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From One Man’s Dream to Golden Brand Company: 25 Years of History of Georgian Cranes Service Group

Georgian Cranes Service Group (GCSG) has achieved its goal of becoming the leading tower crane service provider in Georgia by winning the Golden Brand award this year.

GCSG has been delivering outstanding services to construction companies in Georgia for 25 years.

Vakhtang Tediashvili, Chief Executive Director, shared their “history of excellence” with Golden Brand ⁠— from one man's dream to Georgia’s most successful crane service provider.

Q. Georgian Cranes Service Group has become customers’ favorite tower crane service provider. What led the company to this success, in your opinion?
A. First of all, on behalf of our company we would like to express our gratitude to the experts and customers who participated in the survey and voted for our company.

Years ago, I combined my 25-year experience in the field of tower cranes into one company with an experienced team and named it Georgian Cranes Service Group. We have provided various technical services to 95 companies, and we are proud of all the projects and buildings that we have completed with our partner construction companies and are still undertaking today.

Also, taking into account modern trends, we have fully adapted the company's communication strategy to social media and online search platforms, which has played a big role in providing information about GCSG's services and making it a more popular company.

Considering the growth trend in the construction sector in recent years, the demand for tower crane services has increased significantly. The GCSG team of professionals has been providing services and activities related to the export and import of different kinds of cranes throughout the country for 25 years.

Since 2019, thanks to coordinated management, GCSG has been able to grow from a small company to a large service provider in a remarkably short time. We can safely say that 2022 was quite successful for our company, because we clocked 84,296 working hours without any incidents in the importing-exporting of cranes and maintenance services.

Q. Please tell us about yourself and how you obtained 25 years of experience in the field.
A. In fact I have 35 years of experience working in various positions in the construction sector and I am a construction engineer by education. Back then, tower cranes produced during the Soviet Union were mainly used in constructions in Tbilisi. Cranes are one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment on a construction site, but they can also be considered extremely dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken during their proper installation, operation and dismantling.

Today we provide planned supervision of tower cranes to 27 construction companies. Within 24 hours of receiving notification, we identify the targets of the crane on the site and work on its quick repair so that the construction process does not stop, because we know the costs associated with downtime. We have a long experience of working with our partners in construction companies and build these relationships on the basis of mutual respect and trust.

Fast and secure service is our strength, based on years of experience and technological know-how in this field.

In addition to Tbilisi we have an office in Batumi where we are involved only in large projects.

Q. You are a direct witness to the development of the construction sector in the country as well. How would you evaluate this?
A. The construction industry is one of the leading industries in Georgia. As far as I know, from 2006 to 2020 its volume increased from 401 million GEL to 3.473 billion GEL. In 2014-2017 the construction sector grew the most among all sectors of the Georgian economy ⁠— by 57%. During this period the demand for tower cranes also increased significantly, and so we offered the market tower cranes imported from Europe ⁠— Comansa, SIMMA POTAIN, Raimondi, EDILMAC, Kammerlander, Liebherr, JASO, etc.

The latest figures show that 10,822 building permits were issued in 2022, which was 7.2% more than in 2021. Basically, 52% of construction takes place in the capital, while a large share of construction permits is issued for the construction of multi-purpose residential complexes. The demand for cranes with a height of 70-120 meters has increased significantly, and there is a shortage in the market in this regard, but we can provide all kinds of cranes by prior agreement.

The growth of the construction sector creates additional jobs and increases the income of the population, but on the other hand this process is accompanied by certain problems in terms of finding qualified personnel, which is part of the irreversible process of labor migration.

The demand for experienced crane installers and electricians in our field is very high. But GCSG has reliable partners and employees who are well aware of tower crane technology and have many years of work experience.

Q. Tell us about the most memorable projects during these 25 years.
A. Famous projects in which we also participated were King David Complex, The Biltmore Hotel, Georgian Museum of Fine Art, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, and Vake Plaza.

This year alone we are providing full technical services on tower cranes for 27 construction companies.

Q. Please tell us what kind of services the company offers as of today.
A. Our team offers companies professional advice in the process of purchasing a tower crane, which in turn will help them make the best decision based on the requirements and budget of the existing construction project.

The services offered by GCSG also include tower crane installation and dismantling works on any difficult location. We also offer assistance to companies in the process of finding a potential customer for a crane for sale.

We have developed the terms of scheduled supervision and maintenance services for construction companies, which are already used by 22 construction companies.

