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Sakcable Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Development of Georgia’s Cable Industry

Sakcable, the leading manufacturer of cable products in Georgia, has received the Golden Brand award for its outstanding contribution to the development of the country’s cable industry.

The company was established in 1958 to advance Georgia’s ambitions of industrialization through the manufacture and distribution of copper and aluminum cable products.

The company manufactures 74 types of power cables with over 2000 specifications at an international-quality level and in compliance with European standards. The company is ISO 9001- certified and has been tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Golden Brand turned to Davit Kapanadze, Executive Director of Sakcable, who talked about the company's history of production and its recent activities contributing to the cable industry in Georgia, which attracted the attention of the Golden Brand organizers.

Q. Please tell us what the contribution of Sakcable to the development of Georgia’s cable industry has been?
A. I am really proud of Sakcable’s contribution to the Georgian economy and the cable industry.

Many years of experience, trained staff, high-tech equipment, international recognition – this is Sakcable.

One of our achievements is that we are the first company in Georgia whose products undergo a detailed inspection in an accredited quality control laboratory. We are creating a competitive environment that helps the country move forward.

Sakcable is a combination of great traditions, experience, and a team of professionals.

The company was re-equipped in 2018. We always try to acquire new innovative equipment for our factory. Overall, our main task is to replace imported cables with high quality local products.

New technologies and high quality products allow us to go abroad and increase sales, and this is a very important challenge for us and the country. We attend many international exhibitions and move forward accordingly.

Our goal is to make a serious contribution to the development of the electricity network outside of Georgia.

It is a great honor that Sakcable has received the Golden Brand award and been praised for its efforts to develop the country’s cable industry. We are happy to be recognized for this.

This award is a stimulus and motivation for us to carry on as we have been, and to offer an even wider range and the best service to our customers and partners.

Q. What is the main advantage of Sakcable?
A. Quality, affordability, and innovation. Sakcable produces European-level cables in Georgia, which have high quality, with a service life of 70-100 years and are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.

Q. For which industry are Sakcable products designed?
A. Sakcable cables are designed for the construction and professional installation and for electrification.

Overall, Sakcable produces more than 2,000 varieties of cables. I would single out several varieties: uninsulated, self-propelled, mounting, fireproof, power, control cables.

All large-scale projects in Georgia have been done with Sakcable products, which we are very proud of.

Q. A memorandum was signed by Sakcable and the Georgian Technical University, according to which students will do internships at Sakcable and learn how to produce cables and other electrical products. How did you come up with this idea and how popular is it among the students?
A. The priority of Sakcable is to employ as many students as possible to learn this job, as we lack professionals in this field in our country. The new generation has the potential to understand this field and make a great contribution to the advancement of Georgian business.

We already have students employed in the factory and laboratory where they master the profession and take part in internships. We are proud to play a role in educating and helping the new generation succeed.

Q. Is Sakcable considering exporting?
A. Conquering the international markets is this year’s major plan and challenge for Sakcable. The state program “Produce in Georgia” supports us and helps us enter international markets and develop there. Produce an international product is a big responsibility.

Q. How complicated is your business, producing cables in our country?
A. Cable is a very specific product; it is impossible to carry out any construction without it. Much depends on the cable, primarily the safety of people. Making and selling a faulty, substandard cable can even be fatal.

That's why the company has to get many certifications associated with various standards.

In addition, cable production requires knowledge, education, high-quality raw materials and high-tech equipment.


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Madam De Re-Equips Factory, Plans To Increase Productivity, Considers Exporting

Georgian bread and biscuit company Madam De will increase productivity, create new products, and implement new technological approaches after the company finishes upgrading its manufacturing equipment.

The company is also planning to develop its own store-bakery chain, first in Tbilisi and later in other cities across the country.

“Once we complete the re-equipment of the factory, which will be at the end of June, our productivity will allow us to think seriously about exporting our products. We're thinking about exporting products such as muffins and cookies, also frozen baked daily consumption products, which have a longer shelf life. We are in negotiations with neighboring countries,” Director of Madam De, Alexander Ratishvili said.

Madam De offers delicious Georgian rolls, bread and biscuits, such Hamburger buns, the Big Taste bun, hamburger buns with sesame, hot dog buns, the Big Mac bun, Toast bread, Sandwich bread, sweet rolls, vanilla muffin, vanilla and cacao muffin, orange muffin, cacao muffin, and cookies.

“At present we produce about twenty products, which include bakery products and confections such as muffins and sweet biscuits. The demand is quite high and therefore we are completely focused on the range we have. However, naturally we are going to add new products,” Ratishvili said.

Q. Please tell us the history of Madam De from the very beginning to the present day.
A. The history of Madam De goes back to 1999 with the supply of baked goods to McDonald’s. The first products we launched were the hamburger bun, Big Mac bun and Hot dog bun.

After ten years of cooperation, we stopped working with McDonald's and since then our business is entirely based on supply and distribution to retail chains. Today the products of Madam De are sold in both chain and non-chain markets, enabling our customers to buy a high quality and trustworthy product.

Q. Why did you stop cooperating with McDonald’s?
A. The reason is that a very large factory was opened in Ukraine with the same profile as Madam De. That factory started to supply the McDonald's networks in Ukraine and Belarus, with much higher productivity and powerful equipment, and their price was much lower than the prices we offered McDonald's. Accordingly, McDonald's made the decision to buy buns from the Ukrainian factory. However, recently a new factory has been built in Georgia which resumed supply to the McDonald's chain again. The plant supplies the networks of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Q. Twenty-two years ago people in Georgia were not familiar with such baked goods. How easy was it for Madam De to make its products popular and tradable?
A. At that time this type of product did not exist in Georgia at all and Georgian consumers did not know about it. Our factory opened in parallel with the opening of the first McDonald's restaurant. Establishing ourselves on the market was very difficult for us, because the people were not familiar with these products.

