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Grindeks to Offer New Anti-Diabetic Drugs in 2022 to Georgian Consumers

The leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Baltic region, Grindeks, which has been operating on the Georgian market for sixteen years, will offer the latest generation of anti-diabetic drugs to Georgian consumers and increase the range of hospital medicines in Georgia this year.

“This year it is planned to register new anti-diabetic drugs, while in the next five years about 25 new drugs will be introduced in Georgia”, head of Grindeks in Georgia, Natia Kikvadze, said.

Grindeks' product portfolio includes original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients, all produced in line with world-class requirements of safety and quality.

Grindeks products are sold in 103 countries globally, while the company’s branches and representative offices are present in ten countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer aims to improve people's lives and make health solutions accessible to its patients.

One of Grindeks' products, Kapsikam®, which is a locally applied analgesic and warmth-producing ointment for joint and muscle pain, has received Georgia’s most influential business award, Golden Brand, this year. Kapsikam® has become Georgians’ favorite analgesic ointment.

Kikvadze shared with Golden Brand her impressions of what has led the company to success in Georgia and globally.

Q. We have heard about the future plans of Grindeks in Georgia, which should be good news for diabetic patients. Now please tell us what the company’s future plans are globally.
A. Grindeks has begun construction of a new pharmaceutical center in Riga, Latvia, where the company is headquartered. This will be the largest pharmaceutical center in the Baltics, equipped with modern technology, energy efficient and fully automated. The center will produce new active pharmaceutical substances and innovative products.

Grindex is also in the process of developing 64 new pharmaceutical drugs.

I also want to mention the ‘Grindeks Green Course’, with which Grindeks has begun to gradually introduce green thinking into a company. Green thinking is not a one-day or annual project and includes sustainable use of resources – creating an energy-efficient environment, saving electricity, introducing environmentally friendly solutions for both sorting and reducing waste.

By 2025, Grindeks has decided to abandon altogether the circulation of paper documents in the company, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection.

Q. Now let’s talk about Grindeks Georgia. How has the company been developing during its presence on the Georgian market?
A. Grindex has been operating in Georgia for 16 years. Today, Grindex is included in the list of 25 leading pharmaceutical companies in the Georgian pharmaceutical market. The pace of the company's development in Georgia is quite rapid and is expressed in double-digits.

More than 700 pharmaceutical manufacturers operate on the Georgian market. Grindex is among the top 25 companies.

We expect that in 2035 Gridex will be included in the list of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Q. Have sales increased over the year in Georgia?
A. Although the country has been living with a pandemic for two years, with frequent restrictions and isolation, sales of Grindex products are showing positive dynamics every year.

In 2021, the growth rate reached 28% compared to 2020.

Grindex produces both generic (non-original) and original molecules, and one of them, Mildronate, is the company's best-selling product in Georgia.

To help people overcome health issues, we focus on the heart and cardiovascular, CNS, anti-cancer and anti-diabetes medicines.

As for Georgia, there are about 50 Grindeks products available in our country.

Q. What is the contribution of Grindex to the development of the Georgian pharmaceutical industry?
A. Today, Grindex introduces European quality medicines of vital importance to Georgia, including cardiovascular and nervous system medicines, injectable forms of preparations necessary for the hospital sector and with the best price-quality ratio.

In addition, the Georgian representation of Grindex continuously provides information to the representatives of the local medical field (doctors and pharmacists), organizes conferences, round tables and seminars, informs them of new medicines in the industry and medical news, with the participation of leading doctors and specialists in the field.

Q. Kapsikam® has won the Golden Brand this year. Please tell us what the main success was that made an impression on the experts of the Golden Brand awards and the customers who participated in the survey?
A. Kapsikam® is a brand, a time-tested treatment based on natural ingredients. Thanks to twenty years of experience and its effectiveness, the drug has established the image of a reliable, safe, fast local analgesic product for external use. Kapsikam® not only relieves pain quickly, but also reduces inflammation and muscle spasms, breaking the vicious circle of pain.

The multicomponent ointment Kapsikam® is unique in its composition. It contains five active components, each of which enhances and complements the action of the other components.

The capsaicin in the ointment is a powerful blocker of pain impulses and is included in European and American recommendations for the treatment of back pain.

Kapsikam® has been available to the population of Georgia for twenty years.

Kapsikam® sales are growing every year and the fact that Kapsikam® has been chosen as a Golden Brand is proof that the consumer trusts it and is satisfied with the drug.

