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Griphot Sachets: Powerful Relief From Cold And Flu Becomes Golden Brand Winner

Griphot has become Georgian consumers’ favorite remedy for cold, winning the most influential and prestigious local business award, the Golden Brand.

Introduced to the Georgian market by a leading Turkish pharmaceutical company Asfarma in 2004, Griphot has been named a favorite remedy for the cold by more than 100 experts and 2000 consumers surveyed by Golden Brand.

Griphot relieves symptoms of cold and flu such as fever, cough, headache, sore throat, and muscle or body aches. It reduces nasal congestion and sinus problems, making breathing easier.

General Director of Asfarma, Ramiz Rasulov, talked about what has led Griphot to the Golden Brand award this year.

“First I would like to point out that the recognition of Griphot as a favorite brand is a great honor and a great responsibility towards the country, the medical community, and every consumer. It’s also a sign that the company is responding appropriately to their needs and requirements.

“The main goal of Asfarma is to identify the needs of customers and offer them high-quality products. A good example of this approach is Griphot, recognized as the favorite brand of 2022, a medicine that has a strong reputation through the years among the medical community and consumers, built on meeting the expectations associated with the brand promises," he said.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Griphot?
A. The competitive advantage of Griphot is in its unique composition, which simultaneously treats all symptoms of flu and cold in adults and children from six years of age. One of its components - Oxalamine citrate, effectively and safely defeats cough and distinguishes Griphot from other anti-cold products on the market.

Q. Please tell us how Asfarma has been developing in the Georgian market.
A. The company has been engaged in the marketing and sales of medicines and food supplements, which are produced by solidly established pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, as well as other countries of the world.

Asfarma operates in more than ten countries of the world, including European countries and Georgia, with 120 brands. The company’s headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Asfarma established its office in Tbilisi in 1999. It was one of the first companies that started operating in the pharmaceutical market of Georgia and had a unique work style. Despite the small number of employees, the company quickly mastered the pharmaceutical market and established business relations with other pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains.

During our operation, the company’s strategy has always corresponded to the requirements of the pharmaceutical market, society and Georgian legislation.

Q. Can you remember what the first medicine that Asfarma introduced to the Georgian market was?
A. The company started operations with four products on the Georgian market, among them was the non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug Teksamen in two forms - tablet and injection. Teksamen quickly gained the trust and love of the medical community and is still recognized as a reliable product.

Q. Which pharmacy chains do you cooperate with in Georgia?
A. We cooperate with all pharmacy chains in Georgia ⁠— PSP, Aversi, GEPHA, and Impex.

Q. What is Asfarma’s contribution to the development of the Georgian pharmaceutical market?
A. I would like to proudly note that Asfarma's contribution to the development of the Georgian pharmaceutical market is significant. With more than 20 years of wide-ranging experience, the company has been offering Georgian consumers and the medical community high-quality, efficient, and reliable products satisfying their needs.

Q. How many medicines does Asfarma’s current portfolio consist of?
A. The company's portfolio in Georgia currently includes up to 50 brands in such therapeutic areas as gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, urology, neurology, pediatrics, rheumatology dermatology, gastroenterology, respiratory system – allergology, and others.

Q. Could you please also share some future plans?
A. We plan to expand our portfolio by focusing on high-quality products manufactured by our partners according to the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards and continue contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of our population.

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GGRC - Unquestioned Leader in Reproductive Medicine

The Georgian-German Reproductive Center (GGRC) is offering the “best in vitro fertilization experience” in the Caucasus region, as clinic founder and medical director, Professor Nino Museridze, told Golden Brand while praising her team’s efforts in winning Georgia’s highest business award.

“We have already achieved the best results of in vitro fertilization pregnancy, and we don’t intend to quit. Your trust is our motivation to make childless couples’ dreams a reality,” Museridze addressed readers.

Founded in 2019, GGRC is the first clinic in the Caucasus region to offer women treatment with a new IVF technique. It is the only clinic in Georgia that has its own internal fund and finances childless couples. It is also a clinic always in search of innovative solutions and methods of treatment. That is why 2,000 customers and more than 100 experts have named GGRC as their favorite center for reproductive medicine in the Golden Brand survey.

