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Herbalife Nutrition Brings Healthy Nutritional Habits to Georgia

Herbalife Nutrition, a global company that has been changing people’s lives with nutrition products in Georgia for more than ten years, continues to move forward and help people live a happy life by implementing various eco-initiatives and global sustainability projects in the country.

“Herbalife Nutrition is a global expert in balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and our mission is to improve nutritional habits not only in Georgia, but globally,” Senior Business Development Manager of Herbalife Nutrition, Irakli Chachanidze, said.

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980, and products became available in Georgia in 2011. It is a leading global nutrition company, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. 

“We create great-tasting, science-backed nutritional products, such as meal replacement shakes, protein bars, food supplements, sports nutrition, etc. The most well-known product of our company is protein shake Formula 1 which is available in five flavors in Georgia,” Chachanidze said.

There is a Herbalife Nutrition Sales Center in Tbilisi, where it is also possible to get in touch with “Independent Members” using a special QR-code or by filling out an application on herbalife.ge.

“All our products are available exclusively through Herbalife Nutrition IMs, who support their clients in achieving their wellness goals. So our Independent Members create and run their own business with company products,” Chachanidze said.

Q. Please tell us about the first steps of Herbalife Nutrition on our national market. What path has the brand taken over the years and what position does it have on the market today?

A. Herbalife Nutrition has been officially operating in Georgia since 2011. We started with basic products and today there are several main categories presented on the market totaling more than thirty products, among which everyone can find something for their needs. And one more important point is that we give people the opportunity to becomeHerbalife Nutrition Independent Members . That means that they can run their own business with our nutrition products.

Q. Please tell us who the distributors of Herbalife Nutrition in Georgia are and what the advantage of cooperating with the company is?

A. The company employs over 10,000 people across the world, including 300 scientists, and sells products in over 90 countries. We think that a strong relationship between the company and its distributors is our core value, and that’s quite important in Georgia too. The specific feature of our business model is that in addition to the product itself, the customer receives all necessary support. We help people improve their lives by changing their dietary habits. Our Independent Members assist customers in setting goals, providing personal advice, establishing an individual nutrition plan and monitoring its implementation, taking care of their motivation. This is the advantage of our model. This is our strength.

Every year more and more young people in Georgia join the Herbalife Nutrition business. Our Independent Members are people of different professions, and of course, we are open to everyone. Some are in it for some extra income, others have made it a career. Our ‘distributor difference’ means that consumers get tailored support to help motivate them to achieve their goals. This includes providing a community which many need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Q. What about sustainability and CSR projects?

A. Of course, CSR projects are very important for our company and we have several important projects in this field, including environmental protection, eradicating hunger, promoting sustainable development, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are very proud that the company has established the Children’s Charitable Foundation, which is represented all over the world and responds to the second goal of the UN Sustainable Development – “Zero Hunger”. The fund aims to eradicate hunger, bolster food security and promote improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Ecology and sustainable development of the environment are also important. Eco-standards are part of the company. For instance, we have a green concept in our office. We collect, process and recycle materials. Moreover, our company is focused on developing new product packaging that will be safe, functional and environmentally-friendly. The reduction of plastic waste is an integral part of the brand’s innovative strategy. We are always improving our technologies and business processes to use less energy and resources to produce and deliver our products. As for recycling, last year we collected 47.2 kg of plastic waste with the help of our Independent Members. In 2022 they also took part in a very useful project by planting fifty trees near the Tbilisi Sea.

When it comes to healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, of course it is important to support a variety of sports activities, which are mostly part of the charity. I’d like to mention the “Tbilisi Marathon”, in which the company has participated since 2018, and finally we broke the record with the most representative team. It is our mission to support and set an example for people in every possible way to change their lifestyles for the better.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. What led the brand to this success and what does this recognition mean for you?

A. Thank you! It is a great honor for us to accept the Golden Brand Award in the category of Balanced Nutrition. Our company has won many awards for its operations, its ESG activity, and its product quality, but it’s a real pleasure for Herbalife Nutrition to receive such a significant award in Georgia for the first time.  

