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RMG is Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Regional Development of Georgia

The Georgian mining company Rich Metals Group (RMG) received a special prize, established by the organizers of the Georgia's most influential business award - Golden Brand, for its outstanding contribution to the regional development of Georgia.

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Turkish Betek Fayfiks Becomes N1 Favorite Ceramic Adhesive Brand in Georgia

For the second year in a row over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers have named Betek Fayfiks their favorite cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand imported in Georgia.

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Betek Offering High Quality Paint Products on Georgian Market Since 1995

Turkish paint manufacturer Betek has been operating on the Georgian market since 1995 and ‘we have been continuing our distribution in Georgia through our partnership with Modus company in our construction coatings group’, said Arzu Uludag Elazig, Deputy General Manager Marketing.

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Evex Clinics Takes Major Steps to Develop Georgia’s Primary Healthcare Field

Evex Clinics, one of the largest providers of primary healthcare in Georgia, has taken major steps amid the pandemic to develop the country’s healthcare field.

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The brand popularity is revealed by the preliminary survey making key focus on creative branding-related solutions. Entrees are judged by about 100 experts. Nominee brands are selected by awareness, popularity as well as by their creative advertising campaigns.

The winners will be granted with diplomas and Golden Brand Statue. The event will be broadcasted via television, radio, printed and online media.


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