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Voyager 365 to Launch Inbound Tourism Deals Starting September

After strengthening its position as Georgia’s leading outbound tour operator, Voyager 365 is now entering the inbound tourism market.

Starting in September 2023, those seeking an unforgettable experience in Georgia will enjoy a complete range of holiday and travel services created by the experienced and professional team of Voyager 365.

CEO of Voyager 365 Gvantsa Gotsiridze told us that the initial plan was to offer both inbound and outbound services to the travelers, but “first I wanted to make the company a leader in outbound tourism”.

“I believe that at the moment Voyager 365 is the market leader in outbound tourism and that's why we started to work on the inbound tourism project. Also, interest in Georgia has been increasing in recent years. After being a host country of the ITB Berlin tourism exhibition, interest in Georgia will increase. So I believe travel within Georgia will be in demand,” Gotsiridze said, adding that “the European tourist market is the most interesting to us.”

During three years of operations Voyager 365 has received two Golden Brand awards, the second one for successful activities in 2022.

Q. Please summarize 2022.
A. It was quite a successful year for Voyager 365. Georgia’s tourism sector has fully recovered from the pandemic. Demand in 2022 increased by 100% compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

In spite of very increased demand, we think we maintained a high quality service. The number of employees doubled and an increase is projected for this year as well.

Also, marketing activities carried out in 2022 played an important role in winning the favor of experts and customers. The second Golden Brand award is a double responsibility for us, and it should be emphasized that the victory in 2021 further strengthened our positions in the corporate segment.

Q. What are the latest offers from Voyager 365?
A. Voyager 365 has added a new tourist package that includes sports and entertainment activities, such as concerts by famous artists in different locations, and fully planned tours of sporting events.

Our company was the first in Georgia to plan a group tour for fans of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, winger of Italian club Napoli at the Napoli-Roma football match. The group consisted of 45 people.

We had an Amsterdam tour which included a Beyonce concert. We will try to offer all current events to Georgian travelers.

We think that Voyager 365 is distinguished by its well-defined, niche destinations.

Q. Which destinations were most in-demand last year among Georgian travelers?
A. Paris is the top destination, followed by Portugal and Indonesia.

Q. What were Voyager’s CSR activities in 2022?
A. The events in Ukraine were quite sensitive for us, so we were involved in the subsidy process.

We also helped several families living in Georgia’s border villages.

Voyager 365 became the main sponsor of the football club Sfera.

In 2022 we mainly responded to the demands of society and spontaneously funded individuals in need.

Q. Does Voyager 365 participate in international tourism exhibitions?
A. Last year the company participated in the tourist exhibition BIT MILANO in Milan, IFTM Top Resa in Paris and Travel Turkey izmir 2022 in Izmir. In 2023, we have already taken part in the aforementioned exhibition in Milan and in the tourist exhibition of ITB Berlin, where Georgia was the host country.

The company's participation in various international exhibitions allows us to offer Georgian consumers a variety of interesting tourist products and to sign agreements with new partners who will provide reliable, high-quality services to Georgian vacationers.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Voyager 365?
A. There is high competition on the market, and our advantage is high quality of service, and of course new and exciting destinations.

The main strength of our company is a high sense of responsibility and credibility, reflected in the fact that the company takes full responsibility for services provided from the beginning of the trip to its end. Tour managers are in contact with our tourists 24 hours a day and provide all additional services remotely upon request.

All of the above, the love of the work among our team, and commitment to the idea of creating a positive impression in the Georgian market, constitute the advantage of Voyager 365. I would also like to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty!

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Vitaferol Customers' Favorite Vitamin D Supplement in Georgia


Vitaferol, a premium quality, 100% pure and highly bioavailable vitamin D supplement available on the Georgian market since 2016, has won the Golden Brand award to become the top such supplement in the country.

Vitaferol is imported and distributed in Georgia by pharmaceutical company ArtPharma, which has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014 and has over 80 international brands in its portfolio.

In this interview with Golden Brand Lika Lobzhanidze, founder and director of ArtPharma, talked about the history and performance of the company in Georgia.

Q. Please tell us how ArtPharma has been developing on the Georgian market?
A. One of the main prerequisites for the creation of ArtPharma was to increase access to high-quality European medicines and food supplements in Georgia.

When I decided to establish a company, I wanted it to be an outstanding one, which would create a new niche and determine the quality standard.

Innovativeness, novelty, quality ⁠— these are the main values based on which ArtPharma was founded in 2014 and continues to operate to this day.

The focus of ArtPharma’s performance is on health and beauty.