The main element of this victory- it is of course the highest quality products and highest standards of service from our Independent Members. At the same time, for more than eleven years we have been operating in Georgia and have thousands of success stories from our clients. Such stories are the foundation of our company and give us motivation to continue development of Herbalife Nutrition on the Georgian market. 

*Income and business opportunities applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. 

** Career growth means precisely the growth according to the Sales and Marketing plan of Herbalife Nutrition’.

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Austrian Schirnhofer Opens Three Stores in Tbilisi in 2022

Austrian meat product brand Schirnhofer will expand in Georgia by opening three new stores in the capital city of Tbilisi. Besides offering the famous sausages for which it is known, an Austrian cheese and meat delicatessen can also be found in the new stores, as well as an assortment of freshly baked bread made from Austrian flour in the Austrian style.

One store will be opened on 72 Abashidze Street in the near future, while the two other stores will open later this year.

“All three new stores, like other branches of our supermarkets, will offer customers Austrian meat delicacies, cheese, and cookies made with Austrian technology. Also delicious sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs and everything that is needed for any family will be available at our store,” said Lasha Babuadze, Founder of Everest 2010, a distribution company that imports Schirnhofer to Georgia.

With almost a century-old tradition of producing over 600 varieties of meat products, Schir-nhofer is one of the largest Austrian meat product manufacturers, producing 12,000 tons of meat and sausage products per year, using only Austrian meat for production.

The company’s head office is located in Kaindorf, Austria, which is considered as one of the safest ecologically. Schirnhofer has 630 partner farmers. Its strict quality control begins at each of these farms. Quality control is paramount at every stage of production, and Schirnhofer uses ultra-modern technologies and laboratories. Schirnhofer holds an IFC (International Food Standard) certificate, which ensures constant product quality control.

Schirnhofer was founded in 1926 by Joseph Schirnhofer. The family business was carried on by his son Karl, who began producing sausages in 1950 with his mother. Soon the company became one of the largest Austrian meat product manufacturers.

Karl Shirnhofer himself was a founder of the Schirnhofer Company in Georgia, which entered the Georgian market in 2007 and quickly gained popularity among customers for its affordability, variety, and top quality products.

This year Schirnhofer has won the Golden Brand award in the category of “favorite meat products”.

“Schirnhofer's products have long been loved by Georgian consumers. Due to traditional Austrian quality, a variety of choices and the best taste qualities, Schirnhofer products have firmly established themselves on the Georgian market. For years, Schirnhofer's products have occupied first place among sausages and meat products imported to Georgia,” Babuadze said.

Q. How many products are sold at Schirnhofer stores in Georgia?
A. There are more than fifty varieties of meat delicacies and more than ten varieties of Austrian cheese available at Schirnhofer stores.

We also bake about twenty types of bread with Austrian raw materials and recipes.

The Schirnhofer cafeteria, which is open at every Schirnhofer store in Tbilisi, is very popular. At our branches you can taste hot dogs, pizza, fried potatoes, onion and squid rings.

Schirnhofer branches will prepare delicious sandwiches to suit your taste.

Q. As far as meat products, what is the favorite of Georgian consumers?
A. Due to its quality and taste (although the products are not cheap for objective reasons) Schirnhofer meat products are very popular and in demand among Georgian consumers.

I would single out baked goods with Austrian raw materials and recipes. The demand for this type of product is increasing year by year.

Q. Have sales increased over the years in Georgia?
A. Like all other businesses, the last two years have been very difficult for us too. A pandemic, global logistics problems, increase in transport and product prices, inflation problems - all these factors affected our business as well.

Unfortunately, this was compounded by the completely unjustified and unacceptable Russian invasion and occupation of independent Ukraine.

Despite these challenges, our team tries its best to keep the range and prices affordable to customers.

Q. How would you characterize the Georgian market and its competitive environment?
A. The Georgian market for sausages and meat products is saturated and thus highly competitive.

However, we are not afraid of healthy competition. Our main trump card is the high European quality of these traditional products and the high standard of service in the stores.

