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Georgian Company VEZIRI Becomes Platinum Partner of International Milestone Systems

Georgian telecommunication and security system integrator company VEZIRI has become the first and only Platinum Partner of the multinational company Milestone Systems in the South Caucasian region. Milestone Systems, is a leading provider of Video Management Software (VMS) making this newly-acquired status particularly worthy of recognition.

Head of Sales Department, Davit Antadze, describes becoming a Platinum Partner of Milestone Systems as "a significant success for our business."

“We are planning on introducing a lot of interesting activities to the public in the nearest future,” Antadze said.

VEZIRI has been operating on the Georgian market since 1996, providing solutions for telecommunication and security systems to organizations across the South Caucasus region. The company’s specialty lies in telecommunication, IT, security, SCADA and telemetry and it can boast completing over 200 projects for over 100 customers during the 25 years of its existence.

“Currently, we employ around 400 people and represent over 50 international partners. We work with businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations. We offer customized, completely unique integrated solutions best suited to individual needs of our customers.” Antadze said.

VEZIRI received the Golden Brand Award 2021 as it was named as the favorite brand in the ‘Security Systems’ category.

Q. VEZIRI has undertaken more than 200 large projects since its establishment. Which projects are you most proud of?

A. There are many projects in our portfolio that we are proud of. Among them are security solutions for the National Bank of Georgia repository; a unique fire safety project in the buildings of the National Archives of Georgia; business solutions at TBC Bank, namely the telephone system, contact center and voice biometrics; a modern contact center for Bank of Georgia; security service for Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline and a large-scale project for digital broadcasting for the Georgian Tele-Radio Center to name a few.

Among recent projects, I would highlight our work for the Marriott International’s subsidiary chain Le Meridien and Casino Empire in Batumi, where we implemented IT telecommunications and security systems.

We also have several completed and ongoing projects with Evolution Gaming Georgia, which includes implementation of fire detection, public announcement and automatic suppression systems for server rooms and other spaces. We have implemented local area network infrastructure at Kutaisi International Airport; integrated IT and security solutions and an automated parking system at Galleria Tbilisi shopping center and the list goes on.

Q. Does VEZIRI have many competitors on the market and what is its competitive advantage?

A. We did not have any direct competitors in the recent past. Various companies worked on separate systems, but there were no integrator companies on the market and this was our key advantage.

The circumstances have changed over time, however, and today the competition is quite high. In addition to local players, we often compete against international giants. It certainly keeps us on our toes. Important to mention that we provide project design, delivery, integrate and after sales 24/7 maintenance services which distinguishes as even among the largest international companies as they cannot deliver all together in Georgia

Our key advantages are high performance, well-qualified staff, compliance with international standards, reliability and experience.

Q. What has VEZIRI’s evolution been like from its foundation 25 years ago?

A. The history of our brand began 25 years ago. Our strategy back then and our strategy today, when our field of activity has expanded greatly, are different for sure. Over time, the visual elements of the brand as well as the language of communication have evolved and become more refined.

For example, in 2015 we rebranded and changed the company logo and other visual symbols.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we completely redesigned our website and adapted the content, making our product descriptions more easily comprehensible for our potential customers.

Over the recent years, we have accomplished our goal of becoming a well-recognized company with a more up-to-date image and easily accessible content.

In terms of our mission and vision, our company sees itself as a crucial link in the smooth running of various businesses.

Q. What marketing activities have you planned to reach customers?
A. In addition to updating our website, we have recently become very active on various digital channels.

We strive to use all modern means of communication to reach out to potential customers. For instance, we launched case study videos, recounting details of each successful project, such as what systems were implemented and what problems were solved for a particular customer.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand Award. Tell us, what was the key achievement that impressed the experts of the Golden Brand Awards and the customers who participated in the survey?

A. The Golden Brand is an important award for businesses in Georgia. The fact, that this status is allocated to companies not only by experts and consulting companies in various fields, but also by representatives of the governmental and non-governmental business sector as well as by the costumers themselves, is especially important for us.

VEZIRI has been on the market for 25 years and is a leader in the field of telecommunications and security systems. We have many loyal customers, who always stand by us, ready to recommend our company. Despite these achievements, we have boosted marketing activities in recent years and we are glad that brand awareness has increased.

VEZIRI was nominated for this award based on its recognition, quality as well as marketing and PR activities. We think, that this award is a credit to our reliability, many years of hard work, high quality performance and customer-oriented approach and we will do our best to maintain this trust in the years to come.


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Sunflower Seed Company Solari Opens New Factory To Produce Export Products

Georgian sunflower seed company Solari is expanding its activities, and after successfully positioning itself on the local market, the time has come to test its strength abroad as well.

General Director of Solari Iuri Tkebuchava told Golden Brand that the company has already acquired a new factory in Tbilisi, where Solari will produce a new line of export products such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds under the Solari brand.

Tkebuchava said the new products will not be sold on the local market at the first stage.

“We have acquired a new space that will enable us to make our goals a reality. Currently we are renovating the space in accordance with modern standards. We have also ordered some equipment abroad from abroad. Finally we will have a new factory, the second one in Tbilisi, which will be oriented on products for export market,” Tkebuchava said.

He added that negotiations are underway with several countries and, once the final deal, is reached the company will announce where the new products will be exported.

In the meantime Solari produces three types of sunflower seeds – roasted; salty, roasted; and shelled, roasted seeds. Solari also imports peanuts from China, processes them in Georgia, and sells them locally.

Solari has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014, when it first introduced roasted sunflower seeds for sale.


