Sopo Balavadze, Head of Public Relations at Cellfie Mobile

Cellfie Mobile – Creating New Experience in Georgian Communications Market

With the goal of giving subscribers the latest technology in the “easiest, most pleasant and time-saving” manner possible, Georgian telecommunications company Cellfie Mobile is improving its network and introducing new digital products.

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June 25, 2023

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With the goal of giving subscribers the latest technology in the “easiest, most pleasant and time-saving” manner possible, Georgian telecommunications company Cellfie Mobile is improving its network and introducing new digital products.

We are already a market leader with our digital and internet offerings. 95% of our subscribers are internet users, compared to 60% to 80% of our competitors. The main thing we are going to  improve is the network, both geographically and qualitatively. The demand for internet and digital services is growing so much that all improved channels are instantly absorbed by increased consumption. The first orders have already been placed with suppliers, so our customers should begin to feel the improvement by the end of this year,” Sopo Balavadze, Head of Public Relations at Cellfie Mobile, said.

Cellfie Mobile offers everything customers need in one place: the ability to communicate and share information, learn and develop personally, travel, be creative, have fun, and work. 

Today Cellfie Mobile serves more than 1.3 million customers.

Cellfie has won its first Golden Brand award this year in the category of “favorite mobile provider”.

Golden Brand sat down with Balavadze to review the company’s operations in the country.

Q. What will Cellfie Mobile’s contribution to the market be and what new benefits will customers receive?

A. Our goal is to change and simplify people’s lives by using modern technology. For example, each of us has dozens of bonus cards to accumulate points in various stores, pharmacies or other shopping networks. These cards are in some cases physical and need to be carried, sometimes digital but scattered across their own applications. In our updated app MyCellfie you can add all such cards at once, thus simplifying your daily routine. 

Here is another example: do you want to exercise but can’t go to the gym? Our fitness service will help you overcome this problem easily. Do you want to watch Khvicha Kvaratskhelia play? You don’t need to look for a TV, you can instantly watch the match on any device through us. 

In a word, we want to be with customers and make their everyday lives easier and more beautiful, and help create a better future. For example, in a little while our services will be able to help you learn a foreign language.

Q. What are some recent developments at the company?

A. Today’s needs are significantly related to digitization, and require the development of an appropriate ecosystem on the part of the company. No company, no matter how big, can create hundreds and thousands of new digital products. In this world innovations happen every day and these innovations are spread across thousands of small and large companies. Of course, we also create important services and products ourselves, but we are not satisfied with this alone. We act as a platform for digital service providers to create national products, pave the way for startups, and provide access to 1.3 million customers again in order to make life easier for them.

Q. How would you assess the market in Georgia, how developed and ready is it to receive the innovative products that your company promises to customers?

A. As we mentioned before, our customers consume a lot of internet and digital products. The next step is the development of 5G technology. 5G offers virtually endless possibilities for the development of Internet speeds and cutting-edge digital services. This is a matter where the efforts of one company are not enough, because nowadays the number of devices that support 5G technologies in the country is very small. There is a balance to be found between licensing requirements and required investments and expected developments.

Q. Cellfie won the Golden Brand in the category of “favorite mobile internet provider”. How would you describe the brand’s abilities to provide best internet solutions to the customers

A. As you know, in the beginning, the function of mobile communication was actually only voice communication, then SMS was added to it, and later the internet. All three of these services still fit within standard telecommunications, but our company has moved beyond that, as alongside these standard services we help people with education and personal development (e.g. language learning apps), entertainment and cognition, in introducing a healthy lifestyle (fitness app) and, in making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Today this is a digital reality, and talking only in terms of megabytes is already outdated. Of course, the level of coverage is important for the customer to receive quality service. 

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