Q. Schirnhofer has won its first Golden Brand award. How did the brand achieve this success?
A. It is a pleasure to receive any award. Especially when you put so much effort and energy into the work.

The success is due to the traditional Austrian quality of Schirnhofer meat and bakery products and the European standards of service, which our team has been trying to maintain for years.

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Sakcable Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Development of Georgia’s Cable Industry

Sakcable, the leading manufacturer of cable products in Georgia, has received the Golden Brand award for its outstanding contribution to the development of the country’s cable industry.

The company was established in 1958 to advance Georgia’s ambitions of industrialization through the manufacture and distribution of copper and aluminum cable products.

The company manufactures 74 types of power cables with over 2000 specifications at an international-quality level and in compliance with European standards. The company is ISO 9001- certified and has been tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Golden Brand turned to Davit Kapanadze, Executive Director of Sakcable, who talked about the company's history of production and its recent activities contributing to the cable industry in Georgia, which attracted the attention of the Golden Brand organizers.

Q. Please tell us what the contribution of Sakcable to the development of Georgia’s cable industry has been?
A. I am really proud of Sakcable’s contribution to the Georgian economy and the cable industry.

Many years of experience, trained staff, high-tech equipment, international recognition – this is Sakcable.

One of our achievements is that we are the first company in Georgia whose products undergo a detailed inspection in an accredited quality control laboratory. We are creating a competitive environment that helps the country move forward.

Sakcable is a combination of great traditions, experience, and a team of professionals.

The company was re-equipped in 2018. We always try to acquire new innovative equipment for our factory. Overall, our main task is to replace imported cables with high quality local products.

New technologies and high quality products allow us to go abroad and increase sales, and this is a very important challenge for us and the country. We attend many international exhibitions and move forward accordingly.

Our goal is to make a serious contribution to the development of the electricity network outside of Georgia.

It is a great honor that Sakcable has received the Golden Brand award and been praised for its efforts to develop the country’s cable industry. We are happy to be recognized for this.

This award is a stimulus and motivation for us to carry on as we have been, and to offer an even wider range and the best service to our customers and partners.

Q. What is the main advantage of Sakcable?
A. Quality, affordability, and innovation. Sakcable produces European-level cables in Georgia, which have high quality, with a service life of 70-100 years and are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.

Q. For which industry are Sakcable products designed?
A. Sakcable cables are designed for the construction and professional installation and for electrification.

Overall, Sakcable produces more than 2,000 varieties of cables. I would single out several varieties: uninsulated, self-propelled, mounting, fireproof, power, control cables.

All large-scale projects in Georgia have been done with Sakcable products, which we are very proud of.

Q. A memorandum was signed by Sakcable and the Georgian Technical University, according to which students will do internships at Sakcable and learn how to produce cables and other electrical products. How did you come up with this idea and how popular is it among the students?
A. The priority of Sakcable is to employ as many students as possible to learn this job, as we lack professionals in this field in our country. The new generation has the potential to understand this field and make a great contribution to the advancement of Georgian business.

We already have students employed in the factory and laboratory where they master the profession and take part in internships. We are proud to play a role in educating and helping the new generation succeed.

Q. Is Sakcable considering exporting?
A. Conquering the international markets is this year’s major plan and challenge for Sakcable. The state program “Produce in Georgia” supports us and helps us enter international markets and develop there. Produce an international product is a big responsibility.

Q. How complicated is your business, producing cables in our country?
A. Cable is a very specific product; it is impossible to carry out any construction without it. Much depends on the cable, primarily the safety of people. Making and selling a faulty, substandard cable can even be fatal.

That's why the company has to get many certifications associated with various standards.

In addition, cable production requires knowledge, education, high-quality raw materials and high-tech equipment.


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Voyager 365 To Offer Azores Islands, Mount Kilimanjaro Tours in 2022

The Azores islands in Portugal and Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa are the new destinations which Georgian tour operator company Voyager 365 will offer travelers who are looking for new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

CEO of Voyager 365 Gvantsa Gotsiridze said that nine volcanic islands in the Azores and a climbing tour of Mount Kilimanjaro, the African continent's highest peak at 5,895 meters, will impress Georgian travelers.