One of the milestones in our initial success was the start of cooperation with Walmark, the leading and strongest international pharmaceutical company in Europe. With the help of our tireless work, today we have a lot of partners in Europe and America. Today our portfolio boasts over 80 brands.

Q. What was the first product that ArtPharma introduced to the Georgian market?
A. ArtPharma was the first company in Georgia to introduce nutricosmetics to the market and talk about the importance of taking care of one's health and beauty.

In 2015, we launched Viaderm, a very famous and globally in-demand brand of Walmark, which soon earned recognition in Georgia and gained the name of "Beauty Capsules". Viaderm is distinguished by its unique composition. It is a cosmetic in capsule form for healthy skin, hair and nails, and at the same time is an important food supplement for women's beauty and health. It contains furisula oil, zinc, copper and silicon. This combination is very rare, thanks to which Viaderm remains a unique product even after eight years. Viaderm is not only for improving external beauty, it is also good for metabolism, helping to regulate weight and having a positive effect on the activation of hormones in the female body, which they need to maintain their youth.

We play the role of mediator between the world's leading manufacturers and Georgian consumers, we create and establish a modern model of healthcare, we ensure that European, high-quality medicines and food supplements are available to all citizens throughout the country, which we achieve in cooperation with all pharmacy chains in Georgia.

Q. What is ArtPharma’s contribution to the development of the Georgian pharmaceutical market?
A. Our main task is to promote a culture of care for health among the population, so we introduce brands that will help them to prevent various diseases and make treatment easier. We are empowering the pharmaceutical industry with brands that bring benefit to society.

For example, in 2023 we introduced Viruprotect, a preventative oral spray against colds and viruses, which acts quite fast on seasonal colds. This Swedish brand, with 12 years of experience, is represented in more than 30 countries on three continents, and bringing it to Georgia was an important step for us.

As for the introduction of Vitaferol, now the Golden Brand winner from the Artpharma portfolio, we actively promoted this critical vitamin to raise awareness. For this purpose we’ve had the strong support of partnering physicians and KOL. Finally, it can be said that collectively we were the first to lay the foundation for awareness of vitamin D deficiency in society.

Since 2021, international companies such as STADA group have joined the list of our partners. Currently, we cooperate with ten large manufacturers and represent more than eighty name brands.

Q. Please share some future plans of the company.
A. Next year ArtPharma will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Georgia, and we plan to introduce couple of new projects. The negotiations are already underway. We think that by the end of 2024 we will significantly increase and diversify our portfolio. ArtPharma aims to become an international brand, so we are planning to open branches in neighboring countries in the nearest future.

Lela Sikharulidze, Marketing Manager of the pharmaceutical company ArtParma, continued the interview by sharing her thoughts on Vitaferol’s win at Golden Brand

LELA SIKHARULIDZE, Marketing Manager of the pharmaceutical company ArtParma

LELA SIKHARULIDZE, Marketing Manager of the pharmaceutical company ArtParma

Q. Vitaferol has become Georgian customers’ favorite D vitamin supplement. How did the brand achieve this recognition in our country?
A. First of all, on behalf of the ArtPharma team, I would like to express my gratitude to the residents of our country, representatives of the medical field and industry experts, people who have been choosing Vitaferol as the most reliable vitamin D supplement for years.

This recognition is due to the European quality of Vitaferol, innovativeness, and the highest profile of effectiveness and safety. The ArtPharma team has also contributed to the prevention of vitamin D deficiency in Georgia while establishing international standards in the field.

Q. When was Vitaferol first introduced to the Georgian market?
A. Vitaferol was introduced to Georgia for the first time in December 2016 by the pharmaceutical company ArtPharma. In 2021, taking into account the high interest and activity of consumers, and on the basis of competitive market research, we introduced a new, innovative form of Vitaferol to Georgia ⁠— Vitaferol Mega D3, in the form of a new soft capsule. The new form of emulsified, pure vitamin D is gastro-resistant, which means that it is completely absorbed by the body very quickly and without loss.

Today Vitaferol is one of the most loved and in-demand vitamin D supplements in Georgia because of its reliability, safety and convenience ⁠— these are the qualities that connect consumers with the brand.

Q. What are other advantages of Vitaferol?
A. Other important advantages of Vitaferol is that our products are suitable for all members of a family, and considering that it is pure vitamin D without additives, it is recommended for long-term use.

Vitaferol Emulsion is the first European brand containing vitamin D in Georgia, offered by a certified dispenser, which allows accurate, individual determination of dose and protects from overdosing, which is especially important for infants.