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Kgroup to Become Largest Metal Products Company in Transcaucasia

Georgian construction and repair company Kgroup, which is also involved in metal goods, has ambitious plans to become the largest metal products company in Transcaucasia.

In addition, the company also intends to export its metal furniture abroad.

“In the summer, our company will have completely new and modern machine tools, which will simplify the work process. I would like to inform you with great joy that we will be the largest enterprise in Transcaucasia, which will offer the highest quality metal products and construction facilities to customers. Our goal is to be able to export Kgroup metal furniture abroad as well, and therefore we aim for continuous growth and development”, said Korneli Khvedelidze, director of Kgroup.

Kgroup has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014 and has managed to establish a leading position in the construction and repair industry, as well as in the metal products industry.

The successful development of the company has been crowned by the Golden Brand award this year, which recognized Kgroup as Georgian customers’ favorite manufacturer of metal products.

The company currently owns a holding in the eastern city of Rustavi, which allows it to serve
customers virtually throughout Georgia while being headquartered in the capital city of Tbilisi.

Holding is equipped with modern technology and unite certified and experienced professionals.

The company is represented by a wide range of products. This allows customers to order pre-designed, catalogued merchandise and custom-designed products.

Kgroup manufactures metal gates, railings, grilles and household items, as well as metal structures for large, industrial constructions.

Q. How has Kgroup developed on the market since 2014?
A. The company was founded eight years ago, and since then it has been developing and growing daily. The business originally consisted of two employees, but today we have fifty. There were many obstacles, many achievements, but the enthusiasm, dedication and twenty years of experience of the people working in our company, have helped us to overcome all difficulties.

Our biggest achievement is to create a quality product that was not produced in Georgia before and to restore the trust of craftsmen, and we were able to do so thanks to our team.

As for the biggest obstacle, it was probably the pandemic, as for everyone, which caused some delays. Some of our competitors couldn't hold out and shut down. Despite a surfeit of orders, the company served its customers faithfully and without delay. Not only did we see some loss, we also developed and even grew.

Kgroup continues to strive for its goal of maximum focus on the customer and their needs.

Q. What are the competitive advantages of Kgroup?
A. KGroup stands out in the Georgian market by delivering products to customers in 100% finished form, which means that we offer the customers concrete, installation, painting and other services.

We offer a wide range of products from our catalogue, and products to specification. So, anyone who places an order with us no longer has to look for additional resources elsewhere. Our company is quality-oriented and is the only company in Georgia that processes metal, which means cleaning with sand before painting. This helps the metal retain its appearance longer.

It should also be noted that the prices of the goods we offer are very stable. Even during the pandemic, even when the price of the material increased significantly, the cost of our products remained the same.

Interest in Kgroup is high among large development companies such as M2, Anagi Development, Achi and Element Construction. This is only part of the interest in the company, as the demand for services from the construction sector is growing by the day. It is also noteworthy that the quality work of Kgroup and its professional team has made many partner companies want to continue working with us.

Q. How many projects did Kgroup undertake last year in all three areas the company is involved in and compare the data to the previous year.
A. Last year, according to statistics, we had 32 projects in the field of repairs (15%), 65 projects (30%) in construction, and 120 projects (55%) in metal product manufacturing.

Compared to last year, the above figures increased by 30%.

Q. From which countries do you import metal and overall, what kind of metal products are most in demand?
A. We get metal and repair materials mainly from the local market. We also import materials from European countries, in particular the metal comes from Turkey and Ukraine. Due to recent unfortunate developments in Ukraine, Turkey is now the main supplier.

We wish peace for Ukraine and its people.

As for the second part of your question, the demand is high for gates, house doors, railings and stairs. Also, since a government decree made it necessary to feature metal fire ladders on buildings, Kgroup became actively involved in the development of this feature, and this product has become popular as well.

Q. Kgroup has won the Golden Brand. What does this award mean to you?
A. For me and my team members, Golden Brand is recognition of the company's credibility and the quality of its product, appreciation of the work of its employees, which motivates us not to stop, to move forward over and over, to offer customers even more diverse, sophisticated and even higher quality products and services.

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Inn Group Expanding in Georgia with Kutaisi Inn and Gori Inn Hotels in 2022


Inn Group, the owner of four hotels and two companies in Georgia, is expanding in the country with two more hotels to be opened this year in Kutaisi and Gori.

Kutaisi Inn will be a 100-room hotel, while Gori Inn will feature 120 rooms.

