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Shimge Water Pumps Georgia Wins Golden Brand For Second Year In a Row

Shimge Water Pumps Georgia has won the Golden Brand award, Georgia’s most influential and prestigious business award, often referred to as “the Oscars of the Business World”.

The company won the Golden Brand award for utmost success achieved in 2021.

“I believe that Shimge is a leader in water pumps on the Georgian market. It is a successful company. We are always focused on introducing innovations. Also, the products we offer are competitive, of high quality and available. We also offer a good service,” head of the company, Raul Khidirov, cited as reasons for the company's success.

Shimge Water Pumps Georgia won its first Golden Brand last year.

The company has been present on the Georgian market since 1998 and initially worked in the plumbing field.

“Later we added water pumps. The products we offer are extremely popular,” Khidirov says.

Shimge is a Chinese brand and, as Khidirov says, “it has its advantages compared to other, similar European brands.”

“I can definitely say that it enjoys high popularity worldwide and is not inferior to European brands in terms of quality and performance.

“At the same time, the price is affordable. The combination of high quality and lower price makes Shimge water pumps attractive for consumers,” Khidirov says.

The company offers all types of water pumps, both for domestic and industrial use, and “lways in large quantities”.

“We never stop adding innovative products,” Khidirov stated.

Shimge products are available in every region of the country; the company has branches in all large cities of Georgia.

“We easily communicate with consumers. They find us without issue and we offer them the products they need at an affordable price,” Khidirov said.

The products offered by Shimge Water Pumps Georgia include well, bore-hole, drainage, sewer, irrigation water, circulatory, fire, freshwater pumps and others.

Khidirov said that the products they offer “are increasingly popular in Georgia” and are “very competitive due to lower price and high quality.”

He stated that reliability, flexible service, affordable price and wide presence around the country has helped the company work successfully during the pandemic.

Agricultural companies and HPPs, including Enguri HPP, are among Shimge's larger clients.

Q. Which pumps are most in demand?
A. I believe that well and pressure pumps are more popular compared to other pumps due to water provision problems on the outskirts of cities.

Q. How has the pandemic affected the company?
A. The pandemic has not affected us much. We have managed to overcome the complications of the pandemic easily and have sold our products successfully.

Demand for our products did not decline during the pandemic and we ensured proper service and delivery.

Q. What is the share of online sales?
A. It is not a large share. The share of offline sales is much higher. Of course, we are present on social media and consumers have the possibility to contact us there.

However, the scale of our offline sales allows us not to be extremely active on social media or provide an online shop.

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Herbalife Nutrition Brings Healthy Nutritional Habits to Georgia

Herbalife Nutrition, a global company that has been changing people’s lives with nutrition products in Georgia for more than ten years, continues to move forward and help people live a happy life by implementing various eco-initiatives and global sustainability projects in the country.

“Herbalife Nutrition is a global expert in balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and our mission is to improve nutritional habits not only in Georgia, but globally,” Senior Business Development Manager of Herbalife Nutrition, Irakli Chachanidze, said.

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980, and products became available in Georgia in 2011. It is a leading global nutrition company, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. 

“We create great-tasting, science-backed nutritional products, such as meal replacement shakes, protein bars, food supplements, sports nutrition, etc. The most well-known product of our company is protein shake Formula 1 which is available in five flavors in Georgia,” Chachanidze said.

There is a Herbalife Nutrition Sales Center in Tbilisi, where it is also possible to get in touch with “Independent Members” using a special QR-code or by filling out an application on herbalife.ge.

“All our products are available exclusively through Herbalife Nutrition IMs, who support their clients in achieving their wellness goals. So our Independent Members create and run their own business with company products,” Chachanidze said.

Q. Please tell us about the first steps of Herbalife Nutrition on our national market. What path has the brand taken over the years and what position does it have on the market today?

A. Herbalife Nutrition has been officially operating in Georgia since 2011. We started with basic products and today there are several main categories presented on the market totaling more than thirty products, among which everyone can find something for their needs. And one more important point is that we give people the opportunity to becomeHerbalife Nutrition Independent Members . That means that they can run their own business with our nutrition products.

Q. Please tell us who the distributors of Herbalife Nutrition in Georgia are and what the advantage of cooperating with the company is?

A. The company employs over 10,000 people across the world, including 300 scientists, and sells products in over 90 countries. We think that a strong relationship between the company and its distributors is our core value, and that’s quite important in Georgia too. The specific feature of our business model is that in addition to the product itself, the customer receives all necessary support. We help people improve their lives by changing their dietary habits. Our Independent Members assist customers in setting goals, providing personal advice, establishing an individual nutrition plan and monitoring its implementation, taking care of their motivation. This is the advantage of our model. This is our strength.

Every year more and more young people in Georgia join the Herbalife Nutrition business. Our Independent Members are people of different professions, and of course, we are open to everyone. Some are in it for some extra income, others have made it a career. Our ‘distributor difference’ means that consumers get tailored support to help motivate them to achieve their goals. This includes providing a community which many need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Q. What about sustainability and CSR projects?