To date, the Global Health Research Foundation has identified more than 1,000 chemical additives that pose serious health risks. Because vitamin D is recommended for long-term use, and harmful supplements have the ability to accumulate in the body, it is especially important to make sure there are no impurities in a vitamin D supplement.

Vitaferol is a brand containing 100% pure vitamin D, which does not contain sugar, gluten, flavorings or additives, making it safe for all demographics. Vitaferol is the only vitamin D supplement in Georgia recommended by the Neonatologists Association of Georgia.

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Timeless by Nino Didia - Most Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Georgia

A believer in timeless beauty, Nino Didia, doctor and cosmetologist with 20 years of experience in Ukraine, has established a new aesthetic center - Timeless by Nino Didia - in Tbilisi and is already raising standards in the field.

The one-year operation of the aesthetic center did not go unnoticed by local consumers, which recognized Timeless as the most dynamically developing brand of 2022 at the Golden Brand awards.

Nino Didia sat down with Golden Brand to share the dizzying journey of the company towards success and introduced her company to our readers.

Q. From Ukraine to Georgia ⁠— please tell us why you decided to establish a company in our country, what was your goal?
A. ‘Timeless’ is my dream come true. My goal was to introduce patients in Georgia to international practices in face and body care, to introduce the best cosmetology methods and innovative approaches.

Timeless by Nino Didia was established in September 2022 with the goal of introducing new standards in aesthetic medicine in our country. Since opening day, we have been focused on creating the most reliable and comfortable environment for patients ⁠— people who motivate us and encourage us to maintain our quality and offer even more innovations in the future.

It is so exciting to see that in just one year we have already achieved so much success, crowned by the Golden Brand award, which is our country’s most prestigious and influential business award.

We will continue to bring innovative approaches to the Georgian market. Very soon we will purchase a new, multifunctional device ⁠— a unique technology that is used to work on fine and thin wrinkles, to remove vascular pathologies, acne, unwanted pigmentation, scars, enlarged pores, and treatment of excessive sweating.

Q. Speaking of future plans, do you plan to expand?
A. So far we have only one branch, which is located on 12 Pavle Aslanidis street in Tbilisi, although we do not rule out expansion in the near future, both in Tbilisi and in other cities.

Q. What is the standard that you want to bring to Georgian aesthetic medicine with your clinic?
A. For us, it is a priority to help patients look perfect and maintain their individuality.

We help our patients “stop time” and become more self-confident. Our clinic uses only modern approaches and follows modern protocols. In order to improve the skills of our doctors, we undergo various personal training. All this gives us the advantage in establishing high quality service on the Georgian aesthetic medicine market.

Q. Tell us about these treatments that can “stop time” and make the beauty of your patients timeless?
A. We have everything to help our customers to take care of themselves and achieve the best results at our clinic ⁠— innovative, invasive and non-invasive procedures with modern approaches.

We offer the latest and safest methods of treatment.

Diagnosis of facial skin and hair, laser epilation; innovative body care equipment; a team of highly qualified doctors focused on quality assurance; and a pleasant environment suitable for the beauty industry. The procedures are carried out with the highest quality products with CE and FDA certificates.

The latest procedure, which we introduced in March, is spa manicure and pedicure. We saw there was demand from patients for this procedure and decided to go for it.

The procedure includes peeling, softening of the skin, and saturation of the skin with vitamins, both skin and nails. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft and velvety, while the nails become thicker.

I can also mention dysport injections, one of the most in-demand procedures at our clinic. Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by reducing specific muscle activity.

Nowadays it is possible to partially or completely solve “beauty problems” with the right approaches, not surgically. The first thing is to consult a doctor and collect anamnesis. Our customers have no age limit. We help them take proper care of their skin, choose the right care line and keep their youth.

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Ariel Gatushkin, Synevo Georgia General Manager: “Synevo Celebrates Decade of Outstanding Journey With Spectacular Performance in Georgia”

From one small hospital laboratory to a leading diagnostic service company, now with the most prestigious local business award, the Golden Brand — this is the story of Swedish laboratory network Synevo, which celebrated ten years of an “outstanding journey with spectacular performance”, according to Ariel Gatushkin, General Manager of Synevo Georgia.

"Our success was written with the dedicated and professional approach of our staff to provide the best diagnostic services and care for each patient. We are proud to have provided European standard services for over ten years in Georgia, bringing innovative and advanced diagnostic experience in the country. And we are grateful to receive appreciation from the local market as well and become the favorite laboratory network among Georgians.”

Gatushkin says that Synevo will continue to expand in order to be “even closer to our patients” and ensure access to “accurate and timely” medical diagnostic services.

