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Betek Establishing Robust Distribution Network to Ensure Wide Availability of Its Products in Georgia

Turkish company Betek is continuing to increase its brand awareness in Georgia by keeping marketing investments active, planning to establish a “robust” distribution network and “push our limits with confidence and dedication” this year, Kerem Yelsal, Export Marketing Manager, told Golden Brand.
“Our distribution network will continue to be our muscle by establishing a robust distribution network to ensure wide availability of our products across Georgia and involving partnerships with our local distributors to effectively reach customers in different regions”, he said, adding that “we also aim to increase our investment in marketing and advertising efforts to raise brand awareness and create a positive perception of the company and its products among Georgian consumers.”
Betek has two brands in Georgia, paint manufacturer Betek and cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand Betek Fayfiks. Betek has been in Georgia since 1995, and Betek Fayfiks since 2005.
Both brands have won Georgia’s prestigious and influential business award, the Golden Brand. Golden Brand interviewed Yelsal to find out the company’s plans for the Georgian market.
Q. In general, what would you say about the Georgian market, how healthy is the competition here and how fast is the Georgian market growing?
A. In terms of the speed of growth in the Georgian market, the construction industry is expected to experience a steady growth rate in the coming years.
As a Betek company, we are planning to increase our investments and push our limits with confidence and dedication in 2023. Additionally, the Georgian government has taken several measures to promote foreign investment in the country. We believe that this support further encourages the growth of the industry.
We will continue conducting thorough market research to understand the dynamics, trends, and demands of the Georgian market, including analyzing customer preferences, competitor analysis, and potential growth areas.
Q. How favorable is the business environment in Georgia in your opinion?
A. There are some critical points that highlight favorable aspects for businesses operating in Georgia. Georgia's geographical position as a bridge between Europe and Asia presents opportunities for businesses involved in logistics, transportation and trade.
Georgia has entered into free trade agreements, for example with Türkiye, which provide businesses with access to diverse markets and potential trade benefits.
These reforms include streamlining business registration processes, tax burden reduction, and strong property rights. We believe that these reforms have a healthy effect on our business.
Q. Georgian customers have named Betek their favorite brand in Georgia. What brought Betek this recognition?
A. Since we got here, we have steadily increased our activities in line with the country's dynamics. Through studies on product portfolio, market demands, nationwide availability, and service quality, we have established Betek in its current position.
Furthermore, we recently opened a new powder group – Fayfiks factory for our distributor, supported by Betek, in Tbilisi. With a spacious production floor and advanced quality control systems, the factory ensures that we maintain the highest standards of product excellence. Its strategic location in Tbilisi provides convenient access to transportation networks, enabling us to streamline distribution and reach our customers in a timely manner. This significant investment not only demonstrates our commitment to supporting our distributor's success but also reinforces our position as a leading provider of quality powder group products in the region.
In addition to these efforts, we have consistently invested in marketing activities to raise brand awareness in Georgia over the years. Our primary goal has always been to create a perception of quality among consumers when it comes to Betek, and we have achieved this through our continuous efforts.
Q. Golden Brand is given to the brands following the successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize 2022.
A. Despite the challenges of rising global political tension and tightening financial markets, we have built on our growth momentum and continued to invest in Betek. We have increased our communication excellence with our consumers in Georgia. Additionally, we believe that we have successfully met consumer expectations to the highest level through various sales campaigns throughout the year.
Q. How have Betek sales increased in Georgia over the past year?
A. We achieved remarkable success in our sales performance last year. Through strategic marketing initiatives, strong customer relationships, and innovative product offerings, we exceeded the sales targets, demonstrating impressive growth in our revenue. Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, deliver value to their customers, and execute effective sales strategies contributed to our outstanding sales results and reaffirmed our position in industry.
Q. What are your expectations for 2023?
A. In 2022, we launched some new innovative products which feature advanced technology. Thanks to this, we increased our market share against competitors and built our brand awareness successfully. We have high expectations for our brand in 2023.
We are also closely monitoring changes in consumer habits and improving our new and advanced technology product line thanks to our strong R&D background. Our aim is to inspire end consumers and lead the market by meeting their evolving needs and preferences.
Q. Please tell us what makes Betek unique and why Georgian customers prefer it?
A. Since its start, Betek has been providing products that are known for their exceptional durability. Our production processes adhere to high standards, as evidenced by various certifications, making us a reliable choice. In addition, our wide product availability, reliable after-sales service, and competitive pricing are key factors that set Betek apart from its competitors, and keep us one step ahead in the market.