“Voyager 365 has been distinguished by offering innovative products to the Georgian market since the day of its establishment. A clear example of this was Tunisia last summer, our company’s exclusive offer on the local market. In 2022, Voyager 365 will offer several hitherto unknown locations, such as the Azores and Mount Kilimanjaro”, Gotsiridze said.

In addition, this year Voyager 365 doubled the number of its employees.

“Accordingly, we have changed our company’s address and have united the headquarters and sales office under one roof at a new location. Following these changes, the office is now more tailored to the comfort of our customers, and at the same time it helps increase sales”, Gotsiridze said.

This year Voyager 365 will also offer a new video section called ‘Story365’ where people unknown to the public will share their experiences with the audience and tell about the specific nuances that have created their success.

“This format will be fully motivational and non-commercial”, Gotsiridze said.

In order to ensure 24-7 service, the IT department of Voyager 365 is working on creating a chatbot with artificial intelligence that will be able to interact with customers real time and resolve issues.

“The chatbot will be launched by the end of this year in test mode. It will reduce the waiting time for customers and save human resources”, Gotsiridze said.

Q. What was the idea of creating a new travel agency on the market, which is already saturated with similar companies and in a time when travelers find it easy to plan tours themselves?
A. Voyager 365 has been operating on the Georgian market since 2019. My goal was to create a company that would be as service-oriented as possible and to expand the travel area of local customers.

My goal was to create a comfortable, loyal work space for employees who would be able to offer a positive product, such as travel to customers in a non-stressful environment.

Also the idea of the company is to be partially non-profit and have a motivational niche. The main benefit of our company's activities is the loyal and benevolent attitude of the audience.

I love to travel myself, and of course before I created Voyager 365, several times a year I planned my own vacation and bought airline tickets and hotels in online booking systems that available to all users. There were a few failed trips, incorrectly selected hotels, locations or airlines.

Since tourism has become one of my main activities, I realized that travel consists of a lot of details often unnoticed by the average traveler. So the objective was to do the work for them.

Voyager 365 helps travelers in this way and organizes tours in any country. Professionals in the field of tourism provide consumers with all the necessary information, tailored to their requirements and budget. It should also be noted that prices are significantly lower compared to other online booking systems due to our cooperation with international partners.

Q. Voyager 365 was opened in 2019, the year the coronavirus pandemic began. Due to the pandemic, tourism was suspended and airspaces were closed all over the world. This would be quite a challenge for a new company. How did you overcome it?
A. The pandemic was quite a difficult stage for the tourism sector. We have been working for three months to refund already purchased tours to customers.

When the borders were closed, the company did not stop functioning, retained all existing employees, and offered customers a vacation in Georgia. This flexible strategy has led to an increase in brand awareness. Team members have learned to adapt, and the company today can easily handle any difficulty and maneuver with an ability to adapt quickly.

When air traffic resumed, we activated destinations that were open to Georgian travelers. Right in the pandemic year we had a group tour in Tanzania, specifically in Zanzibar.

Everyone knows that a strong customer base is the best marketing campaign to increase sales. So our existing reputation ensures high demand in both the individual and corporate segments.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Voyager 365?
A. There is high competition on the market, and our advantage is high quality of service, new and exciting destinations, constant development, and individualism.

Also, the brand ambassador of our company is traveler and blogger Tite Mikadze, who helps us introduce the local audience to less popular destinations in Georgia. Our collaboration began in January 2020 and the first destination was Alaska. We proved that traveling in pandemic conditions was possible. Then there was Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Amazon rainforest and Iguazu Falls), San Francisco, Hawaii, Zanzibar.

The main strength of our company is a high sense of responsibility and credibility, reflected in the fact that the company takes full responsibility for services provided from the beginning of the trip to its end. Tour managers are in contact with our tourists 24 hours a day and provide all additional services remotely upon request.

All of the above, the love of the work of the professional team, of our company, and commitment to the idea of creating a positive background in the Georgian market, constitute the advantage of Voyager 365. I would also like to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty!


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