The CEO of Inn Group, Erekle Kokaia, told Golden Brand that the opening of both hotels will be an important event in the development of the local hotel and tourist industry.

“Kutaisi Inn will be opened in June, while Gori Inn will host its guests from this autumn. We will have a very hectic summer,” Kokaia said.

Inn Group was founded with the aim of offering its guests a four-star hotel experience at an affordable price. It began in 2015, when a group of like-minded partners decided to establish the 70-room Iveria Inn in Tbilisi, which became so popular that it soon grew to a 100 and then 200-room hotel.

Soon another 92-room hotel, called Gudauri Inn, followed in the most popular ski resort in Georgia, Gudauri. And in just a couple of years, Inn Group became the fastest growing Georgian chain of hotels, adding two more hotels to its portfolio – the 21-room Royal Inn, Tbilisi, and 152-room Bakuriani Inn in Bakuriani.

“In addition, we also have two companies of aluminium and metal-plastic doors and windows, Alutech Georgia, in Kutaisi and Tbilisi. This company was the number one importer of aluminium frames in the market from the first year and maintains its leading position,” Kokaia said.

Inn Group has become the number one favorite ski resort hotel chain and received the Golden Brand award this year.

Erekle Kokaia sat down with the Golden Brand magazine and Inn Group's chief of PR and marketing, Lana Bliadze, to talk about the Bakuriani and Gudauri Inn hotels.

Lana Bliadze

Q. Before we start talking about the Inn Group’s winning hotel chain in Bakuriani and Gudauri, let’s talk about the new hotels of the group. Why have you chosen Kutaisi and Gori as the next destinations for expanding the franchise?

Kokaia: Kutaisi is an interesting tourist destination, not only because of the cultural heritage of the city but also other interesting sites in its vicinity.

As for Gori, we believe that this city is not taking advantage of its maximum tourist potential. Gori Museum, for example, is the most visited of all state museums. Also, many travellers visit Uplistsikhe cave, which is near Gori. However, these statistics are not felt in Gori. That is why we want all this to be reflected in the city, its economy and among its inhabitants.

Q. Inn Group has become the winner of the Golden Brand award in the category “favorite ski resort hotel chain”. What does this award mean for Inn Group?
Bliadze: All recognition is important to us because it shows that we are on the right track.

First, it shows an appreciation of the hard work that every member and employee of our team puts into this company. And it becomes our motivation to do more to maintain this title.

Inn Group believes it is a company created for the people. Therefore our main goal is to please guests and not be mainly profit-oriented. Our guests feel the same and that is probably why Gudauri Inn and Bakuriani Inn are the busiest hotels in both places.

Q. In your opinion, how developed is the segment of ski hotels in Georgia? In this context, compare the situation of Bakuriani and Gudauri.
Kokaia: I believe that our hotels have adapted to international standards in a very short period of time. Of course, there is still a lot to be done, but from year to year our ski resorts are becoming more popular among foreign tourists and especially among those coming from the EU. This is a positive indicator.

I would like to mention that Bakuriani and Gudauri, despite both being ski resorts, are still different from each other. If Gudauri is a more sports resort and is mainly attractive for young athletes, Bakuriani on the other hand maintains its position as a family resort, where even children learn to ski.

Q. Bakuriani has already started hosting international competitions and many interesting events are planned in the future. How ready is the town and your hotel to host even more guests and to meet their demands?
Bliadze: I think that Georgian vacationers have no fewer expectations of hotel standards than foreign guests.

Bakuriani is still growing. For example, in addition to the hotel complex, we are building apartments. We have already built three low-rise apartment hotels, but demand is still high. So we bought an additional 15,000 square meters of land where we will build two additional low-rise apartment hotels.

Most importantly, we are not going to increase prices much because we want to remain accessible to the local population.

Q. On the example of Inn Group hotels, what is your contribution to the development of Bakuriani and Gudauri resorts?
Kokaia: Our goal was to raise the standard of the hotel and attract guests with a high level of service and at reasonable prices. We want all of our properties to be popular and do well year-round.

For example, Gudauri Inn and Bakuriani Inn are open all year and are characterized by high workload, both in winter and summer. We want guests to come to the mountains because of the hotel itself and not just for skiing. Therefore, we plan to increase the services at our hotels. For example, we'll be adding a swimming pool up at Gudauri Inn.

We have many plans and hope we will fulfill all of them one by one!


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