A. Of course, CSR projects are very important for our company and we have several important projects in this field, including environmental protection, eradicating hunger, promoting sustainable development, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are very proud that the company has established the Children’s Charitable Foundation, which is represented all over the world and responds to the second goal of the UN Sustainable Development – “Zero Hunger”. The fund aims to eradicate hunger, bolster food security and promote improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Ecology and sustainable development of the environment are also important. Eco-standards are part of the company. For instance, we have a green concept in our office. We collect, process and recycle materials. Moreover, our company is focused on developing new product packaging that will be safe, functional and environmentally-friendly. The reduction of plastic waste is an integral part of the brand’s innovative strategy. We are always improving our technologies and business processes to use less energy and resources to produce and deliver our products. As for recycling, last year we collected 47.2 kg of plastic waste with the help of our Independent Members. In 2022 they also took part in a very useful project by planting fifty trees near the Tbilisi Sea.

When it comes to healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, of course it is important to support a variety of sports activities, which are mostly part of the charity. I’d like to mention the “Tbilisi Marathon”, in which the company has participated since 2018, and finally we broke the record with the most representative team. It is our mission to support and set an example for people in every possible way to change their lifestyles for the better.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. What led the brand to this success and what does this recognition mean for you?

A. Thank you! It is a great honor for us to accept the Golden Brand Award in the category of Balanced Nutrition. Our company has won many awards for its operations, its ESG activity, and its product quality, but it’s a real pleasure for Herbalife Nutrition to receive such a significant award in Georgia for the first time.  

The main element of this victory- it is of course the highest quality products and highest standards of service from our Independent Members. At the same time, for more than eleven years we have been operating in Georgia and have thousands of success stories from our clients. Such stories are the foundation of our company and give us motivation to continue development of Herbalife Nutrition on the Georgian market. 

*Income and business opportunities applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. 

** Career growth means precisely the growth according to the Sales and Marketing plan of Herbalife Nutrition’.

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Allstone Expands in Georgia, Opens New Showroom in Tbilisi

A Georgian company specializing in procurement of high-quality stones from its quarries, Allstone, has expanded in Georgia, opening a new office and showroom to offer a larger assortment and volume of its products.

“A new office and a showroom has been opened on Beliashvili Street, in the capital city of Tbilisi. We now have a big warehouse area and machines. Our main goal is to satisfy all the requirements of our customers. The market is growing in our field, and our main goal is to offer customers a choice of high quality natural stones and services,” director of the company, Archil Khacheishvili said.

The unique design facing materials created with natural stones, excavated from Allstone’s eighteen quarries, provide a wide variety of products and guarantee an environmentally friendly natural stone selection.

Two high-tech factories operating at international standards and with the latest equipment refine the materials with maximum precision and can create any and all designs in the shortest time.

“Our team has been excavating, transforming and selling natural stone products from proprietary or exclusive quarries for more than ten years. This experience provides us with a guarantee of quality, and recognition from businesses and private customers. Our own quarries, own high-tech factories, and current location, with its simplified tax conditions, let us offer our local and international partners the best price and transportation possibilities,” Khacheishvili said.

The company takes both retail and corporate orders. The warehouse allows customers to look at a wide range of products, select any shape, size and texture of product, plan for its transportation, and carry out production, all in a short timeframe.

Allstone offers travertine, marble, mosaic, mosaic figures and cornice.

Q. Allstone has eighteen quarries from which to mine natural stone. Where are these quarries located and which types of stone come from them?
A. Our quarries are located in Turkey. We have two quarries for obtaining marble, one quarry for cyanide, and several quarries for travertines. We get the highest quality stones from these quarries.

The market is growing fast, and the demand for natural stone is huge. Our company has established a solid position in the market and we are one of the largest importers of natural stones. And we meet at least 50% of the travertine demand.

Q. Can you briefly describe the complete cycle - from quarrying to delivery to the customer?
A. First the stone is extracted from the quarry and is given the shape of a block in the first factory. The stone is cut to size in the second factory, processed and given its final shape, and then is imported to Georgia and placed in our warehouses. Then we deliver the products to the customers, and here I would like to mention that in case of any shortcomings, we are customer-oriented and in basic cases we try to satisfy all their requirements.

Q. How popular is it in Georgia to use natural stones in the façade of a building?
A. Recently, the demand for natural stone has increased. Customers use it for the façades of buildings as well as for interior design.

Covering a building with natural stone is thus very trendy and attractive.

The most in-demand stone for façades today is travertine, while for interiors, mostly marble and granite are popular.

Q. Could you please name the most distinguished projects of Allstone?
A. One of our most distinguished projects was City Court, which is covered completely with our travertine.

Also, Allstone worked on Hotel Mercure, Hotel Ibis, and other large projects.

Allstone also cooperates with private entities and among its projects are private houses, swimming pools and interiors.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. This was the third Golden Brand for Allstone. What led Allstone to this success in your opinion?
A. We are happy to see that our company is the leader in its segment again this year. We want to thank all of the experts who nominated us as the leading company.

Allstone is distinguished by its high quality, comfortable service, fast and reliable delivery of products, and large warehouse.

Our success is due to our loyal customers. We would like to thank each of Allstone’s customers and partners for their continued loyalty.

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