Diagnosis and treatment of female and male infertility and in vitro fertilization are the main areas of GGRC’s practice, including full-scale examination of infertility and all treatment methods, nonsurgical and surgical, and Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

“We had business relations with professionals from leading clinics in different European countries, but we chose the German quality. We started with a significant professional background and experience of the best medical investigations, with the latest approaches andtechnology, and the most up-to-date equipment and a team of international professionals,” she added.

Q. In the category "Reproductive Medicine Center" GGRC won the Gold Brand Award. How has the clinic gained this recognition in such a short time?
A. GGRC is a completely new player in the field of reproductive medicine. With German precision, Georgian goodwill, a long professional past, the latest approaches, modern equipment, and the ambition to be the most reliable, quality and demanding medical center in reproductive medicine, our team does its best to help childless couples realize their dream of parenthood.

The clinic was created by doctors with many years of experience. GGRC’s friendly, charming, and professional staff are creating a comfortable environment, and a reliable mood ⁠—a place where new life begins. Our patients see that this is not just a business for us, but our profession, a job that allows us to make a childless family happy and fulfill their dream.

“We promise that you will recover the lost hope, find the price of good faith, and be a friend who will take care of your healthy future” - this is the main message of the clinic, which every employee of GGRC proves with their efforts.

This is the first in vitro clinic which obtained ISO certification, and quality certification from American Food and Drug Administration and Israeli Health Ministry. The clinic, established just two years ago, already has impressive results both in terms of business development and social responsibility.

In Georgia, only GGRC selects the protocol for maintaining and managing the reproductive function of oncology patients based on a council in which foreign and Georgian reproductive specialists, oncologists and chemotherapists participate. For oncology patients, germ cells are stored before chemotherapy and radiation procedures, which helps to restore and maintain reproductive function after treatment.

Q. As the Golden Brand is given to the companies following the successful activities of the previous year, please summarize 2022.
A. Last year the clinic expanded both physically and in the number of employees; we entered the international market in terms of medical tourism, we started to serve surrogacy-donation centers in different countries, foreign patients.

And the result ⁠— with the financial support of the clinic's internal fund, the country helped create 570 new lives.

Q. You mentioned the clinic’s internal fund. GGRC is the only clinic that has an internal fund and finances childless couples. Please tell us about this.
A. Most childless couples in Georgia are unable to become parents owing to money. As you know, in vitro fertilization is an expensive procedure and is not financed by either the state or the insurance sector. This was exactly what led us to lay the first brick and start co-financing for such couples. Our clinic provides a childless couple assistance fund ‘For You’, which offers co-financing to low-income families.

The idea is that 20% of income received from foreign patients go toward co-financing Georgian patients, so that the children of foreign patients are also charitable from birth.

With this fund GGRC has become a clinic with outstanding social commitment.

As for the financing conditions, we take several factors into account ⁠— the couple's income should not exceed 3,000 GEL per month, and their reproductive health should allow for in vitro fertilization. With the help of our business partners, the foundation has fully financed the in vitro fertilization of many couples.

Q. How did the fund’s activities directly affect the clinic's image?
A. During the three years of the clinic's existence, 570 children have been born, with vitro fertilization of sixteen children financed 100%, while some were financed with 50%.

In the treatment of infertility, the psychological condition of the patients is of great importance. That is why Zura Mkheidze, a psychologist at the clinic, serves the fund’s patients free of charge and provides them with appropriate counseling. The provision of psychological support led to a 15-20% increase in the number of patients referred to infertility treatment, which also affected pregnancy outcomes.

Q. What innovative solutions have been introduced by GGRC to our country?
A. Among the recent discoveries is PRP plasma therapy. This method does not involve drugs, invasive surgical procedures, or expensive medical equipment. Platelet-rich plasma is taken from the patient's blood and after processing is used to improve reproductive capacity.

Today PRP and stem cell regenerative therapy are considered to be the most effective methods of infertility treatment in the world, both in men and women.

