-to-date, and finally, taken for granted as a usual item in the shopping cart. To reach such a perception of new gum we needed to motivate as many young customers as we could to try the new product.

Generation Z is quite open and receptive tol promos, so we focused on creative marketing and advertising companies imbued with imaginative solutions and common sense.

Due to the creative work and experience of our team, Dirol Minions paved its way to customers’ preferences and became one of the most in-demand products. Now we are continuing to carry out our own research to for more precise information about sales volume.

Q. How important is the Georgian market to Mondelez’s business today? What growth prospects do you see in the country?

A. The Georgian market is one the most important to Mondelez. We have been developing our brand here for some time, but there is still room for experiments and new achievements. We see already that buying Dirol has become one of the stable everyday habits of Georgian consumers.

We see vibrant activity in response to our promo campaigns, so our next objective is to gain the leading position on the local gum market.

We believe in our product, and that belief helps us move forward while remembering consumer needs.

Q. In general, could you please summarize 2021 – what were the biggest challenges, biggest achievements?

A. In 2021 the market was still weak from the consequences of the pandemic. Purchasing power was low and there were many uncertainties about the future. We focused on retaining our base and the effectiveness of our current performance.

As a result, we strengthened our positions on the Georgian market. We can’t reveal clear results and figures, but we can point out that during the whole year business growth has become double-digit. It means that customers surely appreciate our brand, show lively interest in new Dirol products, and the market is about to fully recover.

Q. Also, how has the year 2022 started for your company, and what are your expectations?

A. The beginning of 2022 was rather inspiring for us, in that, after the results of the last year, we felt the spirit of creativity and motivation. But as the retail market becomes more and more dynamic, the situation can change quickly. Both customers and international companies must be agile and ready to react quickly to possible changes. So now we focus on keeping up by building powerful brand communication and introducing innovations to the market.

Q. Georgian customers have named the Dirol brand their favorite brand again this year. What brought Dirol this recognition, in your opinion?
A. We are glad to find Dirol in the status of most preferred brand among Georgian customers again. It is undoubtedly the result of the professional, day-to-day work of our team and of our innovations, a significant part of our brand strategy.

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Madam De Re-Equips Factory, Plans To Increase Productivity, Considers Exporting

Georgian bread and biscuit company Madam De will increase productivity, create new products, and implement new technological approaches after the company finishes upgrading its manufacturing equipment.

The company is also planning to develop its own store-bakery chain, first in Tbilisi and later in other cities across the country.

“Once we complete the re-equipment of the factory, which will be at the end of June, our productivity will allow us to think seriously about exporting our products. We're thinking about exporting products such as muffins and cookies, also frozen baked daily consumption products, which have a longer shelf life. We are in negotiations with neighboring countries,” Director of Madam De, Alexander Ratishvili said.

Madam De offers delicious Georgian rolls, bread and biscuits, such Hamburger buns, the Big Taste bun, hamburger buns with sesame, hot dog buns, the Big Mac bun, Toast bread, Sandwich bread, sweet rolls, vanilla muffin, vanilla and cacao muffin, orange muffin, cacao muffin, and cookies.

“At present we produce about twenty products, which include bakery products and confections such as muffins and sweet biscuits. The demand is quite high and therefore we are completely focused on the range we have. However, naturally we are going to add new products,” Ratishvili said.

Q. Please tell us the history of Madam De from the very beginning to the present day.
A. The history of Madam De goes back to 1999 with the supply of baked goods to McDonald’s. The first products we launched were the hamburger bun, Big Mac bun and Hot dog bun.

After ten years of cooperation, we stopped working with McDonald's and since then our business is entirely based on supply and distribution to retail chains. Today the products of Madam De are sold in both chain and non-chain markets, enabling our customers to buy a high quality and trustworthy product.

Q. Why did you stop cooperating with McDonald’s?
A. The reason is that a very large factory was opened in Ukraine with the same profile as Madam De. That factory started to supply the McDonald's networks in Ukraine and Belarus, with much higher productivity and powerful equipment, and their price was much lower than the prices we offered McDonald's. Accordingly, McDonald's made the decision to buy buns from the Ukrainian factory. However, recently a new factory has been built in Georgia which resumed supply to the McDonald's chain again. The plant supplies the networks of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Q. Twenty-two years ago people in Georgia were not familiar with such baked goods. How easy was it for Madam De to make its products popular and tradable?
A. At that time this type of product did not exist in Georgia at all and Georgian consumers did not know about it. Our factory opened in parallel with the opening of the first McDonald's restaurant. Establishing ourselves on the market was very difficult for us, because the people were not familiar with these products.

Gradually, consumers realized how good our products are. McDonald's also contributed through its restaurants and an active marketing policy. Fast food products have become more and more popular among consumers and they have even started consuming these types of products at home.

Q. What is the technology that Madam De employs in its production?
A. From 1998-99, when we went into operation, we introduced the technology of bakery production, which I cannot talk about in detail, but I will say that it meets international standards.