Q. After Russia banned the export of several strategically important products, including sunflower seeds, Solari found ‘urgently needed solutions’ not to halt production. Can you tell me how the company overcame this challenge?
A. Obstacles from the beginning of the pandemic to the present have affected all businesses. It was especially difficult for our company at the initial stage of the pandemic. As you know, our activities do not depend only on the socio-political situation in our country. Solari uses imported raw materials in its production, which carry certain risks.

After the Russian Federation restricted the export of sunflowers, of course, we began looking for alternatives. At this stage we imported not raw materials, but already roasted sunflowers. This process, of course, has its disadvantages, one being when you lead the production process and the other when you import someone else's finished products. The delay in transportation (especially in winter) is another obstacle which affects the quality of the product. This means that current circumstances are working against us and as a result of great efforts we are trying to maintain quality.

As for alternative ways, we began importing Ukrainian sunflowers. We consulted with our new partners, sent our quality specialists to find exactly the raw materials that matched our quality. We even managed to set up supplies – though we also faced new obstacles here, I mean the very tragic and sad situation that is happening in Ukraine now. I hope the political situation in our brother country Ukraine will be resolved soon and our cooperation will continue.

Q. All these obstacles might have affected the sales of Solari. Can you share sales statistics?
A. Yes, for all the subjective and objective reasons that we gave you in detail, sales fell by 20% in 2021.

Q. Solari has updated its webpage. What does it offer now?
A. Anyone interested should be able to get the most comprehensive information about Solari. On the website, the user can get acquainted with the history of the company, get information about our awards, and have a look at our product assortment.

We always post updates or news on the website.

Q. Also, Solari has recently introduced premium quality sunflower seeds under the name 'Premium Sunflower Solari'. Are you planning any new products for the local market anytime soon?
A. At this stage, we have increased our lineup with only ‘Premium Sunflower Solari’. For all the reasons we talked about above, we could not increase our portfolio with other products. However, the situation will change from the new season, I hope.
Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. This was the fifth Golden Brand win for Solari. What led Solari to this success in your opinion?

A. We have been on the market for eight years and we maintain the position of leader, which, as you mentioned, has been awarded for the fifth time with the status of Golden Brand. We also lead in various other ratings.

The reason for this is the quality of our product, and the fighting ability of our team. We try to deal with difficulties in a way that will not affect the quality of Solari products.

At this point, we aim to obtain the ISO - International Certificate in various fields. This will help us export to foreign markets and increase confidence in the quality of our product.

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Shangri La Casino Tbilisi Offering the Best Casino Experience

The modern, stylish and premium-service casino in Georgia, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi, is continuing to establish itself and uphold international gambling standards along with excellent service and security in Georgia.

Besides offering the best casino experience, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi is an impressive contributor to the Georgian economy as one of the largest taxpayers in the country. Shangri La’s positive influence on the Georgian economy is not only through paying taxes, but also by bringing money in by extension to other businesses, such as suppliers, service providers, transport, hotels and so on. Shangri La Tbilisi is a part of the Shangri La Casinos family, managed by Storm International – a world-famous gaming business operator with more than 30 years of history and reputation.

Located in one of the most historic and picturesque areas of Tbilisi, near the Bridge of Peace, Shangri La Casino offers both table games (various kinds of poker, American roulette, blackjack, and punto banco) and state-of-the-art slot machines by the world’s best manufacturers.

In his interview with Golden Brand, John Harrak, PD Director of Shangri La talked about the challenges created by the pandemic and how the casino overcame them.

Q. Like many other businesses around the world, Shangri La was hit hard by the pandemic. Please tell us how the pandemic affected the company.
A. I think this is the biggest challenge the casino industry has ever experienced worldwide. The financial impact of the pandemic on the land-based casino sector has been extreme. Some casinos have closed permanently, and many casino employees have lost their jobs.

Q. How have you overcome these challenges?
A. We are under no illusion that the industry will return to ‘business as usual’ soon. We are, as a matter of fact, very far from business as usual. But, we are starting slowly. COVID regulations have been eased for the last two months, but there is still a huge impact on the world economy.

Q. Let’s talk about the current situation - how will Shangri La continue operations on the Georgian market? What are its plans for the future?
A. We have been operating in Tbilisi for ten years, if we don`t count the year and a half we were closed due to COVID.

As you know, we are part of the international Shangri La chain managed by Storm International, a world-famous gaming business operator with 30 years of history and reputation.
Our company is focused on development all around the world. Our last project was the opening of the SL Casino in Kyiv and Kharkiv, but of which we had to close, of course, due to the war.

Q. How do you try to attract visitors? What special offers do you have?
A. I think that the first draw is our premium-service casino, which continues to establish and uphold international gambling standards along with excellent service and security. We have a lot of foreign visitors and this is because of the special package system we provide visitors.

Q. What is the Georgian experience of Shangri La?
A. Shangri La Tbilisi opened in 2012, and in these 10 years we have managed to build an excellent reputation not only in Georgia, but in the whole region.

We are a club-style casino and in this segment we are much better than many European casinos in terms of service.

Our positive influence on the Georgian economy is not only through paying taxes, but also the money our clients bring to other businesses.

Q. Shangri La won the Golden Brand again this year. In your opinion, why have the experts named Shangri La as their favorite casino in Georgia?
A. We are very glad to receive the award. It is very important for us to keep the highest standards of service and provide our guests with the best experience. Besides offering the best casino experience, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi is an impressive contributor to the Georgian economy employing 460 staff and contributing significant tax revenue.

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