GGRC is proud to have the ultra-modern and the only one in the Caucasus - the embryological laboratory, the so-called Time lapse microscope - which allows the growth of biological material until the full formation of the embryo.

GGRC is one of the first in the field of reproductive medicine in Georgia to introduce this innovation and gives many women the chance to reproduce.

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Italian Jewellery in Georgia: Franco Fontana Delivers Much-Needed Dose of Italian Glamor

Franco Fontana, a well-known and dynamic fine jewelry brand from Italy, continues to carve out a reputation as one of Georgia’s most innovative purveyors of fine jewelry.

The brand has been on the Georgian market for nineteen years, now with six stores, which follow new trends and bring everyday luxury into the Georgian customers’ life.

Quality, excellence and customer satisfaction are the most important values at every stage for Franco Fontana. These values helped the brand win the hearts of Georgian customers, who have named Franco Fontana as their favorite jewelry brand for the third year running.

Company Director Maka Razmadze said that, since the day of its establishment, Franco Fontana’s stores have been offering the most “trendy, fashionable and famous” brands to the Georgian consumer.

“The Franco Fontana jewelry store chain offers a diverse collection of the finest Italian gold, diamond and silver. This is a brand that very often updates its collection for its loyal customers,” Razmadze said.

Q. What does Franco Fontana offer Georgian customers? What can customers find in your stores?

A. Gold jewelry is an irreplaceable accessory that is relevant at any time. Franco Fontana’s gold jewelry is ideal for both women and men, so we offer them the most sophisticated, modern style.

Q. What are the top-selling pieces at Franco Fontana stores?
A. From the trendy jewelry of 2023 Franco Fontana selects the following top selling pieces: extraordinary diamond jewelry; Gold Art collection, distinguished by the latest laser processing tech; Italian brand Maxioro's men's line, exclusively presented in Franco Fontana; the CAORO line, which stands out even more for its authentic representation of the style and traditions of Italian goldsmithing; Pomi - a brand that brings colors to jewelry and characterized by a special feminine and romantic collection;
and finally the silver collection, distinguished by high quality and fantastic pieces of jewelry.

I also want to mention that Franco Fontana's silver products are coated in a thin layer of rhodium for extra strength and luster.

Q. How has Franco Fontana been developing on the Georgian market?
A. We began with one store and increased our presence on the market to six stores. We have managed to achieve this thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the efforts of our experienced staff, several of whom have been with us from the opening day of our first store.

We were able to turn from one store into a network of leading jewelry stores in Georgia.

Our company is a leader which introduced the Italian gold standard to Georgia. Our contribution to the development of the market is large. We introduced Italian, laser-cut gold jewelry. It is the achievement of Franco Fontana that precious stones, including diamonds, now come with certificates. Franco Fontana managed to raise the standards on the market and regulate them.

Q. How would you assess the development of the jewelry market in Georgia?
A. The jewelry market in Georgia is really diverse; as regards quality, the customers’ budget should be taken into account when evaluating this. To give an example of our brand, our items meet all international standards and have quality certificates; so when buying jewelry at Franco Fontana, quality is guaranteed, and the customer only has to worry about the look.

We also introduced the Italian gold standard to Georgia. These are the main reasons why Franco Fontana maintains the Golden Brand award.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Franco Fontana?
A. As you know, every major brand on the world market has competitors. As for Franco Fontana, we offer our customers a collection of high quality gold, silver and diamonds, as well as exclusive exhibition items presented only in our chain of stores.

We offer the best customer service thanks to our attentive consultants, who are always ready to help customers choose their jewelry with a smile. We create a very pleasant and warm environment at Franco Fontana stores.

Also, compared to other jewelry stores in Georgia, we offer a wide variety of different brands of different price categories under one roof. These brands are Dorica, Maxioro, Caoro, Gold Art, Pomi and others. Customers can find affordable jewelry pieces at our store and this helps satisfy all customers.

Q. What are your plans for 2023?
A. Our goal is to be able to meet the expectations of customers this year as well.

To offer a diverse selection of quality and trendy jewelry and to satisfy the tastes and desires of all customers.

