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Nurofen – A Popular Brand Among Consumers in Georgia

Nurofen, an internationally known pain-reliever used to treat headache and various aches & pains, has been recognized by customers and experts in Georgia as their favorite brand, and won the Golden Brand award.

In addition, American multinational company IQVIA has named Nurofen one of the top ten pharmaceutical brands in Georgia by sales*.

Nurofen is produced by Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, trading as Reckitt, a British multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Slough, England. Reckitt's brands are loved and trusted by people all over the world. The company exists to protect, heal, and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world. Also, Reckitt puts consumers and people first, seeks out new opportunities, strives for excellence and joins forces to win bigger and build a culture of shared success.

Nurofen is available in forty countries.

Nurofen’s success is the result of over thirty years of research and development.

Nino Gonashvili, who has been a Business Development Manager of Reckitt in Georgia since 2020, sat down with Golden Brand and shared the history and success of Nurofen in Georgia with us.

Q. Please tell us about Reckitt's history in Georgia – when did it first appear on the Georgian market? What was the first product it offered here? How has the company developed?
A. Reckitt launched operations in Georgia in 2005, when only some international brands were present in the country.

Georgia has shown steady growth from year to year, thanks to the efforts of local partners and employees, and of course our loyal customers, without whom it is impossible to imagine our brands, which in almost all their categories are always market leaders, not only in the world but also locally.

Among recent achievements we would like to mention that according to IQVIA, Nurofen is one of the top ten pharmaceutical brands in Georgia by sales.

Q. How many products does Reckitt offer Georgian customers in total and which of them is the most in-demand?
A. Reckitt offers Georgian customers products from various brands such as Nurofen, Strepsils, Durex, Contex, Evitest, Dettol and Veet. One of the most in-demand medical product in Reckitt portfolio is Nurofen for adults and for children**.

Q. When was Nurofen first imported to Georgia?
A. Nurofen was first imported to Georgia in 2005, and since then it has helped our consumers with pain relief.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Nurofen?
A. Nurofen’s success is the result of over thirty years of research and development. Pain is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, but it should never oversee one's life.

Nurofen contains ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug. As the inventor of Ibuprofen, we are ever optimistic that pain can be managed.

Our products help with a headache, bodily pain, dental pain, cold & flu, aches & pains, and fever.

Q. What does the Golden Brand award mean for you? What led experts and consumers to name Nurofen the best painkiller, in your opinion?

A. This award is important to us because it celebrates the credibility of the Nurofen brand. Our experience and expertise in this area are confirmed by people from all over the world who remain committed to our product. It helps people keep the pace of modern life and is now available in tablets and liquids.

*According to the sales data of IQVIA for the January-February 2022 in Georgia.
**In accordance with the results of 2021 in USD.

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2021 Study: Ukrainian Melochi Zhizni Takes 55% of Georgian Household Appliance Market

A Ukrainian brand of household goods for cleaning, cooking and food storage, Melochi Zhizni, occupies 55% of the Georgian household appliance market, according to a 2021 study conducted by the Georgian company Libo Group, an official importer of Melochi Zhizni in Georgia.
“This result proves that Melochi Zhizni is a leader in the Georgian market. Melochi Zhizni has also won ‘the favorite household goods’ nomination of the most influential business award ceremony in Georgia, the Golden Brand, for the second time in a row. This encourages us to expand our reach in the country and fulfill the needs of Georgian consumers,” said Eka Maghlaperidze, head of the marketing department at Libo Group, a marketing, sales and distribution company that has been importing Melochi Zhizni to Georgia since 2005.
Melochi Zhizni offers about 200 types of product, created with the highest quality raw materials and in compliance with international standards. The brand is represented by a wide range of household products and combines all seemingly small but very important products, such as baking paper, aluminum foil, cling wrap, roasting sleeves, dishwashing sponges, garbage bags, household gloves and many more.
The brand slogan ‘happiness is in the small things’ indicates their importance and provides homemakers with the comfort that will simplify ‘fuss’ in the kitchen.
Melochi Zhizni products can be purchased in almost all chain stores throughout Georgia, and in wholesale and retail outlets.
Q. As the Golden Brand award is given to companies for their successful operations of the previous year, please share some of the successful developments of Melochi Zhizni from 2021.
A. 2021 was a very successful year for our company in sales and marketing. Last year the sale of Melochi Zhizni products in all categories increased by 30% compared to 2020, with parchment paper, foil and gloves the top-selling products.
Last year we expanded the distribution network of Melochi Zhizni and entered a number of supermarkets, in particular the Magniti and Madagoni supermarket chains. Now we can say that the products of Melochi Zhizni are available at all stores in Georgia.
Q. Currently, Ukraine is at war with Russia. How do you think it will affect the development of Melochi Zhizni in Georgia?
A. Melochi Zhizni has been on the Georgian market for eighteen years already, and as never before, our partners are in the most severe political and economic situation in Ukraine, fighting the open, full-scale aggression of Russia. We would like to express our solidarity and strong support for our partners and the Ukrainian people on behalf of Libo Group!
Due to the current situation, when not only Ukraine but the whole of Europe is under threat, it is difficult to talk about specific brand development plans. However, many years of experience show us that Melochi Zhizni is developing from year to year, improving the production of technology, increasing product range, and so we hope that after the situation settles down, the brand will assume its usual pace of development.
Q. Last year Melochi Zhizni was going to introduce ‘several innovative products’ on the Georgian market ‘to ease everyday work for homemakers. Could you please tell us which innovative products you introduced?
A. Melochi Zhizni products are designed to ease the daily activities of homemakers and respond to their basic needs. So the brand's main objective is to create products tailored to consumers, of high quality and at acceptable prices.
Design changes for a number of products are underway to make them more functional. For example, special plastic bags are being created for household or other waste which will not be torn by sharp items inside.
Last year we offered Georgian consumers special ziplock plastic bags to store and freeze fruit and vegetables, which provide convenient packaging and relatively long storage without drying and damage.
Q. Melochi Zhizni is a Ukrainian brand that has been present on the international market for 18 years. Please compare the Georgian market with other markets where the brand is represented.
A. The products of Melochi Zhizni are actively represented on the international market, and the Georgian market is distinguished by its rapid growth rate among different countries.
Consumer interest in the brand is growing every year. If in the past it was rare to use plastic oven bags for roasting meat, which best preserves the taste and aroma, today the increased sales indicate that consumers are well aware of the benefits of using such a product.
If we compare the Georgian market, for example, with the market of our neighboring country, Armenia, we can say that the consumption of Melochi Zhizni products in the Georgian market is three times higher. Also, the Georgian market is characterized by faster growth than the Azerbaijani market.
Q. What are Libo Group's plans for the future, as an official importer of Melochi Zhizni products to Georgia?
A. As I have already mentioned, Melochi Zhizni expanded on the market in 2021 and is found in all stores. Libo Group's 2022 plans include expanding Melochi Zhizni’s product range at existing chain stores.
As the official distributor of Melochi Zhizni, it is very important for us to ensure a continuous supply of a wide range of products, to provide customers with discounts and gift sets, and to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with partner companies.