From the moment of establishment, our objective was to offer new, special products to clients. For this purpose, we launched a partnership with one of the biggest industrial corporations in the USA, EAST BALT Inc. They assisted us in setting up a unique technological system, which today makes our product different from all others.

We routinely introduce innovations in the field of technology, for diverse choice and development, with new types of equipment and the consultation of foreign colleagues. We are currently in the middle of one such project, which, as I said, will be completed in two months.

Q. It seems that the consumer market has changed significantly along with the development of Madam De …
A. Over the years, our consumer market has been refined, becoming much more demanding, especially in terms of quality. It became more difficult to operate in the market, although not really for us, because from the very beginning we were used to introducing high standards, otherwise we could not have cooperated with McDonald's.

Q. How many buns does Madam De produce annually and what is the company’s current share on the market?
A. We produce about ten million buns annually.

We take 25% of the market in the area of buns. In the bread segment our share is less, because bread is not the main direction of our company. As for the confectionery segment, the company has about 3-5% of the market.

Q. Where do you get raw materials?
A. We get all kinds of raw materials from local producers. Of course, the most important raw material for us is flour, which we get from Bevrili Group Ltd., a Georgian company that processes flour.

However, the import of wheat from Russia to Georgia has been delayed for several months due to Russia's increase in export quotas, which has led to a sharp rise in wheat prices. Our supplier was also forced to temporarily suspend wheat imports and instead buy flour directly from Russia.

Q. Madam De has won the Golden Brand award. What led the company to this success, in your opinion?
A. It is very satisfying for us to become the winner of the Golden Brand in the category of favorite bread and biscuits production. This was a surprise to us, and thank you for noticing and appreciating our hard work over the years.

In my opinion, during these twenty-three years, we have greatly improved our business, we have grown, we have increased our competence, we have improved our responsibilities. Madam De contributed a lot to developing a habit of consuming this type of product. We managed to formulate the right management and marketing strategy during this period.

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Weleda’s ‘Save Earth's Skin’ Movement Spreads in Georgia

Global manufacturer of beauty products and naturopathic medicines Weleda has launched the ‘Save Earth's Skin’ movement globally, with a number of activities planned in Georgia, where the German brand has been represented by the Georgian company Naturapharm for 25 years.

“It’s now 25 years since Naturapharm became an authorized partner of Weleda. Throughout this time we have been actively involved in popularizing the vision of this brand and in the distribution of products not only to protect our customers’ skin, but also to protect nature.

“This year we will join Weleda’s campaign "Save the Earth's Skin", and are planning lectures and promotions to that end. We are also going to publish articles through our website and publish an anniversary magazine dedicated to this topic”, said Natia Chincharauli, CEO of Naturapharm.

Weleda’s Save Earth’s Skin mission is all about treating soil without harsh chemicals and in a way that exhibits care.

Weleda says that soil, just like our skin, is a living, breathing ecosystem.

“It is the living skin of our earth. But, a third of the earth’s soil is degraded, threatening animal and plant habitats and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. For over a century, Weleda has been growing the plants used to make our iconic products using soil-friendly methods. We keep soil healthy and make it as biodiverse as possible by working with biodynamic farming principles and collaborating with regenerative farming projects around the world. Our commitment to soil is at the heart of all our ingredient sourcing because it is key to thriving ecosystems. Without healthy soils, we cannot tackle the crisis facing nature today”, says Weleda.

She added that Weleda has received its certification as a B Corporation.

“By 2020, B Corp had protected 200,000 hectares of land worldwide, compensated for 16 million tonnes of carbon and saved 225 million liters of water. Under its ‘1% program’, Weleda is investing in fighting climate change, improving soil health and protecting biodiversity”, Chincharauli added.

During the 25 years that Weleda has been on the Georgian market, the company has introduced not only the quality products but also contributed to raising awareness about the bio, natural skincare products which year after year have grown in demand in Georgia.

Q. What new products has Weleda introduced to Georgian customers recently?
A. Wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic has had both positive and negative consequences. Facial skin became dry and sensitive. To deal with this problem, Weleda has created a completely new cactus moisturizing line: spray, eye gel and facial gel. It has been available in Georgia since last year and is already popular.

In addition, the packaging of body lotions has been updated, and their name and design have been changed. A whole new formula of body lotion for sensitive skin has returned to the market.

In the near future it is planned to introduce body shower soaps and enlarge our mother & baby line with new products.

Q. How many products does Weleda offer in Georgia and which of them are the most in demand?
A. We offer approximately 200 Weleda cosmetics and complementary products to Georgian consumers. Each of our products has its very loyal customers. But we can distinguish the mother & baby line, which is especially popular in Georgia.

Calendula diaper change cream, Calendula shampoo and shower gel, Calendula kids toothpaste, and Calendula bath tincture are very popular. Also, anti-stretch mark and anti-cellulite oils are in great demand.