“We plan to operate a chain of 100 laboratory centers across the country. Our aim is to open at least seven new laboratories in the country this year, to bring new advanced tests to the market and to increase our business into the double digits. We think that we need to be present in every town in Georgia that is above 10,000 people.”

Gatushkin recalled the time when Synevo first started operations in Georgia as a “ startup project” in 2012.

“Back then we operated one laboratory and employed less than 10 employees. Very few people believed in our idea and our business model. Nevertheless, today, 10 years later, we are a very successful company. Synevo Georgia is a national provider and a market leader of laboratory diagnostics in Georgia. We operate a chain of 45 laboratory centers across the country, three regional laboratories and one central laboratory in Tbilisi, and we employ more than 200 dedicated and professional employees.”

Q. Georgian customers have named Synevo Georgia as their favorite Medical Laboratory this year. What brought Synevo Georgia this recognition in your opinion?
A. There are many reasons for this but one of the major ones is that we are a very customer-centered and quality-oriented company. We always put our customers at the heart of any of our operations and act accordingly. Everything we do comes with an understanding that behind every tube there is a person and their health depends on our actions.

Q. Golden Brand is given to brands following successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize 2022.
A. 2022 wasn’t an easy year. COVID-19 went away and so did projects that were directly connected to this. The war in Ukraine, worldwide inflation, local political instability took its place. There were many issues that affected our region, Synevo operations in Europe, and in Georgia, but despite that we had great results in 2022 as in all previous years.

Q. What charity activities is Synevo involved with in Georgia?
A. Ethical responsibility: Synevo operates its business in an ethical manner that upholds human
rights principles, such as fair treatment of all stakeholders, fair trade practices and equal pay
without gender discrimination.

Environmental responsibility: Several years ago we started switching from big engine cars to
smaller engines and hybrid cars. Starting this year we will start acquiring electrical vehicles as well.

Philanthropic responsibility: Donating funds to children and women organizations. Participating in sporting event fundraisers.

Q. What are the main challenges that Synevo is currently facing in Georgia and how will you overcome them?
A. One of the main challenges that should be mentioned is the unethical promotion of many
players on the medical market. It creates an unfair attitude and violates customers’ interest. We are a European company and strictly follow ethical marketing rules.

We are relying on our service quality and transparency in all business processes. On the one hand the solution is to explain to the medical society in Georgia that Synevo does not work this way. When they need quality testing they are welcome to try us, but on the other hand the government regulations and following these regulations, are essential to overcoming this problem as well.

Many hospitals and clinics are not looking for quality testing and are focused mainly on pricing. We are choosing very carefully our partners and switched the business model in the last years from 100% corporate dependent to 95% end-customer dependent.

Q. What is the innovative and advanced diagnostic experience that Synevo brought to Georgia?
A. Synevo’s vision from the very beginning was focused on innovation, quality
and on patients’ needs. Our lab is equipped with state of the art analyzers from Roche
Diagnostics, machines that no other lab in the country has.

Synevo Georgia utilizes a fully automated laboratory information system and pre-printed barcode system. We expend a lot of resources to reduce human error to a minimum while performing laboratory tests. We are constantly bringing new tests and new technologies to the country. For example, we send tests from Tbilisi to Germany and Cyprus for the latest generation NIPT testing Veracity and Veragene, that is done only in our labs in these countries, or Liquid PAP testing, the new standard in early diagnosis of papilloma virus in women.

Synevo Georgia was also the first laboratory in the country that aimed to bring quality, accurate laboratory testing and convenience not only to the central neighborhoods in Tbilisi, but to all of them and to every region in the country. This is why we are constantly expanding and operating laboratories all over the country. This actually affects the local market as lab quality gradually increases. Local competitors began noticing us and were forced to increase their quality as well.

Q. Synevo Laboratories also runs a home visit service. How in-demand is this service?
A. I would say that home visit is a very popular service. We started with one home visit team
several years ago and today we have five teams in Tbilisi who go on home visits every 40
minutes and are fully booked.

Comfort is actually the name of the game. This is one of the reasons why we started to open laboratories in different neighborhoods in Tbilisi and other regions. Giving tests should be as simple as going to the bank or pharmacy next door. Emailing of lab results is also part of this approach ⁠— we have been actually sending results via email since 2012. All of this is to make our customers’ lives easier and more comfortable.

We are also the first provider of laboratory services to develop an online ordering service through our website, where customers can order any single and profile tests in all branches of our laboratory as well as at home. This makes our service even more convenient and patient-oriented.

I will also use this opportunity to express my gratitude for and appreciation of our committed and professional team in Georgia. They are the ones who are responsible for quality of service and outstanding success in Georgia.

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