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Gianti Logistics Celebrates 18 Years of Operations in Georgia and Opens Kazakhstan, Turkey Offices

Georgia’s leading company in cargo transport throughout Georgia and CIS countries, Gianti Logistics, is celebrating eighteen years of operations in the country.
The company already has offices in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Estonia, with the head office located in Tbilisi. Other offices in the country are located in Poti and Batumi.
“The success of the company is the success of the team! We are proud of our work and our team and we make it happen, no matter what”, General Manager of Gianti Logistics, Giorgi Makhatadze, said.
Gianti Logistics has been in Georgia since 2005, transporting all types of cargo – gauge, bulk, container load, full truck-load, less than-truckload, heavy, oversized hauling and rigging, specialized equipment, etc.
The company has participated in major regional projects, including the construction of the South Caucasus pipeline, the Shah Deniz project, and SOCAR Azerikimya.
Among these large projects was the delivery of a 640-ton tree from Buknari to Shekvetili and a cafe-restaurant in Anaklia, which is located at the mouth of the Enguri river, where the river meets the Black Sea.
Their fleet includes 100 vehicles of Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, which are maintained in the company's own service center Gianti Motors.
With their own fleet the company transfers cargo to the South Caucasus, Central Asia and CIS countries, and carries out international transfers to any location in the world.
Golden Brand spoke with Makhatadze about the company and summarized its successful activities of 2022 that led the company to win another Golden Brand award in the category “favorite logistics and transport company”.
Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand! Please tell us what the main success was that made an impression on the experts of the Golden Brand awards and the customers who participated in the survey.
A. It is probably due to the fact that our organization is multidisciplinary and does not have a single specific framework.
However, our team treats all areas with the same professionalism and responsibility.
We undertook a number of impressive and successful projects in 2022. Gianti Logistics shipped seven transformers and accessories: four units of 135 tons and three pieces of 91 tons. We received cargo in Poti and transported it to the town of Tskaltubo in the Imereti region. We placed transformers onto a foundation with the help of hydraulic jacking/sliding systems and turntables.
Q. What are your impressions of the first half of 2023?
A. Successful operations have continued this year as well. Recently Gianti has just finished an interesting transportation project for the oil industry, which included receiving two vessels loaded with heavy equipment and further transportation till final destination.
The longest unit was 47 meters and the heaviest 206 tons.
Starting with preparation of local permits, including mobilization of special hydraulic modular trailers and road construction/modification works all was carried out with our own resources.
Q. Last year Gianti Logistics rejoined the world's largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, WCA World. What will this membership bring to your company?
A. Partnership is important to us. That's why, after a short break, we rejoined the WCA World global network and became part of a great team. Being part of the world's largest and most powerful forwarding team means more confidence, more responsibility, more motivation, professionalism, experience, more logistic possibilities and business opportunities.
We believe that the search for new ways of development and catching up with innovations and latest news will determine the success of the company.
Q. Gianti Logistics’ fleet is equipped with Euro 6 standard trailers. What is the role of "green logistics" in your company’s operations?
A. Seventy percent of cargo in international logistics is transported by trailers. Although road transport is efficient, the emissions produced by the trailers increase the risks of harming the environment.
"Green logistics" means eco-friendly concepts. Its main component is Euro 6 standard trailers. These vehicles are only inferior to electric trailers in terms of eco-community.
Q. In what direction and by what methods of transport are loads predominantly transported?
A. We are capable of transporting all types of cargo, be it gauge, bulk, containered load, full-truck-load, or less-than-truckload, heavy, oversized hauling and rigging, specialized equipment. The diversity of our fleet (such as tilt, containerized and flatbed trailers; low loaders; multi axle hydraulic modular trailers, hydraulic jacks, sliding system and other special equipment for out of gauge/heavy lift cargo) allows us to cope with all types of challenges on land.
As for where we haul, mainly Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Turkey. Recently we have added two more routes – European destinations and rail freight from China.
Q. What kind of cargo is transported for the most part?
A. All types of cargo, except live cattle, but mostly food products and heavy machinery.
Q. How favorable is business in Georgia today?
A. The business environment in the country is good, but when it comes to establishing a transport corridor and hub, a lot of work needs to be done in different directions because we are not logistically ready for this status.
This includes road and warehousing infrastructure, which need to be improved.
Our ports are small and not ready for a large amount of cargo. The capacity of the Caspian Sea ports and the lack of Georgian railway carriages are also a problem.