Gradually, consumers realized how good our products are. McDonald's also contributed through its restaurants and an active marketing policy. Fast food products have become more and more popular among consumers and they have even started consuming these types of products at home.

Q. What is the technology that Madam De employs in its production?
A. From 1998-99, when we went into operation, we introduced the technology of bakery production, which I cannot talk about in detail, but I will say that it meets international standards.

From the moment of establishment, our objective was to offer new, special products to clients. For this purpose, we launched a partnership with one of the biggest industrial corporations in the USA, EAST BALT Inc. They assisted us in setting up a unique technological system, which today makes our product different from all others.

We routinely introduce innovations in the field of technology, for diverse choice and development, with new types of equipment and the consultation of foreign colleagues. We are currently in the middle of one such project, which, as I said, will be completed in two months.

Q. It seems that the consumer market has changed significantly along with the development of Madam De …
A. Over the years, our consumer market has been refined, becoming much more demanding, especially in terms of quality. It became more difficult to operate in the market, although not really for us, because from the very beginning we were used to introducing high standards, otherwise we could not have cooperated with McDonald's.

Q. How many buns does Madam De produce annually and what is the company’s current share on the market?
A. We produce about ten million buns annually.

We take 25% of the market in the area of buns. In the bread segment our share is less, because bread is not the main direction of our company. As for the confectionery segment, the company has about 3-5% of the market.

Q. Where do you get raw materials?
A. We get all kinds of raw materials from local producers. Of course, the most important raw material for us is flour, which we get from Bevrili Group Ltd., a Georgian company that processes flour.

However, the import of wheat from Russia to Georgia has been delayed for several months due to Russia's increase in export quotas, which has led to a sharp rise in wheat prices. Our supplier was also forced to temporarily suspend wheat imports and instead buy flour directly from Russia.

Q. Madam De has won the Golden Brand award. What led the company to this success, in your opinion?
A. It is very satisfying for us to become the winner of the Golden Brand in the category of favorite bread and biscuits production. This was a surprise to us, and thank you for noticing and appreciating our hard work over the years.

In my opinion, during these twenty-three years, we have greatly improved our business, we have grown, we have increased our competence, we have improved our responsibilities. Madam De contributed a lot to developing a habit of consuming this type of product. We managed to formulate the right management and marketing strategy during this period.

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Bebe+ Kids Clothing Retailer Adds New Line For Men and Women, Launches Online Sales

Bebe+ kids clothing retailer, on the Georgian market since 2000, is planning to overhaul its concept once the store completes rebranding in 2022.

“The existing concept will be completely changed at our branches, which are located in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. We will launch a new line for men and women. In addition, we are thinking about expansion across the country and opening new stores in Rustavi, Zugdidi and Poti,” Bebe+ Director Nana Chitava told Golden Brand.

Chitava added that clothes for men and women are currently available only in the Bebe + Gallery located on Aghmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi.

Bebe + is also developing a platform for online sales at www.bebe.ge.

“The website will be launched in the near future and will enable the customers from all over the world to buy clothes from our stores,” Chitava said.

The development of Bebe +, which today is recognized as the number one brand in its segment by the Golden Brand awards, began twenty years ago when sisters Nana and Inga Chitava launched the business with a seven square meter store in Bazroba, a large open air market in Tbilisi.

Into that little space they crammed everything – a trading table, colored laminate walls, bubbles, a
logo. The space was decorated to catch the eye of children.

“Even today when Bebe + is represented by several stores, I am still involved in every small
detail, be it shop window displays or the music that is played at
our stores,” Chitava said.

Success in the childrenswear market means understanding the industry and your place in it, Chitava believes. She says hard work and an honest approach to “the most sincere customers”
(children) are necessary. In her words, it is exactly this that has allowed her company to win the Golden Brand.

“The main advantage of Bebe + is that we are a customer-oriented brand. We try to tailor all of
our offers, products and campaigns to customers. Bebe + is a network of stores that
represents numerous children’s clothing brands. Thanks to our sincere policy and particularity, we have gained a lot of love from our customers,” Chitava said.

While talking about the success of her brand, Chitava does not forget to mention her hardworking team at Bebe +.

“They are very loyal,” Chitava said. “They love the brand, their work, children, and everything
they do. I appreciate their attitude towards my business, which has become our business,” she said.

All the leading brands that produce children’s clothes can be found under the roof of a single
store, Bebe +, which has cemented itself as the leading children’s clothing store in Georgia. The clothes are imported from Europe and Asia, and are all originals.

To attract more customers, Bebe + offers seasonal discounts and additional
promotions for different holidays.

Q. Let’s talk about the challenges your business faces currently and how you would like the market to be developed.
A. The main challenges in the Georgian market are banking regulations, currency volatility, and emigration.

However, there are some positive dynamics as well. After the pandemic weakened the economy, the market has become relatively stable, the consumer has become more active and we are trying to conquer the market with a new attitude.

Q. Why has Bebe + been winning the Golden Brand award for years? What are the reasons for this recognition, in your opinion?
A. Despite the difficult situation in the country in recent years, our company was able to maintain its already established place in the market. We managed to keep our prices competitive and not increase them. Most importantly, Bebe + is a network that represents many brands of children’s clothing, and now clothing for adults.

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