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Radio Maestro Expands its Lineup With New Programs

Radio holding 94.7 FM continues to offer new programs to its listeners. Radio Consultation, Phone Interview and Secret Special Services are new programs in the Radio Maestro lineup that have already grabbed listeners' interest, says Tamar Bakuradze, head of the marketing department at Radio Maestro.

“Radio Consultation is a joint project of the private sector and Radio Maestro, intended to give competent advice to listeners from across different business sectors, such as consumer rights, finance, law, education, and others. In short, the program acts as a kind of advisor to the listener on various topics and important issues.

"Phone Interview allowed us to carry Radio Maestro's name outside of Georgia. For example, we are actively conducting telephone interviews about the war started by Russia in Ukraine with officials, ambassadors and experts from Ukraine and other countries.

“And on Secret Special Services, you will hear about secret stories from different countries about previously unknown facts”, Bakuradze said.

Q. In your opinion, how is Radio Maestro positioned today in the market and how would you like to develop it?
A. This year is the eleventh anniversary of Radio Maestro. During all these years we have been writing a story every day, the story of Radio Maestro. We continue to create our own success story. If we look back over the years, of course there were many challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, but with teamwork and the ability to adapt to the new reality we've able to build on our success.

Development is an ongoing process, and our focus is increasing the number of listeners. We plan to achieve this goal by refining existing projects and offering new projects. We believe that success lies in development.

As for the first part of your question, unfortunately there is no reliable radio ratings research, which would allow us to provide exact info on our station's position on the market. However, based on internal ratings, such as interactive programs on ‘People's Opinion’, ‘Maestro Business Time’, and ‘Maestro Anatomy’, I can confidently say that listener engagement is very high. Radio Maestro is the only radio with 24/7 broadcasting, which enables the listener to be continuously informed about ongoing events in the country and abroad.

In addition, you know that our holding also includes Radio Vinyl and Mshvidi Radio (Quiet Radio). Radio Vinyl is the station for music lovers and features subtle music. As for Mshvidi Radio, it offers quiet, pleasant music. After all, peace is what we need most in this tense environment.

Q. Radio Maestro has been a supporter of the Golden Brand award for years. What determines your loyal partnership and how much do you agree with the results of the survey and the winners?
A. Yes, we have been working with the Golden Brand award for years. This cooperation has grown into a friendship and a kind of tradition. Within the event, a space is created which enables business communication with existing and potential partners. Over the years, the number of companies identified by the Golden Brand survey has been growing. These are companies distinguished by popularity, quality, and various social responsibilities, which confirms the reliability of the survey.

Q. How does Radio Maestro support businesses in Georgia?
A. Maintaining and deepening existing business relations and establishing new business relationships is one of the most important objectives for us. If you look at most of our radio holding projects, most are tailored to business demand and support. Business has always been a priority for us. I will name Maestro Business Time and Maestro Anatomy as an example of how our radio strives to support businesses. These programs have stood by the business community for years and on these shows we talk about their successes, challenges and important issues.

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