A premium service package created for companies that want a full and fast solution to all tower crane related details and issues is one of the most in-demand services at our company. The package includes tower crane purchase, rental and transportation, installation and disassembly, technical inspection and registration on tacsa.gov.ge, technical supervision, restoration and repair of the crane, and storage and sale of the crane.

We offer technical service packages to companies that already own a tower crane and are focused on its smooth or continuous operation until the completion of a construction project. The package includes engine repair, installation and disassembly, changing and rewinding of cable, repair of control panels and remote-controls, mast installation and repair of brakes, electrical repair, technical inspection, changing the hook, cart repair, and parts subscription.

We also provide free consultation to developers and construction companies on any issue related to the tower crane.

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Ramses Yachts Brings Italy’s Luxurious Yacht Brand Cranchi, Opens New Office in Batumi

Ramses Yachts, the exclusive representative and partner of the world’s luxurious yacht brands in Georgia, has updated its fleet with Italian yacht builder Cranchi, bringing 150 years of boatbuilding experience from the shores of Lake Como to Black Sea coast.

“We started 2023 with great news ⁠— Ramses Yachts became the official dealer of Cranchi Yachts, which stimulated great interest among customers and so increased sales of our company,” Giorgi Chikvaidze, the Founder and Director of Ramses Yachts, said.

“Unlike any other companies’ models, Cranchi's line is characterized by true Italian style, super modern technology and the highest quality. Most importantly, yachts are produced up to nine and 25 meters, the most important dimensions in yacht production, and for a market like Georgia, yachts of this size are very important,” Director of the company, Irakli Papiashvili continued.

In addition, Ramses Yachts is opening a new office in Batumi, “without a rival in our region”, Chikvaidze said.

“It will be a typical European office, with scale models of all yachts on sale. All this will be located in a meeting room with the latest equipment, which is the European standard for the yachting business,” he added.

Papiashvili also shared with Golden Brand plans to launch the first yacht management academy in Georgia.

“The academy will be opened in September and will offer a full course of yacht management toward certification, opening the door to employment not only in Georgia, but in Europe,” Papiashvili said.

Talking about the increased sales figures, Chikvaidze mentioned that all new clients are Georgian.

“This fact is also very important for us, as it shows that yachting culture in Georgia is developing day by day,” he said.

Chikvaidze said that the development of the yacht industry in Georgia was directly proportional to Ramses Yachts, “as we are the first to introduce a modern, European yacht destination in Georgia.”

For its contribution to the development of Georgia’s yacht industry, Ramses Yachts, which has been operating on the market since 2017, has received its second Golden Brand award.
Q. Is the Georgia office involved in the sale of used yachts and how in-demand is this?
Papiashvili: Of course we sell second-hand yachts; moreover, the company, which we already officially represent in Georgia, and which has been creating history in the yacht industry for 150 years, offers us a different format for the sale of second-hand yachts. A great privilege lies in the fact that the company has two refit centers in Italy, where used yachts undergo a detailed inspection, if necessary are repaired, and so the used yacht is given to the new owner in the best condition.

Cranchi Yachts has a test center, where customers are allowed to inspect the selected model in detail, which includes a full inspection of the yacht's hull and subsequent test operation.

Q. The demand for yacht charters is increasing and several owners have started offering this service, including you, as far as I know. Tell us what type of yachts you rent out?
Chikvaidze: In addition to yacht sales, our company also offers yacht management services to owners, which includes chartering.

Last year proved to be quite fruitful there. We added several high-class yachts to serve those interested in chartering, and this niche is growing steadily.

Q. Is buying a yacht a good investment? How can a yacht become a source of income in Georgia?
Papiashvili: Statistically, a yacht is considered one of the most in-demand investment products in the world. This is due to the fact that the value of yachts does not depreciate dramatically, in some cases on the contrary ⁠— the value appreciates in spite of age. The yacht owner is given the opportunity to enjoy his/her yacht, as well as engage in rentals, the income from which fully covers the costs of operating the yacht, and is even more profitable if fully loaded.

By the way, our yachting season starts from April and lasts until December.

Q. If a yacht breaks down in Georgia, how are repairs handled?
Chikvaidze: Service is a very important part of yacht management. We have made progress here, if we consider that Volvo Penta, whose engines are mainly used in the yachts we import, is officially represented in Georgia.

Our company also cooperates with leading Turkish companies and uses their services, but this is sometimes not sufficient. We hope this area will be developed in the future.