There was almost no demand for quality bio and natural products in the nineties in Georgia, and growth here was facilitated by several factors: our educational work, both with professional groups and directly with the consumer, the opening of borders and gaining experience in Europe or America. In general customers have also become more aware of bio products, and their recommendations also played an important role.

Q. What is the market share of Weleda in Georgia?
A. A few months ago we conducted a survey to determine market share, positioning and popularity of similar companies and to identify the wishes and requirements of our customers. The results of the survey showed that 51% of respondents are Weleda customers. As for childcare, 40% of respondents indicated that they prefer Weleda products.

Research has also shown that 100% of Weleda consumers recommend this brand and our products to their loved ones, which is the best indicator of customer loyalty.

Q. Weleda has once again received the Golden Brand award in Georgia for its healthy skincare solutions for children which include face and body creams, non-perfumed oil, milk, diaper care cream, shampoos, soap, toothpaste, belly oil, atopic skincare, sun protection and lip balms. What has led to this success, in your opinion?
A. The Calendula Baby Care Line has become Weleda's ‘image card’. 70% of midwives in Germany recommend Weleda Child Care Line and in this category it holds the position number one brand.

The effectiveness of this product lies in the formula, which does not contain synthetic additives or petroleum products, is environmentally friendly, easily absorbed and has a pleasant texture.

Calendula is not randomly selected as the leading plant in the infant and child care line. Its healing properties are directly related to the requirements of newborn skin. Its ingredients reduce inflammatory processes, promote the formation of new tissues, and protect the skin from harmful external influences. With its help, the skin is properly formed and acquires a healthy protective membrane. In addition, calendula does not contain allergens or sesquiterpene lactones and therefore can be used on allergic children. According to a German study, only one in 1,023 infants had a minor allergic reaction to calendula ointment.

For the third year in a row Weleda is the winner of the Golden Brand, which indicates that public awareness has increased and bio and natural products have become desirable. In this category we can confidently say that Weleda is a leader worldwide.

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Shangri La Casino Tbilisi Offering the Best Casino Experience

The modern, stylish and premium-service casino in Georgia, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi, is continuing to establish itself and uphold international gambling standards along with excellent service and security in Georgia.

Besides offering the best casino experience, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi is an impressive contributor to the Georgian economy as one of the largest taxpayers in the country. Shangri La’s positive influence on the Georgian economy is not only through paying taxes, but also by bringing money in by extension to other businesses, such as suppliers, service providers, transport, hotels and so on. Shangri La Tbilisi is a part of the Shangri La Casinos family, managed by Storm International – a world-famous gaming business operator with more than 30 years of history and reputation.

Located in one of the most historic and picturesque areas of Tbilisi, near the Bridge of Peace, Shangri La Casino offers both table games (various kinds of poker, American roulette, blackjack, and punto banco) and state-of-the-art slot machines by the world’s best manufacturers.

In his interview with Golden Brand, John Harrak, PD Director of Shangri La talked about the challenges created by the pandemic and how the casino overcame them.

Q. Like many other businesses around the world, Shangri La was hit hard by the pandemic. Please tell us how the pandemic affected the company.
A. I think this is the biggest challenge the casino industry has ever experienced worldwide. The financial impact of the pandemic on the land-based casino sector has been extreme. Some casinos have closed permanently, and many casino employees have lost their jobs.

Q. How have you overcome these challenges?
A. We are under no illusion that the industry will return to ‘business as usual’ soon. We are, as a matter of fact, very far from business as usual. But, we are starting slowly. COVID regulations have been eased for the last two months, but there is still a huge impact on the world economy.

Q. Let’s talk about the current situation - how will Shangri La continue operations on the Georgian market? What are its plans for the future?
A. We have been operating in Tbilisi for ten years, if we don`t count the year and a half we were closed due to COVID.

As you know, we are part of the international Shangri La chain managed by Storm International, a world-famous gaming business operator with 30 years of history and reputation.
Our company is focused on development all around the world. Our last project was the opening of the SL Casino in Kyiv and Kharkiv, but of which we had to close, of course, due to the war.

Q. How do you try to attract visitors? What special offers do you have?
A. I think that the first draw is our premium-service casino, which continues to establish and uphold international gambling standards along with excellent service and security. We have a lot of foreign visitors and this is because of the special package system we provide visitors.

Q. What is the Georgian experience of Shangri La?
A. Shangri La Tbilisi opened in 2012, and in these 10 years we have managed to build an excellent reputation not only in Georgia, but in the whole region.

We are a club-style casino and in this segment we are much better than many European casinos in terms of service.

Our positive influence on the Georgian economy is not only through paying taxes, but also the money our clients bring to other businesses.

Q. Shangri La won the Golden Brand again this year. In your opinion, why have the experts named Shangri La as their favorite casino in Georgia?
A. We are very glad to receive the award. It is very important for us to keep the highest standards of service and provide our guests with the best experience. Besides offering the best casino experience, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi is an impressive contributor to the Georgian economy employing 460 staff and contributing significant tax revenue.

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