We also added lotteries in 2023. We already have winners ⁠— lots of happy customers, which gives us even more incentive to provide satisfaction to our customers now and into the future.

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Eurobrand Expands with Rustavi Store, Plans More for Tbilisi, Regions

Eurobrand, the largest network of outlet stores in Georgia, continues to expand in the country with a new store at Rustavi Mall in the southeastern city of Rustavi.

“We plan to add several stores in Tbilisi and in the regions of the country later this year,” Dudu Brodzeli, Managing Partner, told Golden Brand.

Last year Eurobrand opened two stores, bringing the total number of stores to ten. One store was opened in the eastern city of Telavi, while the other in the capital city. With the opening of these stores, Eurobrand invested one million GEL into the Georgian economy and employed 25 people.

Q. In the category favorite outlet hypermarket Georgian customers and experts named Eurobrand as their favorite in the Golden Brand survey. What led the company to this success, in your opinion?
A. We are very happy to win the Golden Brand award and would like to say thank you to the organizers and all the customers and experts who participated in the survey.

For each person employed at Eurobrand, this is a great incentive and motivation to do better at what we do.

This win is a result of the selfless work of the large family at Eurobrand. We offer the largest selection of clothes, footwear and accessories, at the lowest prices, along with good services at our branches.

Q. The Golden Brand is given to the companies for successful activities of the previous year. So, please summarize 2022.
A. 2022 was quite successful for Eurobrand, we expanded with two branches ⁠— one in Tbilisi on Beri Gabriel Salosi Street, and one in Telavi Mall in Telavi. In total, we invested 1,000,000 GEL and employed 25 people last year.

Q. How did Eurobrand take off in Georgia?
A. Eurobrand has been operating in Georgia since 2013. Our first branch was opened in the Tbilisi Sports Palace. This was the first large-format outlet hypermarket in Georgia, where well-known brands were offered at a discount of up to 70%.

Since its opening, Eurobrand has enjoyed great popularity among Georgian consumers, and for this reason the company's management has set the goal of expanding the Eurobrand network. Our goal was to cover Tbilisi as much as possible in the first stage, and in 2014-2015 we added three large-format branches in the shopping centers of Gldani Mall, Karvasla and at Shandor Petefi Street.

We wanted Eurobrand to be in all major cities of Georgia and started opening branches in the regions. In 2016 we opened the first branch in Batumi, after which a large store was also opened in Kutaisi.

In total, Eurobrand has ten branches covering Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Telavi and Rustavi, while the number of employees in the company is more than 200 people.

Q. What was the idea behind establishing Eurobrand?
A. The goal of Eurobrand since its establishment was to make the outlet collections of well-known brands available to Georgian consumers at a great discount, as it is in any European city.

We think we have successfully achieved this goal, and today everyone has the opportunity to save on big brands and update their wardrobe at little expense.

Q. What are the brands customers can find at Eurobrand stores?
A. The customers can find well-known and favorite brands of the middle segment such as Benetton, Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, Tom Tailor, Sisley, Zara, S. Oliver, Topshop, Only , Selected, Reserved, Vila, Pull&bear, Topman, Celio, Orsay, Cool Club, NA-KD Cropp, House, Bershka, Miss Selfridge, Parfois, Only&Sons, CKS , Mohito, Cortefiel , Springfield, Guess, Puma, Pepe jeans, Adidas, Diadora. Outlet collections are offered at a 70% discount at Eurobrand stores.

Q. We see that many new outlet stores are opening in the country, but during the pandemic some of them were closed. How does Eurobrand manage to maintain its position on the market?
A. Despite the number of new outlet stores in Georgia, Eurobrand, as the country’s first outlet store chain, maintains its positions with the variety of brands with the largest selection of collections, and what is most important, customers enjoy unbeatable low prices.

Q. How popular is Eurobrand among Georgian customers, what are the sales figures?
A. Eurobrand is very popular among customers. The number of our customers is increasing every year, which is reflected in the sales figures, of course.

We ended 2022 with a 30% increase in sales. We make a very positive forecast for 2023 and expect to see a 25%-30% increase.

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