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Italy’s Maretti Bruschette Becomes Favorite Crispy Snack For Georgian Customers

The baked bread circles of Maretti Bruschette in various exquisite flavor combinations have become the favorite crispy snack of Georgian customers. Over 2,000 customers and 100 experts named Maretti Bruschette as their favorite, helping the Italian brand win the Golden Brand award this year.
The tastes of Italy under the brand of Maretti are brought to Georgia by the local distribution company Orbita, which was established in 2004, but has been operating on the Georgian
market since 1998 under different names.
General Director of Orbita, Giorgi Davitadze, said that despite limited resources, the company was able to achieve success and is now one of the leading distribution companies in Georgia.
Thanks to cooperation with its partners and steady development, Orbita has become an exclusive distributor of the following popular brands ⁠— Morozova; Maretti Bruschette; My Motto; Byond; Malbi; Progum; Naturella; Viva; Olive line; Ryaba/Astoria; Tadim; and Gemo.
We are very glad to be appreciated and to have been given this award. I think it comes down to the fact that our company has contributed significantly to market development as we started importing a variety of products when there was a lack of such products on the market. Thus we developed this culture and the snacks category in Georgia,” Davitadze said of his brand winning the award.
Q. Could you tell us what the goals and core values of Orbita are?
A. Orbita has been offering the highest quality products in Georgia since the very day of its
establishment. The company’s strategy is to offer customers a new and expanding range of
Products and to
establish new relations with the world’s leading brands.
The company’s goal is professionalism and discipline in all areas, and to provide
a constant upgrade of staff qualifications. We believe that the company’s success is determined by our staff.
We try to select qualified employees who share our values, as they represent the most important capital of the company. Today the company employs more than 150 highly qualified people, recruited for different departments ⁠— everything from sales and admin to warehouse.
Our organization fully satisfies safety and environmental protection standards and norms. We
constantly work on developing our product portfolio and try to establish a better
business environment and provide more jobs.
Orbita realizes its responsibility in business relations with its partners by relying on the values of honesty, innovation, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, and professionalism.
What’s most important for us is our customers, and we truly believe that our success depends on the success of those who consume our products.
Q. Today the Georgian market is saturated with chips. How does Maretti Bruschette compete with them?
A. Maretti is the brand that brings you the taste of Italy in the form of bite-sized snacks. The secret to their irresistible Bruschette chips that are perfectly seasoned on one side lies in the original recipe ⁠— Italian traditions that have been passed down through generations with a modern twist.
Crispy and delicious oven baked bread circles made of carefully selected ingredients, offered in a variety of flavors, such as tomato, olives and oregano, sour cream and onion, Mediterranean vegetables, fine cheese selection, sweet basil pesto, mushrooms and cream, pizza, slow roasted garlic, salami pepperoni, spinach and cheese, sweet chilly, Mediterranean paprika and
royal crab.
Of these varieties we only import six flavors and among them tomatoes, oregano and olives are the most popular.
Demand for Maretti Bruschette products increases in Georgia year by year. For example, last year sales figures saw 95% increase compared to 2021. Our company also launched different promotional activities to make the brand more popular in Georgia, which resulted in increased sales volume as well as recognition from Golden Brand.
Q. How long has Maretti Bruschette been available on the Georgian market?
A. Maretti Bruschette has been available here since 2010. The first steps were quite difficult. The challenge was to convince customers how our brand differed from the types of crackers they were used to seeing, the price of which was at least twice cheaper than Maretti’s baked bread snacks.
Since 2019 the growth of sales has been doubling every year, which is due customer loyalty, the highest quality, and the right development strategy.