Q. Your company has positively evaluated the launch of the Ambassadori Batumi Island project, which involves construction of a palm-shaped artificial island in Batumi. How can this project benefit the yachting industry and more specifically your company?
Papiashvili: Ambassadori Batumi Island is an important project for the Black Sea region, and not only for our company or for Ambassador, but Georgia as a whole. We believe this project will advance our country by about 100 years, more yachting companies will appear, and will guarantee that Georgia will become one of the centers of the global yachting scene, which is directly proportional to the creation of jobs.

And, of course, the project would also benefit us as a company in the industry.

Q. What is the connection between the development of the yachting industry and the development of the economy?
Chikvaidze: This connection is continuous and very strong. The development of the yacht industry in the country is proportionally related to individuals with high purchasing power, the creation of new and interesting jobs, and large investments.

Yachts are connected to other areas such as real estate, hotels, luxury stores and many others aimed at wealthier consumers.

And Ramses Yachts, along with our partner companies, will continue to make efforts to develop the yacht industry in Georgia and offer the best to our clients.

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Business Radio Station Commersant Reveals First AI-Generated Reporter

Georgia’s first business radio station Commersant has once again become the first in the field by introducing an AI-generated reporter.

“Our project Aria is created entirely by artificial intelligence. Both the text and the visuals of Aria are generated by neural networks,” Director of Commersant Goga Samushia told Golden Brand.

Below Samushia talks about the latest developments at Commersant and appreciates partnership with the country’s most prestigious and influential business award ceremony, the Golden Brand.

Q. What are other developments at Commersant?
A. Commersant maintains the position of one of the main business media in Georgia. We are the first business radio in the country, soon to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary. In the course of this time we have established a reputation as authoritative, objective and cutting-edge media.

We have a new editor-in-chief at Commersant. Journalist and executive director of the NGO Media and Communication Educational and Research Center, Teona Tshomelidze, joined our team several months ago.

Among the already successful projects at Commersant, I can mention Brand Georgia and Neyron. Levan Koberidze and Levan Bodzashvili are headliners in their field.

We have also updated our website, which, in addition to the new design, meets all modern technological requirements.

Q. How developed is the radio sector in Georgia and how much has Commersant contributed to this process?
A. In the era of digital technology and the internet, radio remains one of the essential components of media. Although there are many radio stations in the country, the role of Commersant is particularly important because we have been the only business radio station in Georgia for almost two decades.

We create unique content for radio, which is important and interesting not only to ordinary listeners, but also for the business sector.

Q. What are the challenges in the radio sector currently?
A. The main problem of the sector in Georgia is the small advertising market. Increasing competition with social media platforms is also a challenge.

We found a solution by fully integrating the radio with our website and social platforms. This gives us the opportunity not to be limited only to radio broadcasting.

My main recommendation is that radio broadcasters should adapt to the modern digital world.

Q. Last year, the total commercial advertising revenue of TV and radio broadcasters decreased by 7.6% compared to the previous year ⁠— 79.9 million GEL. Is this related to the ban on gambling advertisements?
A. The ban on gambling advertising was indeed a significant loss for the Georgian advertising market. Commersant is no exception, and after these changes our advertising revenues also decreased.

In addition, as I have already mentioned, social media platforms have become an important competitor for traditional media. This is one of the reasons for the decrease in commercial advertising revenues of TV and radio broadcasters this year.

Q. Commersant is a partner of Golden Brand. Why doesCommersant support this event?
A. Supporting the Golden Brand has become a tradition for us. This partnership is particularly important given our profile, which is business radio holding.

This award is a kind of summary of the year with all our partners. The existence of the Golden Brand is very beneficial for Georgian business. This is an incentive to create more brands, more projects and more businesses. That is why Commersant Media Holding has always been and will remain a supporter of this award ceremony.

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Making History: CLC Elevator to Unveil First Georgian Elevator Factory in 2023

CLC Elevator, Georgia’s leading elevator import, installation and service company, is set to launch the first Georgian elevator manufacturing facility in Tbilisi this year.

Founder of the company Nodar Kapanadze told Golden Brand that the company has invested 3 million USD in the new factory, which he said will have “no rivals” in the country.

“We will bring a lot of machinery and equipment to Georgia in the near future with the support of the state program Produce in Georgia. It is important for the state to stand by business. Together we can create more jobs and employ more people.

“After the opening of the factory, CLC Elevator will be the first company in the history of Georgia to manufacture the main parts of the elevator: elevator cabin, doors, frames, etc.,” he said.

Kapanadze said that launching production of elevator parts in Georgia would be a “positive stimulus” to the Georgian economy.

“More people will join the CLC team, more citizens will be employed. Local production will take place and dependence on imports will decrease in this area. This is a success for both our company and the country.”