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Timeless by Nino Didia - Most Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Georgia

A believer in timeless beauty, Nino Didia, doctor and cosmetologist with 20 years of experience in Ukraine, has established a new aesthetic center - Timeless by Nino Didia - in Tbilisi and is already raising standards in the field.

The one-year operation of the aesthetic center did not go unnoticed by local consumers, which recognized Timeless as the most dynamically developing brand of 2022 at the Golden Brand awards.

Nino Didia sat down with Golden Brand to share the dizzying journey of the company towards success and introduced her company to our readers.

Q. From Ukraine to Georgia ⁠— please tell us why you decided to establish a company in our country, what was your goal?
A. ‘Timeless’ is my dream come true. My goal was to introduce patients in Georgia to international practices in face and body care, to introduce the best cosmetology methods and innovative approaches.

Timeless by Nino Didia was established in September 2022 with the goal of introducing new standards in aesthetic medicine in our country. Since opening day, we have been focused on creating the most reliable and comfortable environment for patients ⁠— people who motivate us and encourage us to maintain our quality and offer even more innovations in the future.

It is so exciting to see that in just one year we have already achieved so much success, crowned by the Golden Brand award, which is our country’s most prestigious and influential business award.

We will continue to bring innovative approaches to the Georgian market. Very soon we will purchase a new, multifunctional device ⁠— a unique technology that is used to work on fine and thin wrinkles, to remove vascular pathologies, acne, unwanted pigmentation, scars, enlarged pores, and treatment of excessive sweating.

Q. Speaking of future plans, do you plan to expand?
A. So far we have only one branch, which is located on 12 Pavle Aslanidis street in Tbilisi, although we do not rule out expansion in the near future, both in Tbilisi and in other cities.

Q. What is the standard that you want to bring to Georgian aesthetic medicine with your clinic?
A. For us, it is a priority to help patients look perfect and maintain their individuality.

We help our patients “stop time” and become more self-confident. Our clinic uses only modern approaches and follows modern protocols. In order to improve the skills of our doctors, we undergo various personal training. All this gives us the advantage in establishing high quality service on the Georgian aesthetic medicine market.

Q. Tell us about these treatments that can “stop time” and make the beauty of your patients timeless?
A. We have everything to help our customers to take care of themselves and achieve the best results at our clinic ⁠— innovative, invasive and non-invasive procedures with modern approaches.

We offer the latest and safest methods of treatment.

Diagnosis of facial skin and hair, laser epilation; innovative body care equipment; a team of highly qualified doctors focused on quality assurance; and a pleasant environment suitable for the beauty industry. The procedures are carried out with the highest quality products with CE and FDA certificates.

The latest procedure, which we introduced in March, is spa manicure and pedicure. We saw there was demand from patients for this procedure and decided to go for it.

The procedure includes peeling, softening of the skin, and saturation of the skin with vitamins, both skin and nails. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft and velvety, while the nails become thicker.

I can also mention dysport injections, one of the most in-demand procedures at our clinic. Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by reducing specific muscle activity.

Nowadays it is possible to partially or completely solve “beauty problems” with the right approaches, not surgically. The first thing is to consult a doctor and collect anamnesis. Our customers have no age limit. We help them take proper care of their skin, choose the right care line and keep their youth.

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