In an interview with Golden Brand, Kapanadze reviewed the company’s activities in Georgia and shared his impressions of being the winner of the Golden Brand in the category of “favorite elevator and services” provider.

Q. Please summarize 2022, as the Golden Brand was awarded to the company following successful operations of the previous year. What were the main achievements of 2022?
A. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the company Global Idea for organizing the Golden Brand award ceremony and giving the companies the possibility to enjoy this recognition from customers as well as experts.

Founded in 2018, CLC Elevators is a premium class elevator importing company and in this short time it has completed hundreds of successful projects. Since its establishment the company has been focused on progress, development and advancement. This award and recognition is a sign for the company that it is developing in the right way and that our tireless work and activities are appreciated.

2022 was a year full of challenges. It started with the Russia-Ukraine war, which in itself put a strain on the world economy, including Georgia. It became difficult to receive cargo from suppliers, which slowed projects down. But thanks to smart decisions made in a short period of time, CLC Elevators quickly overcame the crisis caused by the global problem and continued working at a normal pace.

Overcoming the crisis in a short time brought the company even more credibility among partners and even more new projects. The growth of sales in the crisis period led to laying the foundation for a new project. In 2022 the construction of the elevator factory was planned, which is unique in Georgia. So I would summarize 2022 as a successful and challenging year.

Q. Golden Brand is not the only award for CLC Elevator. Last year CLC Elevator was nominated the Leading Company of the Year at an award ceremony organized by the National Business Ratings Association and the Swiss Rating Association. Tell us how the company managed to become market leader and be recognized in such a short period of time.
A. I think the main reason for our success in such a short period of time is that CLC Elevator carries out each project with great responsibility and high professionalism.

I would separately praise the employees of our company, who are highly qualified, conscientious and professional. Each of them strives for continuous development. We are never satisfied with what we have achieved, we adapt to new technologies. We often send our company's employees to elevator manufacturing plants and carry out practical work on site, which leads to their constant growth. I would like to sincerely thank each and every employee of CLC Elevator for their attitude to the job, for otherwise the company would not be so successful.

In addition to the above, I think another determinant of success is striving for continuous development. If you are satisfied with what you have achieved and stop moving forward, it will definitely backfire. It is necessary to have an ambition and plan to pursue it.

Q. Could you please tell us how many projects CLC Elevator has carried out since 2018 and how many are going on now?
A. Since 2018, the company has completed hundreds of successful projects. Of course, the first projects, the first steps from which we started, are especially memorable. I would highlight the elevator installed in the Sioni Dam, a reservoir in eastern Georgia, located in the middle of the river Iori, where the elevator moves about 80 meters below the ground.

Elevators installed for people with disabilities in schools and kindergartens are especially important to us. We are glad that we contribute to the creation of an adapted environment for people with disabilities.

Currently we are involved in 20 projects.
Q. Please describe the competition on the market and tell us what CLC Elevator’s competitive advantage is.
A. It can be said that there is healthy competition in the market. About ten large companies are in the field, and we have a business relationship based on mutual respect.

Our company is one of the prominent and major players in the market, which is confirmed by the awards of the leading company of the year and the Golden Brand. We think that our advantage is reflected in the fact that we never stop. Continuous progress and focus on development is our advantage.

Q. Passenger, freight, panoramic, hospital elevators, moving walkways, elevators for people with disabilities, and for cars, construction baskets and hydraulic platforms, are among CLC Elevator’s products. Which are most in demand?
A. At this stage passenger elevators are most in demand, which are mainly ordered by development companies. But we also cooperate with construction companies that serve state facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, etc. We also install platforms designed for the disabled. Hospital elevators and freight elevators are also frequently commissioned.

In addition to elevators, the company also installs and imports escalators. We plan to increase involvement in the latter soon.

Q. CLC Elevator participated in an international exhibition of elevators in the city of Istanbul, where company representatives held meetings with partner companies. What were the results of these meetings?
A. CLC Elevator representatives attend similar exhibitions in different parts of the world two or three times a year. Such exhibitions are an opportunity to have your finger on the pulse of the field, to keep up with events, to learn about innovations, new approaches and technology.

The international exhibition of elevators held in Istanbul was no exception. Company representatives held introductory meetings with elevator manufacturers. Many new visits were planned and means of cooperation were discussed. Partner manufacturers of CLC were also at the exhibition, where current projects were discussed.

For a company that has the ambition to be a leader in the field, I think we should not spare resources to participate in similar events.

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